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Found 8 results

  1. Hereby my entry to WZ 7: The Second Battle for Queenscross. If I win, G15 should be the next warzone. I am sorry for the crappy-ish photos, but I was a bit pressed for time and daylight... On this very day, war has reached the center of Queenscross. Specificly, the famous Merchant's Arcade. Here, the finest wares are traded in beautiful surroundings, which tends to make people less... "vigilant" to the prices charged by the merchants wealthy enough to rent a stand here. However, on this day, both merchants and customers have had to flee the fighting so rapidly, they have left their wares behind... Overview by Beorthan, on Flickr Until this day, Queenscross has been spared the terror of war. In fact, last the city felt the hardships of battle was during the Revolword wars, were Elemantals flooded over the walls. By the collaborative effort of citizens, soldiers and foreign allies, the battle was won, and to celebrate the victory, a small, yet exquisite Triumphal Arch was raised to their honour at the entrance to the Merchants Arcade. This very moment, Goblins in the Service of the Desert King is swarming through the Arch to join the battle in the Arcade. Triumphal Arch by Beorthan, on Flickr In the plaza before the Merchant's Arcade, battle is joined, as Desert King guards and Goblins clash with Beorthan and his bodyguards. With the number of Goblins swarming through the Triumphal Arch, the tide seem to turn against our heroes... Close-up - fighting by Beorthan, on Flickr However, from behind the Arcade, a group of Beastmen is rushing to lend their aid to Beorthan and his Guards. With them at their side, the Goblins will be defeated and the area secured under the control of the High Council, the Republic, and the People. Only history will show whether this battle too will animate the citizens to raise a monument in the honour of the victors. Reinforcements by Beorthan, on Flickr Thanks for taking a look - C&C is more than welcome. I am reasonably happy with the build, although it was finished under time-pressure.
  2. My warzone pick, if I win, is O17. Compelled by their recent victories, the Desert King's forces marched day and night to reach Queenscross. They reached the great city just hours before the High Council army appeared. The Desert King's men swept aside the Queenscross city guard, and fortified favorable positions within the city to meet the coming High Council onslaught. One of these positions included the Well of Vlasik, named after one of the city's ancient kings. In Queenscross, where water is considered a precious commodity, officials went great lengths to accentuate its city wells. The structure around the Well of Vlasik, though completely ornamental, proved to be a valuable fighting position. A copse of blood ash trees, attracted to the well by its moisture, also provided cover for anyone occupying the small hill. A mixed squad of mummy regulars and Royal Warrioresses were tasked with the defense of the well, and pledged to hold the ground to the last soldier. When the battle finally erupted, High Council commanders were quick to target the well - with temperatures soaring above 40 C, the High Council realized water was as important to its troops as swords. But, despite possessing a numerical advantage, the High Council soldiers were unable to push through the defensive ring surrounding the well. The Desert King's troops proved their superior training and repelled wave after wave of enemy soldiers. Yet, with each wave they saw their small number reduced even further. After countering countless attacks, the defense finally cracked. True to their word, the Desert King troops fought until none survived. The High Council soldiers, fatigued and disillusioned by their heavy losses, were not able to celebrate the small victory. Its forces were meeting stiff resistance throughout the city, and the promised breakthrough would not be made. That evening the High Council collected their dead and wounded, and they abandoned the battle. Morale among the High Council soldiers sank, but their commanders knew they could not risk the obliteration of their army in Queenscross - larger battles were still to come. The Desert King soldiers were surprised to find themselves in sole control of the city the next morning. It had been a lucky turn of fate, for so battered were the Desert King defenders that another large attack by the High Council would likely have pushed them out of the city. Although bards would long write of the bravery demonstrated by the Desert King's soldiers at Queenscross, those who had fought there would remember only the brutality and death of that day, and how many others would be lost in this terrible conflict. A pic of the whole MOC, and some close ups: Sans-figs:
  3. River Gate The Second Battle of Queenscross (WZ7:E8) For the Desert King! In the seizing of Queenscross, a detachment of Desert King troops is sent to secure the docks along the Arkbri. Near one of the river gates, they quickly overcome a group of High Council soldiers. It is vitally important that trade and travel along the river remain safe, and, in spite of the increasing conflict in the area, the Desert King will do just that. Overall shot:
