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Found 37 results

  1. This is an entry for Age of Mitardia - House Phase I. Orri Ingvarson, Horgaard's herdsman, was a happy young lad. Every summer since his coming-of-age, he would lead the small herd to the high mountain pastures. Up there, everything was quiet, everything was peaceful. He enjoyed being alone above the tree line, watching the clouds drift by of listening to the eagles' shriek. This year was a special one : the old, decaying shed where he used to spend his nights and seek refuge during thunderstorms had been demolished. With the help of all the villagers, a new one had been built a short distance further. And Orri felt there was something...odd with his new home. The floor seemed to clean itself. The dishes seemed to wash themselves. Flower bouquets seemed to appear out of thin air on the table. And his goat milk supply was depleting. Like with my previous build, you'll find below a few details on the featured flora.
  2. Years ago, Reifnir Wave-Breaker left a humble hut and a pregnant wife to answer the calls of the Jarls and fight the Algus in the frozen north. Even after they were vanquished, there was always another fight keeping him away. At last he has returned and much has changed. He is greeted by the happy bark of a hunting dog that was once a pup, for it has never forgotten its first master. Inside, a boy hears the bark and it is different than usual. Could it mean... Inside, a wife dares not look up from her chores because she has long since given up all hope of seeing her husband again.
  3. My first model of 2018, this is based off of the watermill located in Riverwood from the game Skyrim. It is meant to be viewed from all sides, and has a completely irregular border. I took inspiration for the landscape colors from Wochenender and his incredible Jernsteein creation, while the water wheel was based off of Brick’s design. The trees are again taken from the tutorial by Chris. Finally getting around to posting this model here. This completes the small storyline I had started a while ago, as well as finally finishing Age of Mitgardia! Previous story installments: 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th. Dedan, Glorfindel, and a new man dressed in dark blue robes made their way to the watermill at Firoir. A few of the villagers were around, and were obviously curious about the three visitors. Some had heard of a confrontation between Glorfindel and their Lord Tuinis, and wondered what it meant for the Officer of Valholl to have returned. Firm steps could be heard upon the wooden walkway over the river as Lord Tuinis approached, flanked by three Mitgardian soldiers. And it was obvious from the guard's gleaming weapons and armor that they were not any of the local troops under Tuinis' command. As he neared the small group, it was clear to all that his rage was barely contained. "What is the meaning of this, Sir Glorfindel," blustered the man, placing sarcastic emphasis on the term sir. "Invading Firoir with armed troops is no small matter, and I will have you brought before the Valholl Council and banished from Mitgardia!" Glorfindel answered with just a hint of a smile, "That will not be possible, Tuinis." "Further insults! Let everyone here be witness to the fact that this man has not even had the decency to properly address a lord of Mitgardia." "Your status as lord has been revoked, and the Parliament has also removed your control of Firoir." This statement from Glorfindel was brought with a fleeting moment of terror on Tuinis' face, before his usual arrogance returned. "Lies!" He spat back, "You have merely brought some of your own lackey troops, and used armed force to take this town!" At this point the oldest of the three soldiers spoke up: "I am Captain Mattr, and can assure you that this was all done on behalf of the Valholl Council, I am not on any orders from Sir Glorfindel." "You will find all of the legal documents in order," said Dedan, as he extended a sealed letter towards the former lord. "Those papers also instate Vigr here as the new lord of Firoir," added Glorfindel, gesturing the man robed in blue. Tuinis had a nasty glint in his eye as he made his parting statement before the guards escorted him to the prisons of Valholl, "I can see your trickery was thorough, but be assured that you will not escape this debacle unharmed!" The villagers breathed slight sighs of relief at the man's departure, though they dared not hope their new lord was any better of a man. In time Vigr did gain their respect, and also that of the neighboring lord's who were only too happy to see their troublesome neighbor replaced. See more pictures on Brickbuilt C&C always welcome .
