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Found 10 results

  1. Bricked1980

    Problem with Lego Ideas

    Hi everyone I have been working on a design recently which I want to add as my first entry as a Lego Ideas project. I am having problems setting up my account though. I logged in to Lego Ideas using my standard Lego ID which I set up years ago and doesn't have the same user name that I use on here or Flickr. I want them to match though so that people can easily find my project once I've added it to Ideas. Under account preferences on Lego Ideas there is an option to change the username but when I try to do this it just throws up an error message and wont let me do it. Has anyone else had problems with this and if so how did you solve it? I've emailed the Lego Ideas customer service but they haven't got back to me and I received an auto generated message basically saying that they are a small team and it might take them a long time to reply to emails. So I'm not holding my breath that I'll ever hear back from them.
  2. Hello. I wanted to ask a question. When I was running through the site I realized that my LDD has something wrong, I can't show it in a photo but, the place to choose the pieces, in LDD Extended there are 30 categories. Whill in someone's LDD here on the site I saw 37 categories, some of which are different from the ones I have. Does anyone know if this is an update you have to do or is it a LEGO addition that you have to download? Remembering that my LDD version is 4.3.11 Brick version: 777
  3. So, I've been doing some building lately with brown plates, and I've noticed they're a little brittle, and break easily. The problem with brown by North White, on Flickr Are my pieces just old or something, or is this a common problem?
  4. Hi, I have a weird problem after I installed LDD 4.3.10 in a new Lenovo T470s laptop running Windows 10 Creator's update. LDD will run without any kinds of crash, and display the models just right and with full performance, but the UI is lacking the blue toolbar on the top (the one with the Open and Save buttons). It just shows a blue thick line instead. I have an old Lenovo laptop running the same resolution than this new one, and everything looks fine there. It is also running Windows 10 Creator's update. Just to be sure, I uninstalled LDD and reinstalled using the same file that I downloaded on the new laptop. And everything still looks fine. I also checked which drivers I got installed, and I got all latest Lenovo recommended updates, including graphics drivers. There is an additional problem also. The mouse cursor seems to have an offset. I mean, when you try to press on a UI button or checkbox, then the button gets highlighted only when the mouse is slightly below the button. This is really weird. Did someone encounter this problem already?
  5. It's been a while (1-2 months) since this problem was first mentioned, but it still hasn't been fixed. Just to remind everyone, the problem with the polls is that no one can use them - the answers don't save, and the results (of public polls) can't be viewed. Hopefully someone (maybe @Bonaparte, @Jim, or @Milan) can fix this... (or explain what's happening?!) By the way, I have added a poll to this topic as an example. Edit: That's strange... this poll works! Maybe it's just not working in the Technic forum - because I know it doesn't work there!
  6. VaderFan2187

    Image Problems?

    Does anyone else seem to have image problems? For example I might insert an image via "Insert Image with URL" function, and it works ok; but a couple of days later, it just becomes a weird, unclickable link. Example here: Could mods look into this? Thanks!
  7. Hi everybody! Similar to this thread, I have created a thread to post general LEGO Licensed Theme questions. Licensed themes include Ghostbusters, The Last Airbender, etc. Here the community can answer one another's questions.
  8. Mestari

    [MOC] Stomach problems

    Don't eat plums, just don't... :P and everyone's best friend: Enjoy! ;)
  9. Trainmaster247

    Lego Ideas Problems

    When should I get a reply from lego ideas I posted it on Friday morning and still no reply anyone know When I should recieve one?? is there a limit on how often you can send it in per week I have had to resubmit it for photos over and over
  10. I start this thread not to mess 41999 review or 2h2013 threads anymore. What we know so far*: 1. Placing a first order ever in S@H triggers extended procedure of payment verification - and in effect it delays shipping 2. "Backtracked" order status means that you will (almost for sure - but I do not know every case) receive your set after 22nd of August - then the second batch will be ready for shipping 3. If you have placed an order in the morning or later - when the "Out of stock" information was already there - there is a high possibility that you will not get your set - you need to verify this by calling Customer Support and giving them your order number 4. Lego employees are manually verifying every order - and they started at 7am (1st of August) - so number of sets left for potential "daylight"/"next day" buyers is not yet known. *Based on few emails to Customer Support, one call and experience of other buyers - might not be an objective and unquestionable truth Please feel free to spam this thread with your questions, case descriptions - share your knowledge to help and comfort your fellow 41999 fans :)