  4. Warzone 7: The Second Battle of Queenscross Location: E8 Who Can Participate: High Council and Desert King (Unless Ulandus can get in range before the due date. Suggestions for GA to achieve this: E9, D8,D9) Terrain: Queenscross sits on the Arkbri River, and is aligned with the only main southern descent from the Great Escarpment, also known as the Jackal’s Teeth. The terrain is dusty, without much vegetation beyond the river banks, or the copses of Blood Ash trees that seem to prevail despite the little water in the soil. There are no rolling dunes here, as it is a rocky and mild desert. Nearer to the cliffs, boulders that once made up the top of the escarpment litter the landscape. The pass itself is heavily fortified along the way with small “murder forts” build along the walls leading up the escarpment. The region is truly the defensive capitol of Kaliphlin. Queenscross itself has just started to recover from the First Battle of Queenscross, and is still a large city, where the central landmark is the one bridge across the Arkbri River for over 200 miles in either direction. The Great Span was slightly damaged during the Revolword War, but still stands today. The architecture here has a flair of Middle Eastern / Greek / and Central European. The many monuments within the town are often Greek or Egyptian looking. The city is walled History: Queenscross is one of the most important cities in Kaliphlin. Not only does it defend the great plateau that Petraea and Kaligem sit on, but it is also a major trade hub between those traveling the Arkbri River, and those traveling the road to Petraea. It has long been a valuable part of the Kaliphlin domain, and once was even the capitol of Kaliphlin for a few decades. Its name was derived from that period, when the Queen of Kaliphlin resided in the city, believing that as long as she bathed in the Arkbri river each day, she would live forever. She was assassinated by one of her ministers, who coerced crocodiles farmers to release their catch while she was bathing one afternoon, the legend says that the crocodiles were so ashamed after they ate the most beautiful queen, that they left the region forever. Whatever the reason, none of the famous Arkbri Crocodiles reside in the region. Since that period, Queenscross has flourished, but the main square of the city is still named for her. The city was the focal point of one of the main battles during the Revolword War – The First Battle of Queenscross in the Historica Era. (This post you can see more of the city as it was depicted by me two years ago) The city is governed by a Triumvirate, and its representative to the High Council Al’Martin Doct has declared Queenscross neutral in this battle. Mini-challenge: This challenge is quite open. There are many areas in and around Queenscross that will need seized or fought for in the coming weeks in order to secure the region. Each builder should depict a scene where their forces fight the enemy’s. Remember, Unless Ulandus arrives at the last second, this is a battle between the High Council and the Desert King. Each MOC should clearly depict one of the major landmarks of the region, be it a monument, the Jackal’s Teeth, the docks on the Arkbri, or something that lets the viewer clearly identify that this is Queenscross. (IE: no random fight scenes in a street, without something interesting around them.) It does not have to be a landmark mentioned already in the GOH project, you can make your own up! For example, perhaps you want to have your soldiers seize the “Board of Trade” within the city, you could create a unique building where the fighting takes place, add a little bit of story about the location and the scene, and that would fit the requirements. You don’t have to be that obvious with it either, this is a good challenge for forced perspective! Restrictions: 32x32 Due Date: April 26th
  5. There is a gate in Queenscross, whose arch is topped by a bell-tower. The bell within tolls mournfully in the whistling desert wind, and is said to herald the appearance of ghosts. The Desert King forces have decided to capitalise on this, and one of their Sorcerer's, accompanied by his mummified Leander bodyguards, has summoned the ghosts of warriors who fell during the war against Revolword. Against these apparitions, the High Council soldiers from Barqa have no chance with their hastily erected wooden barricade. Some extra pics in the spoiler tags: C+C welcome!
  6. Back when the Queen of Kaliphlin first entered Queenscross the inhabitants had built many celebration arches for the Queen to walk through, showing their support for her. Many of these arches can still be found in Queenscross today. It was at one of these that the men of Budd-apest found themselves battling against the High Council soldiers. The decorative flagstones that had once been carpeted with red flowers when the Queen passed over them now were carpeted with the red blood of the High Council's best soldiers. OoC: The arch is attacked to the base. That was the hardest part of this build.