  4. It was a nice, bright morning in the open spot where Barnaby's outlaw band had decided to set up training camp. Barnaby himself (the fellow leaping up with the axe in front) was an expert at every sort of thing which was against the law in Mitgardia - from smuggling Kaliphlinian oil to old grandma's who made a point of only buying goods that hadn't been taxed, to relieving rich travelling peps of a bit of extra cash, to cheating in every contest and challenge he entered... Over time, Barnaby had gathered together a fairly good sized group of fellow rascals - but, as his band had a bad habit of bumbling every job they went on, he had decided it was time to take them in hand and make sure they got some adequate training in the rudiments of successful outlawry. So here goes for - Tips on how to become a great Mitgardian Outlaw! - or perhaps better titled, Why you shouldn't bring a lance to a joust with a sneaky Mitgardian outlaw (at least not just a lance!)... First, of course - like we just said, never bring a lance to the lists against a fellow outlaw! Next, always carry an extra (concealed, and probably un-allowed) weapon! Eat and laugh (though probably not at the same time...) - both are way more healthy than you'd think! (Disclaimer: if you're on the run, don't keep your eyes shut while laughing longer than you have to...) Always keep an eye on the weapons... And on the gold. And of course, always cheat! Just a quick build to introduce some new characters which I mean to keep using, hopefully - a kind of Mitgardian version of a group of forestmen (since we're not tree-huggers, you know!) and for the second round of the LCBTC. Overall it didn't end up quite as I'd envisioned it, but I'm fairly happy with the result - not nearly my best, but pretty good for the short amount of time I allowed myself for it! A lot of design credits to hand out here, too! The tree on the right is based on Joeri Ridder's great design, that on the left by some of SK's, and the rabbit is definitely inspired by Balbo's great rabbit design (though somewhat modified with the peg instead of the faun's leg - mostly because I'm simply not in possession of one of those, haha!) And I'll leave you with a final figless overview: Anyhow, thanks for viewing, C&C are welcome!
  5. The bright winter sun rose - well, late enough, in all truth, but that didn't bother most of the hardy northerners of Historica. Least of all did it bother Sir Uridius Dratiphe, who leapt out of bed with a bound worthy of a the hardiest of his ancestors, and who proceeded to get rapidly dressed in his usual attire, and then glance out of his large window into the Keep's courtyard beneath. There was the squire, bending his bow to a truly impressive degree, aiming, apparently, at a squirrel perched in the tree which overhung one of the walls. Sir Uridius looked on bemusedly, as the fellow let loose - and transfixed the deer far below and to the left of his mark, which the cook had hung out to dry. Sir Uridius shook his head in deprecation. Time for some Mitgardian archery practice! The target: And a last overview: A quick little build for the AoM and CCC - although, after seeing LJ's epic entry, I may just have to build a Phase III build soon if I want to stand a chance! Thanks for viewing, C&C are welcome!
  6. This is my moc for free-build challenge for Age of Migardia. Inn: 1st Phase; ale seller After his long trip.. Sir Mpyromaxos found his friend Nutcracker.. Outside of the city of Valholl.. And they take a break for a beer at a local ale seller..
  7. This is my first Moc to Eurobricks for my start to Guild of Historica, for the (free-build-challenge) Walls: 1st Phase, fencing. Sιr Mpyromaxos is going to Valholl to meet his friend Kariothrafsti (Nutcracker)...
  8. When you are building an army, be sure to find a good place to set up camp. OoC:This is my first MOC on EB. I am aware of the bad lighting, background, and quality. Any Constructive criticism is welcome, especially about my horrid tree. Oh, and should I change my minifigs' arms to regular green (rather than dark)? Make sure there is a lot of wood to build your camp. And a place to store your arms. OoC: A look of the small place without minifigs. OoC: Thanks for taking the time to look at this and give any advice you have.
  9. OOPS I gave this the wrong title. Can a mod please change this to AoM Tower Phase 3: Reconciliation? Phase 1 here, Phase 2 here... After several days of tense negotiations, the Arnarvhalli and local elves finally reached an agreement... but only after a contingent of Woody Hills dwarves arrived to see what all the fuss was about. Before long, the three groups were able (thanks to Alva's patience!) to secure a mutually agreeable solution. First, the dwarves appeared with wagons of tools, mundane lumber, and fine stone. Then, the elves and their druid began to work on regrowing some of the sacred treelings that had been cut down. After a few weeks, the new tower soared triumphant from the bones of the old one. Though the job looked well and done to the humans, the dwarves and elves have remained to make sure everything stays well and done. Alva's part of the deal was an agreement to allow dwarven and elven scouts to use the tower as temporary lodgings, and for information to be passed freely among all three groups in collective defense of the region. Though some of her men grumbled at having to share the sparse shelter available in the shacks they'd set up nearby, Alva believed this was the first step toward creating a secure holdfast. She thought ahead with excitement to the report she would write to her father. Bonus Shots:
