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Found 8 results

  1. elfprince13

    [MOC / SHIP] A.S. Desert Rain

    A highly manueverable corvette with complement of two Hylopetes-class starfighters. Standard crew complement of 7 bridge officers, 3 pilots, and 3 maintenance droids. Armament includes 4 heavy plasma beam cannons, 4 light plasma beam cannons, and 6 point-defense ion burst turrets, and 4 graviton torpedo projectors. Weapons and engines are both powered by a Callisto Shipyard's Mk. XLII Stellarator. Play features include: - Functioning turbolift allowing crew members to traverse the change in local gravity between decks. - Pull-out bed in the brig allows for both efficient space utilization and humane treatment of prisoners. - Fully retractable forward hull sections provide access to the bridge and hangar deck. - Removable roof on the middle hull sections provide access to the turbolift. - Retractable walls in the rear hull section provide access to the reactor, maintenance bay, and brig. Other notes: although this was created in BrickSmith, besides the extravagant choice of brick colors and light-up features, the entire ship is structurally sound and should be physically realizable in a different palette. A.S. Desert Rain by Thomas Dickerson, on Flickr A.S. Desert Rain by Thomas Dickerson, on Flickr A.S. Desert Rain by Thomas Dickerson, on Flickr A.S. Desert Rain by Thomas Dickerson, on Flickr A.S. Desert Rain by Thomas Dickerson, on Flickr A.S. Desert Rain by Thomas Dickerson, on Flickr A.S. Desert Rain by Thomas Dickerson, on Flickr A.S. Desert Rain by Thomas Dickerson, on Flickr A.S. Desert Rain by Thomas Dickerson, on Flickr
  2. *Your entry has earned 6 XP* Hello everyone, Today I present my entry for Episode VI of Factions. The Black Sun, wanting to gain strength in the chaos and protect their assets, sent a large task force of ships in an attempt to disrupt Pyerce's blockade and protect the troop landers. This build depicts the bridge of the flagship of this fleet, the mighty Vanquisher. Please forgive my photo editing skills, as I am still quite new to the game in that regard. Pictures: Untitled Untitled Untitled C&C appreciated. Thanks!
  3. Hello again everyone Finally, the house is decorated and I have managed to dig out my LEGO from storage and finish this little model – the Ninka which is one of the capital ships chased down by the First Order in The Last Jedi. The Ninka is a Free Virgillia-class Bunkerbuster. There were a couple of tricky parts to this model. Firstly how to attach the front side sections and to get the shape. I settled with the 1x1 round plates without a stud and a couple of grey bars to attach the side parts into some bricks with holes. Secondly the engine section. There should be six engines on each side but it took me a while to arrange the parts in such a way so that I could have six engines and keep the shape and most importantly be able to attach them to the main hull! The first couple of versions only had 3 engines and while this looked good was not accurate. I am really pleased with how this model turned out. The few orange parts really make it look cool in my opinion. Anyway here is the model and let me know what you think. More MINIs soon. Jon
  4. TenorPenny