  7. A CALL TO ARMS! The Battle of Queenscross (This is a separate call for soldiers from the one in the Kaliphlin thread a month or two back. Those soldiers were used for something else entirely, but if they want to make a “stop” in Queenscross first, it can be arranged) In all directions the messengers rode, evading Victor’s forces where possible. In every town and village they read their message from Paulos MacLean, General of the allied forces at Queenscross. It states: “Come ye brothers and sisters, for one of Revolword’s greatest armies have come to Queenscross to force their way into the south. We need any available soldiers, adventurers, sorcerers, to make haste to Western Queencross immediately. No money can be awarded, but glory in troves shall surely follow the victor of this battle. The cities beyond the Arkbri River lay in danger if the mighty span as Queenscross falls into the hands of Revolword. Moreover, this is one of the largest assemblies of men under the traitor’s banner in all of historical. Now would be a fortunate time to strike them from this world. So, I Paulus MacLean, call to every able bodied person to make their way to Queenscross. We can not let it fall. ” (IF you don’t need caught up, skip to next section) The Road So Far: A few months back, Victor splithis forces into three known columns and marched them towards Mpya Stedor, Queenscross, and Albion. The first force was repelled by DaMaximus. The second force waited about 50 miles outside of Queenscross, no one knowing their true plan. The third force, we Kaliphinites have lost track of, and hope that Avalonia has repelled these foes. The force moving towards Queenscross is assumed to have their ambitions set on taking the great bridge over the Arkbri River in that city. It is the fastest way to move troops and leads up the capital road to where that road scales the Great Escarpment. This is one of the few easier ways into the heartland of Kaliphlin, and the innocent oasis dwellers beyond. The final defense once at the escarpment is the Jackal’s Teeth. Between Queenscross and the Jackal’s Teeth, Kaliphlin has been well protected over the last few centuries, until now. Queenscross was partially decimated by the Elemental menace 8 months back, when the Victor crisis began. The eastern half of the city was almost completely annihilated, making the bridge a poorly defended target, and weakening the first defenses of Kaliphlin’s interior. DSC_2031 by skaforhire, on Flickr Dugal MacLean gathered an army to counter Victor’s at Queenscross, and with the blessing of the city’s leaders (the Triumvirate), he was made General of all Allied Forces defending the city. Between Dugal and the Triumvirate, it was decided that the Bridge would be the fall back point of the battle and the last defense of the city. However, Victor’s troops stopped 50 miles from Queenscross to gather reinforcements and to try and feign movements to throw the allies off. One of those feigns two months ago led to the ambush and death of Dugal, and his brother Paulos took over as commander. The Plan Meanwhile, DaMaximus had defeated the Drow threat to Mpya Stedor, and this allowed him to dispatch the King Dragonius XXV of Drakrydar and a good army to Queenscross. Paulos and Dragonius decided that the king’s main force would ride south on the East Bank of the Arkbri River and keep the enemy army from fording the river south of the bridge. It yet remains to be seen if the King will stay in Queenscross for the final defense or lead his own men in the defensive fight south of the city. Also, with the Southern Lions freed up, Gex Marmota dispatched them to Queenscross for support. Meeting with Paulos, the Triumvirate, and Dragonius, the Southern Lion’s commander, Count Darzag told them of his orders to protect the Jackal’s Teeth, which were currently undermanned. The leaders decided not to put all of their hopes on the back of the battle of Queenscross, and the Southern Lions moved to reinforce the Jackal’s Teeth. Darzag left a small contingent of trusted Lions to act as a personal bodyguard for Paulos in battle. A few weeks passed with little difference in the enemy’s forces 50 miles away, they gained men, they lost men to attrition, they sent some small armies off to scavenge, but just last night a scout came back reporting that something was happening. Victor’s forces were dividing into two, but the much larger force was heading straight for the city. The second force seemed to fall to the Southwest. A member of the Triumvirate had realized what had happened first. “They waited until the wet season when we would be least defended, and the river its highest.” He told Paulos. Durring the wet season men had to tend to their irrigation systems back on the surrounding farms, and urbanites had to make sure the floodwalls were holding. Many conscripted men had already left the allied forces to tend to the needs of their homesteads. Warriors were needed badly, and the estimate was that they only had just under a week to get them! Paulos sent out a message to all those who would listen, pleading for support. How this works: This will be very similar to the Battle of Khordeem, my brother and I ran last year. Basically, the battle will be fought out as a wargame, using rules that my brother and I have been working on for a LONG time. (This is also a playtest for us.) It will take a few days to get all the way through, but should prove to be epic. The plan is simple. The