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Found 3 results

  1. Chapter Master Helmut Von Braun of the Knights Treasurer and the Royalist Terraversan City of Nola Mar are proud to welcome all to participate in the 622 edition of the Brethren of the Brick Seas Football Tournament. Leave all hostilities at the door, and come and test your skills against the best. Category A: Get a team together! To compete in the BFT, you will need to have a team. Traditionally these are comprised of 11 individuals, with a unifying theme - dare we say it; a kit. That said, in previous years teams have comprised of such things as; 10 crates of gold and one lone human, animals, skeletons, etc. In real terms, we don't want the criteria to be a barrier to anyone, but a unified team will find it easier to pass to one another. Important: Please include your team name in the title of you Cat A post and state whether you wish to play defensively, offensively, or balanced. This will have an impact on the goal scoreline. Category B: Pitch your camp! Teams, nations and their fans are camping out all over Nola Mar, from the warehouses on the docks, to the earthworks of the interior. On a 16x16 (or greater) footprint, show us where your team have billeted, and how they've redecorated the place to make it their own. The deadline for both categories is September 30. The tournament will then be run as a straight knock-out. The team that wins the BTFT and the most impressive redecoration will win free build licences in Nola Mar. Please post your entries below.
  2. Avast! As the winner of last year's soccer tournament, I have to pleasure to host to this year's tournament. Arrr, a boat load of LEGO Friends soccer balls have arrived in Bastion. Let's get the ball rolling on the friendly tournament. boatloadofballs by dr_spock_888, on Flickr RULES: -Open to members of the four BoBS factions. -Build minimum a 16x16 vignette of your team in Bastion. They can be training, sightseeing, drinking, naughty stuff, etc. Have fun with it! -Provide a team picture that can be used for winning teams publicity. -Create a thread with your team name and pictures of your build and team. You can put [BTSC] in the title. -Post a link to your thread here to enter your team. GAMEPLAY: -A random number generator will determine the amount of goals a team make during each half of a game (between 0 and 5). Team with the most goals after 2 halves wins the game (if necessary, go to extra time). -The teams will be divided in groups, the best 2 of each group go to the next round. -If there are spots open, NPC faction teams may join the tournament. PRIZES: -First place winner shall receive the BoBS Cup trophy and 10 1x4 reddish brown* tiles engraved with text of their choice. -Second place and third place winners shall receive 10 1x4 reddish brown* tiles engraved with text of their choice. (*other colour choices are black and/or green.) bobscup618 by dr_spock_888, on Flickr TIME LINE: -Deadline for signing up: September 30, 618 -First game match: October 5, 618 TEAMS: Group 1 Red Rogues - Drunknok - COR Ocean 11 - Ross Fisher - OL Weelond Regimentals - Capt Wolf - ESL Baby Team - Kai NRG - ESL Bastion Bastards - Fraunces - SR Group 2 Astrapi Blue Hawks - Keymous - OL Wrong Cargo! - Legostone - ESL Rassilon Rascals - MKJoshA - SR Charlatan Bay Infernos - Roadmonkeytj - SR Nouveau Pumpkin Charterers - NPC Committee - NPC SCHEDULE DAY 1 RESULTS DAY 2 RESULTS DAY 3 RESULTS DAY 4 RESULTS DAY 5 RESULTS SEMI-FINAL RESULTS 3RD PLACE MATCH RESULTS FINALS MATCH RESULTS
  3. Wanted: Merde "the Murderer" Bounty: 50db dead Whereabouts: Last seen in the Sea Rat town of Bastion, on the Nest of Thieves, participating in the BoBS Tournament Soccer Cup. Accomplices: Last seen player-coaching a crew of Oleonaise Navy sailors, who have been dubbed the "Ocean 11". No bounty is offered for these, and aggression may be seen as an act of war. Crimes (in chronological order): Theft, larceny, loitering, arson, rioting, murder, resisting arrest, breaching penal sentence, desertion, misrepresentation, impersonating an officer of the Oleonaise Navy, theft of an Oleonaise Navy vessel, fraud, conducting diplomatic relations as a private individual, double-fraud, unlicensed gambling, embezzlement. Details: Private Merde deserted his post in Astrapi on the Île Zeus on, or about, September 13 and intercepted the crew of a naval dispatch vessel en route from the recent troubles on the Île d'Or to Granoleon. After talking to the crew, he successfully convinced them to urgently re-route to the Nest of Thieves. Once there, he honestly informed them that they had broken military protocol, and would likely be court-martialed on return to Oleonaise waters. Therefore their only hope of redemption would be to enter and win the local football tournament. However, he apparently abandoned his accomplices sometime during, or after, the tournament and his location is currently unknown. It is likely he has joined a crew of cut-throats under an assumed name. This is my entry for the BTSC. The Ocean 11 are ready to kick butt for Oleon. Let me know if there's anything I need to do to make this a legal entry.