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Found 3 results

  1. Hereby my entry to warzone 18: The Battle for Eastgate The Eastern Guardian Tower is almost impregnable from land, and commands the entrance to the inner city. Without it, The Desert King cannot hope to take Eastgate. Therefore, he has launched an assault to take the fortified bridge across the river to be able to attack the Eastern Guardian Tower from the back. However, our brave heroes from the Trifork has taken up position on the bastion in the river, prepared to repel any attack with their lives. However, they are not alone, as Kaliphlinite forces are marching across the bridge from the inner city to brace the walls and defend it if breached. This will not be the day that Eastgate falls to the regime of the Desert King. Not if these warriors have their say... __________________________ This was a fun build, although I initially had not included the tower - rereading the warzone description, however, forced me to find a way to include the tower - and considering it is an afterthought, I think it turned out pretty well! C&C is welcome, as always.
  2. VOTING THREAD Warzone 18: The Battle for Eastgate Who Can Vote: EVERYONE (That includes people who have not signed up yet, or will never sign up!) How to Vote: Look at all the MOCs from each side. First, determine which side won this battle. You should base your opinion on a couple different factors: A)Build quality amongst all MOCs B)Number of MOCs of quality C) Story of the MOC You can weigh these in any order, or add your own categories. Please consider the three above in your decision though. You may want to clarify or lobby for your favorites in this thread, but you don’t have to write anything if you don’t want to. Next, pick an answer to each question in the pole. In the second three questions it will ask you to pick your favorite MOC from each side. Please judge on quality of MOC and its story. You can add other qualifications to your own judging process if you would like. Finally, submit your vote. Polling ends: June 5 Warzone 18: The Battle For Eastgate Location: E2 Who Can Participate: High Council and Desert King (Unless Ulandus can get in range before the due date. ) Terrain: Eastgate sits on the Red River, and sits on a grassy plain, with the Wither Woods starting just north of the city. The Red River was named for its red water due to the color of the soil of the Wither Woods, which was the main sediment picked up by the stream. The river is mostly slow moving, making it easy to traverse the river northward. However, the entrance of the river is guarded by the fortified Great Bridge, which is almost flanked on each side by two massive towers called The Guardians. (they sit just to the north of the Bridge) Map here Eastgate is considered a safe harbor for ships traveling east from Avalonia into the coasts of the Badlands. (Also vice versa, but the winds are more favorable west to east.) Furthermore, it sits at the mouth of the Red River making it paramount to the great timber trade (live oak in large quantities, the finest in the world) and some river trade from upriver. It is a mix of styles, having some classic European architecture, mixed with Mediterranean and Arabian because it is a melting pot of cultures. The quarries to the east bring brown and tan rock, while the quarries up river bring red rock, with Avalonia so close, rock grey in color is also sold in the city. The city walls are mostly tan / brown in color, but some of the newer structures are the now cheaper Avalonian grey. They are often whitewashed to make them stand out in the inner city. Not only is Eastgate a port, but it also has some of the best ship building facilities in the known world (due to the large live oak supply that comes through its port) with a natural bay that has been artificially expanded around four hundred years ago. The inner city, The Old City, which held out during the War of the Brothers is mostly large and older buildings, while the New City is unwalled and more houses and buildings made of timber. History: The wiki link above has more about the city’s history. One note here is that the Greater Eastgate Article and Resupply Company owns most of the town, and elects its leaders. GEAR and Eastgate both have standing armies, although they were largely winnowed down through the War of the Brothers. The city is in good shape, despite being sieged, as Dugal’s forces controlled the New City and Petera’s controlled the Old City – neither side made a successful move on the other, leaving little collateral damage to their home town. Mini-challenge: The only way that Eastgate’s inner city falls is if the Eastern Guardian Tower is breached. While it stands, no ships may get out to the Inland Sea or up the river to the Wither Woods. DK builders, the task is simple, depict the great Guardian Tower, and show your forces breeching it. HC: Defend the Guardian to your last breath! Both sides should clearly depict the tower, which overhangs the Red River, and their forces should be winning the battle. Special: Whoever has the “best tower” as voted on in the voting thread will be known as “The Tallest man/woman in Kaliphlin.” Restrictions: 32x32 Due Date: May 31st High Council Entries LittleJohn - Break the Door Down Bregir - You shall not pass! Desert King Entries Captain Braunsfeld - The Fall of Eastgate Umbra-Manis - Raiding the Towers Dr. Cogg - We build our own bridge Jacob Nion - The Second Attempt LordDan - Untitled Robuko - Attack from Above Special Voting Category! Whoever has the “best tower” as voted on in the voting thread will be known as “The Tallest man/woman in Kaliphlin.” Please place your vote in a reply in this thread.
  3. Once the bridge across the river had been cleared by other troops, it was a simple matter for the Desert King's soldiers to march in. The towers of Eastgate shall fall! More pics. C&C appreciated! My WZ18 entry.