call has gone out by raven , magic and other means to the far ends of Historica. Help is needed at the battle of Queenscross. If you wish to join the battle, send your small troop by mage, boat, or land to Queenscross. Some may make it for the start of the battle, and others might join in the thick of it as reinforcements. Anyone that signs up while the battle is still going, we will try to get into the battle. All we need is a pledge of men (1-10, although 10 may be hard to represent on the battlefield; the ideal number is squads of 5). I will try to represent your figures as closely as possible, but it might be hard to accurately represent some heroes or your actual men’s uniforms. (we can always chalk it up to artist’s interpretation) We will then give your men (or women!) stats and bring them into battle. They will then fight in the battle to see if they can help repel Victor’s forces. If your hero or your men are known for a certain weapon style or ability, include it in your pledge. We will try to accommodate this in your character’s stats. You may want to also show us a picture of who you are sending, if you want us to try and replicate them. WARNING: The soldiers you send may die – if you send a hero, you might want to tell us you would prefer they fell wounded or are likely to retreat. It is all luck of the dice (much like the tournaments that have been held) The battle won’t start until next weekend, but I will keep checking the forums for new recruits and can add people all the way until the battle is done – probably (next)Monday morning. So if you don’t make it before the battle, sign up at any point in the weekend too. Anyway, I hope some of you will heed Paulos’s call to arms and join us for the Battle of Queenscross One last thing, I am looking into a way of possibly setting up a live feed that would allow builders to check in and see what their heroes are doing. Also… I might even start up a twitter account for the battle where you can get live updates and suggest maneuvers for your soldiers or to the commander. At least that is something I am looking into doing that could make it quite fun and interactive. UPDATE: For better or for worse, I have set up a twitter account for the battle. it is @skalego
  8. EDIT: Well that was dumb of me, how does one edit the post title? So I finished my bridge. I did not have enough white to build the second tower, so I wrote it out with story. Also, this is for the battle of Queenscross, so I didn't put overwhelming detail into it, since I will be ripping it apart next weekend when the forces of evil finally arrive. It also is meant to be functional as wargame terrain. I took pictures of it before I build the rest of the battlefield, because I am not going to spend as much time on the rest of the scenery. I originally built it as a drawbridge, but due to structural integrity had to make it a large span instead. After the war, the people of Queenscross are going to rebuild their famous bridge, and I have some new ides for that build (like a year and 200 dollars away...) Also, sorry about the backgrounds, I couldn't put sheets up over the whole room. Anyway... The great bridge: DSC_2025 by skaforhire, on Flickr After the great elemental attack 8 months ago, half of Queenscross lay in ruins. Victor had sent one of his largest fire elementals to destroy Queenscross, but the quick moving Arkbri River stopped the beast from crossing to the other side and finishing the job. For reference, here is an artists rendition of the city before it was partially destroyed: (Sorry lost the account password, so cannot put a picture in the message) Unfortunately much of the West side of the city is lost, the white walls destroyed, and most of the buildings turned to ash. For the reason, the army stationed there, formally Dugal MacLean's army and now under the command of his brother Paulos, has decided to pull back to the bridge as a last means of defense. The bridge itself had taken some damage from the elemental, one of the towers guarding the West Entrance was destroyed in the attack, many eyewitnesses said that the majority of the building was turned to glass in instants by a smashing fist attack unleashed by the fire demon. Dugal had the side of the bridge quickly fixed and painted, but there is no time to rebuild the fortification. Much of the debris was removed, but a lot of black glass still stands as a reminder of what once was. DSC_2030 by skaforhire, on Flickr DSC_2034 by skaforhire, on Flickr A merchant is stopped by a guard -- the armies of Victor have come too close to the city for people to wander off in what's left of the west side. DSC_2024 by skaforhire, on Flickr At this hour, only one lonely soul travels the river. Victor has waited for this week - the high waters period - to strike. It is this season that requires many men to go back to their farms and keep the irrigation systems in repair and the water from overflowing into their crops. The armies of evil know that this will be the point when the least soldiers are available. DSC_2022 by skaforhire, on Flickr Whats left of the duel towers that guarded the entrance. It had already been in disrepair, but now it has been patched up and should serve as the first point of the last line of defense. DSC_2035 by skaforhire, on Flickr In the last shot you can see the tail end of the paved Petraea Road where it ends before the bridge. It picks up again on the other side, outside the city. More Here