    [MicrMOC] LCS-08

    The LCS-08 The LCS-08 (aka The Washington-class) is a newer Americancapital ship brought into service following the tactical and technological advances of the Forth Age. LCS stands for Littoral Combat Ship – a term originally applied to small vessels able to operate closer to shore than most naval assets – denotes the ship’s ability to manoeuvre effectively in vacuum as well as atmosphere. The Washington is neither as agile as the Ankuror as sturdy as the Bremen; it occupies the ground between these two extremes. It fulfils a variety of roles within the USEF; anything from independent patrols to participating in larger fleet actions alongside Strike Carriers and the like. It is also used to transport VIPs and other assets through the lawless Rim territories – the firepower at its disposal is usually enough to discourage most pirates and raiders and it is quick enough to flee more powerful threats. The ships firepower consists of two ‘Starsnipe’ flak turrets, a medium-range photonic cannon and a rear mounted warhead launcher. The latter is unusual for the ship’s size – it gives the vessel the ability to engage targets at longer ranges and hidden from line of sight. The downside of the launcher is the limited ammunition; when it is out of missiles it becomes quite useless. This renders it unsuitable for prolonged engagements. It is these missiles which tend to give the Washington the edge against their most common foe – the Wun’Tux Clanship. The thick armour of the latter can be difficult to penertrate with photonic cannons; LCS-08s deployed on anti-Wun’Tux operations are equipped with ‘Havok’ armour piercing missiles to balance the scales. LCS-02s (prototype precursors to the 08) took part in the USEF Fleet Action at Dronta VIII, spearheading the attack on Wun’Tux ships guarding the slave market. They were subsequently able to achieve suborbital altitudes and launch accurate against Wun’Tux armour and fortifications. In more recent times, the Washington-class has been deployed alongside Taft-class Strike Carriers in extended operations in Wun’Tux territory. Typically the ships are outfitted with longer-ranged, ‘stand off’ missiles and able to discourage or soften up Wun’Tux targets before engaging. In worse case scenarios (e.g. a larger enemy presence than predicted) this stand-off capability can give USEF forces breathing room in which to retreat. Engineers at Highpoint have successfully modified the base design into distinct combat variants. The LCS-ASW (aka the ‘Rhode Island’ class) is perhaps the most popular. This version swaps the warhead launcher for a launchpad capable of carrying, arming and repairing a shuttle-scale ship. This is most commonly a Vaquero-class gunship; a well armed craft bristling with sensors. This ASW (anti-stealth warfare) variant is designed to detect and defend against stealthy foes; the main ones being the Hirudin. The gunship is able to act as spotter for the LCS but is also more than capable of engaging common interlopers (like Blackfins) independently.
  5. The invention of force-shield technology signaled the end of the starfighter, as nuclear warheads were disarmed and conventional ones deflected by the fluctuating magnetic fields and radiation the shields produced. This technological revolution paved the way for the return of the giant battleships of the early years of interstellar travel. Initially, the Torrian Starfleet made use of unique ships for niche functions, but the logistical burden quickly became insurmountable. Delivering a division of combat troops to a hostile planet and providing them with armor, artillery, and ortillery (orbital artillery) support took at least thirty various ships, not counting surveillance craft and the gravtanks, which, being designed to make planetfall as their own landing craft, are technically ships. The solution came in the form of the Torrian "Cruiser doctrine," which is focused on the concept of a "cruiser," an indefinitely self-sufficient capital ship capable of filling one of three key functions: transport, ortillery, or line combat. The Havigari-Class Star Cruiser represents the pinnacle of this design philosophy. A hulking titan measuring around 5,500 feet from stem to stern, the Havigari, or Insurmountable, carries a full division of combat troops plus support vehicles and equipment in its belly, in addition to a full crew and a large contingent of scout craft. In addition, this behemoth is more than capable of going toe-to-toe with all but the strongest of battleships the enemies of the Torrian Federation can field against it: its armament includes eight massive plasma turrents and a spinal plasma cannon capable of stripping away the shields and melting the hull of most smaller ships. But while most navies have only a handful of battleships, the Torrian Federation, with its unorthodox politically-independent military, can field thousands of these spread throughout the vast extents of the Torrian Federation. Like nearly all Torrian designs, the Havigari has three distinct sections: a rear segment that houses the reactors and the tachyon thrusters that give it warp capability; a center segment that contains the hangars and cargo bays for its equipment and vehicles, the bunks of the soldiers and crewmen, the vast farms that feed this roving military base, and the other support services that keep the ship intact and funtioning properly; and a forward segment that houses the bridge and scanning equipment, as well as the several crew and troop lounges and the cabins of the captain and senior naval and ground officers. Here too is the large and sumptuous cabin present on each of these ships, reserved specially for the Lord High Admiral in case he should grace the ship with a visit. Like all ships belonging to the Torrian Starfleet, and indeed like many other Torrian vessels, it is kept painted in a standard livery of black, dark bluish gray, and dark red that give it an imposing appearance. When one of these appears in the skies of a rebellious colony, it's underbody turrets raining fiery doom from the heavens and tanks, artillery, and APC's swarming from its belly, resistance is feeble and short-lived. Notes on the build: I have images showing all details of the construction of this ship on my Brickshelf gallery:http://www.brickshel...ry.cgi?f=544656. I'm not entirely happy with the way that the triangular assembly in the rear tends to twist out of true, but I have no good solution at this point and will probably just put up with it and give the thrusters a twist every now and then to straighten them out. The black 1x1 cone represents the spinal cannon, and the 8 1x1 round plates on the surface of the ship represent the plasma turrets. The black 1x2 tile underneath represents the ship's hanger bay doors, which lead to the network of cargo bays and other facilities used to store support vehicles and equipment. This particular model is to scale with the Lego 4492 Mini Star Destroyer. I intend to design other vessels in the Torrian Starfleet as a sort of theme, and may eventually provide models of infantry support vehicles like tanks and APC's, but with a SoNE episode closing in the next couple of weeks and a Star Wars UCS modding project underway, it may take a while. I am also pondering some ideas for photography sets of important locations on this ship, like the bridge, main engine spaces, sickbay, and so forth. If they work out, they will also be showing up in this forum. Now, some pictures of the ship itself. Again, more at my Brickshelf gallery, link above. Comments, questions, and constructive criticism welcome.
  6. TenorPenny

