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Found 3 results

  1. The terrible desert of South Kaliphlin, which has been the death of many a weary traveler, has been tamed at last! Due to the valor and ingenuity of the Ulanders, no more travelers should get lost in the dune Sea any more! Also, there happens to be a civil war thing going on as well, so the towers will serve as valuable outposts as well... A picture from a slightly different angle: I would like to receive UoP credit for: Geography - desert i would choose D3 as the the warzone if I win. Thanks for viewing, C&C are welcome!
  2. Warzone 5: Battle of the Deep Sands Location: I 10 Who Can Participate: All Factions Terrain: This battle happens in the heart of the Dune Sea. The Dune Sea is full of large, often changing, crests of sand. There is very little stable ground, and where there is, there is usually some small oasis as the source of water. However, these Oases often disappear for months at a time under the ever-changing sands. A haboob can pick up at any moment and blow mountains of sand, literally, miles from its original point. Even though not the largest desert in Kaliphlin, the absence of landmarks makes it very easy to become trapped in the Dune Sea, often a traveler can be driven mad from his or her surroundings. This madness is known to those in the Kaliphlin as “Dunstyria.” History: The region has few settlements, and has had even fewer rulers. There is very little of importance here but a few oil wells and a swatch of territory to add to a ruler’s map. It is odd that war broke out here, but it does lie in the middle of many important locations in Kaliphlin, it is bordered by the Petraea Road, the Mystic Mountains, the Lone Mountain, the Swamps of Qar-Akhen River, and the more profitable Parched Lands. In some regards, it is a second avenue into many of these locations, and the side who controls it would be sealing off a backdoor to other locations. The troops must watch out for the mythic Sand Ghouls, Sand Worms, Dirtmaids, and Lerik'ai, all of which can bring a swift end to a party, and if not the inhabitants of the Dune Sea, then nature itself may deal a fatal blow. Mini-challenge: Depict the desolation of the region, while securing it for your side. This does not have to be a battle scene, it can be an occupation (you decide of what), taming the region somehow, building a fortification to outlast the Haboobs, etc… Use your imagination. Special judging consideration: The public will be asked to judge who won based on creative use of the desert. IE: we are asking MOCers to really demonstrate life and death in the desert, not just a pile of sand and some figs. Secondary Category: Best Sand. A third question will be asked on the voting thread, which build contained the best sand? Although it has nothing to do with who will win the battle, it does allow that winner to be known throughout Historica as the “Traverser of the Great Sands.” Restrictions: Unlimited. Due Date: April 5th When posting a link to your entry to each battle thread, make sure you note which zone you are picking as the next warzone if you win. You may want to coordinate with others from your faction.
  3. The Dune Sea Heading north on our journey from the waterlogged marshes in the Akhenaten delta, where the Qar-Akhen river meets the Southern Ocean, the landscape quickly turns arid. Here we find the Dune Sea, with its great sand dunes stretching for leagues. In some places among the dunes there are sources of water so the area is not completely uninhabited, but the ever-shifting sands mean that the settlements usually have to be abandoned when they are swallowed by the dunes. One such settlement in the western part of the Dune Sea is depicted in the postcard below. The beauty of the landscape is usually enough to attract the occasional tourist. A less known highlight is that the sand dunes also offers great possibilities to ride wooden boards down the slopes, something that the local people have used as a means of transportation for hundreds of years. While maybe not as fast as skiing down the slopes of the Rakath Mountains, this offers southern Kaliphlin’s best opportunities for the speed enthusiast! Another painting of just the ruins and sand dune: Previous stops on the tour of Kaliphlin: Day 1 - The Withered Woods Day 2 - The Jungles of Gorr Day 3 - The Lone Mountain Day 4 - The Qar-Akhen Marshes