    [Micro MOC] The Yoshikuni

    The Yoshikuni by skapunkplaything, on Flickr The Yoshikuni by skapunkplaything, on Flickr The Yoshikuni by skapunkplaything, on Flickr The Yoshikuni by skapunkplaything, on Flickr When Siro Hatzuki graduated from clandestine supplier of weapons to Outer RIm pirates to legitimate member of the Merchant's Guild, he was told that he no longer had to be the ostentatious figure he once was. Being rich enough to ignore pretty much all advice, he went on to construct his pride and joy, the Yoshikuni, ostensibly his 'yacht'. However, with a scale and defence suite rivalling most warships of similar size, it is far from a simple pleasure craft. Length: 225m Crew: 102 (50 passengers, to boot) Armament: 2 x STS Cannons (Wing-mounted). 2 x Single-mount Frag Cannons. 4 x Flak turrets. Computer: Hitachi XT-80a. [[Realistically, This has been built for a long, long time and I've been too lazy to photograph it. I need to take it all apart, for the sake of SHIPtember.]]
  7. TenorPenny

    [Micro MOC] Union Bulk Cruiser

    Union Bulk Cruiser by skapunkplaything, on Flickr Union Bulk Cruiser by skapunkplaything, on Flickr Union Bulk Cruiser by skapunkplaything, on Flickr With the galaxy as it's oyster, mankind began to forget about Earth. The European Union, floundering in bureaucracy, was left behind in the colonisation in space. It was only when a charismatic Chairman, Mr. Jaanhaven, united Europe with the resource rich remnants of the Russian state and formed The Union that their luck improved. A late comer to the space age, the Union lacked the fancy technology of the Americans, Chinese or British. Instead, their ships were made large, unwieldy and rugged. Their mainstay was the aptly named Bulk Cruiser, used for everything from planetary assault to convoy escort. With weapons more suited for neutralising enemy capital ships, the UBC needs lots of fighter cover and lacks hangar space. However, in groups of three or more, even a determined group of snubfighters would think twice about going toe-to-toe with the UBC. Length: 210m Crew: 100, minimum. Weapons: 2 x fore flak turrets. 1 x dual plasma battery. 2 x STS batteries. Computer: Hitachi 7TT (under licence)
  8. Pennyroyal-class Frigate by skapunkplaything, on Flickr Pennyroyal-class Frigate by skapunkplaything, on Flickr Pennyroyal-class Frigate by skapunkplaything, on Flickr Pennyroyal-class Frigate by skapunkplaything, on Flickr Pennyroyal-class Frigate by skapunkplaything, on Flickr Pennyroyal-class Aft by skapunkplaything, on Flickr Modern space-based navies strive to find a balance between starfighters and capital ships. Unlike with the BB-22, which was meant as an anti-fighter platform, the British Royal Navy designed a Frigate capable of engaging other capital ships of similar and larger sizes. Armed with two underslung anti-fighter flak cannons to combat fightercraft, the Pennyroyal relies on it's three dual-cannon turrets to deal damage against similar-sized craft. Thin and tall, with two engines for thrust and two to help manoeuvre around, the Pennyroyal is mobile and reasonably nimble. Although large at 160m, the ship can last for some time without resupply, and is a frequent sight patrolling colonies and trade routes on the galactic rim. Few pirate raiders can last a pound-for-pound tussle with the Pennyroyal, which have made it a firm favourite amongst it's crewmen. However, with no fighter compliment or missile loadout to speak of, the ship can be overwhelmed by many small craft. Crew: 63. Armament: 2 x flak turrets. 1 x double plasma turret. 2 x STS cannons. Computer: Rolls Royce X-31.