  10. Shortly after rediscovering the ruins of the old watchtower, Alva and her men begin cutting down trees to rebuild the tower. Casks of food and equipment are placed outside until such time as a barracks or other fortifications and shelter can be established. The important thing for now is getting enough of a view of the surrounding countryside to make the tower worthwhile. After a few days, Alva is surprised to see that they have visitors. A pair of elves of the Briar Clan from the nearby Woody Hills come upon the camp saying "No, no, no... this won't do at all!" Though they are unarmed, they don't seem anything less than hostile as they look on the tower's woodcutting operation with utter horror. They explain later that the trees are younglings, the children of a particularly sacred and ancient Giant Pine. Though Alva's men counsel her to ignore the elves and drive them away if necessary, Alva thinks about Jarl Asbjorn and decides on a more diplomatic solution. Days pass in stalemate. The elves are happy to see Alva has ordered the men to not cut any more trees down, but they are also failing to help her find a suitable solution to the problems of shelter and industry required to fortify the location. She needs a solution that means not abandoning the tower nor insulting the Briar Clan in a time when Mitgardia cannot spare the blood for petty or avoidable grievances. Such a solution doesn't seem feasible for the time being... BONUS SHOTS: Flickr
  11. It's been a while since we last saw Alva Tyrnsdottir, but she's been very busy ranging and scouting on behalf of Jarl Asbjorn and the jarldom of Arnarvhall in western Mitgardia. Rumors of the attacks in the North have spread even to Tradewind Bay, the Woody Hills, and the forests of Arnarvhall. As such, Asbjorn has ordered the rediscovery and rebuilding of old defenses at the borders of the region. In conjunction with dwarven and elven neighbors, a defensive alliance has formed. Alva Tyrnsdottir leads a group of Arnarvhalli scouts into the eastern reaches in search of old holdfasts, towers, and fortifications. Here she has found the ruin of a stone watchtower that still commands an impressive view of the surrounding countryside. It is an excellent candidate for rebuilding. Builder's Note: This picture doesn't really do justice to one or two elements of the build. I'll post another one when I have better lighting. Here are those other angled shots to better show off the tower ruins and the tree growing out of em :D
  12. My first build for the Age of Mitgardia freebuild challenge. Category- Defense. Sub-Category- Tower, Phase 1. ------------------------------------- After returning from the raid on Nocturnus, we had encountered bad luck. Lydia's father had been kidnapped by one of the local Jarl's bullyboys. Lydia has told us she would hunt for he father. Wulf agreed, on the condition that someone accompany her. I, naturally, was the first choice. I knew this region of Mitgardia well, and I was a tracker, unlike my fellow crewmembers. So Lydia and I had set out, in hope of Finding her father. And here we were, at the boarders of Skaljarik, and Jarl Arian's domain. But try as I might, I couldn't convince Lydia to go there for help. So we pushed on. "Where's this, Logan," she asked. "The Outpost, we call it," I replied. "It's manned 8 months out of the year, but not now." "Can we camp here?" "Sure. It's a bit cold, but as good a shelter you'll find in the next day or so." Sirius, my dog, had also come with us. He, too, was a tracker. "Smell anything, Sirius?" I asked, knowing I'd get no answer. But Sirius' large, bushy tail waged, meaning there weren't any other beings in the immediate area. Sirius and I quickly ascended the steps. "Should I get us some meat?" Lydia wondered, looking up at us. "No," I replied. "The Outpost has food enough. It was true. The temperature was such that the meat remained frozen, and therefore didn't go stale. It had saved many a travelers life. And saved my stomachache from growling on more then one occasion. A few hours later, we had a warm fire, and were both sitting content after a good meal. Even Sirius had quite a bit to eat. Something had been bugging me, so I decided to ask Lydia. "Why would your father be kidnapped?" "Oh," She replied. "well, that's probably due to the fact that he challenges authority. A lot," she added. "He can really make a nuisance of himself. But he's a good person, and a great fighter. That's why most people tolerate him. "What about you father?" She asked, her curiosity aroused. "He's dead," I said, trying not to let her see the deep hurt it cause me to say those words. She realized how I felt, and said, "Sorry. I shouldn't have asked." "No, I replied. "You had no way of knowing." "Thanks for agreeing to come," She said, changing the subject. "I doubt any of the other's would have." Anything for a a friend," I replied, happy to talk about something else. But then I noticed how dark it was. "I'll take the first shift," I told her. "Is that really necessary?" "It is if we want to make sure no one sneaks up on us," I replied, not unkindly. As I took the shift, I thought over my actions in the last week or so. First, I had defied my closest friend, because of my continence. Then I had agreed to accompany someone I had only recently meet on a tracking mission that could very possibly be deadly. But in the end, I felt justified in both courses of action. As I looked out, I saw one of my favorite sights. The Northern Lights! For some reason, they soothed my soul. As much as this land was rugged and dangerous, it had an innate beauty, one that was not lost upon me. As Sirius and I gazed at the Northern Lights, I knew, despite everything else, I was proud to be a Mitgardian. I was proud to be a Raider, and even more proud to say I did have a continence. Builder's notes: For my first try with the rounded wall, I think it turned out well. Tell me what you think! Author's notes: So as usual, my story is pretty short, but I will have more depth in my next build. In any case, enjoy!
  13. The Aker family farm is modest, but has been with the family for generations. On the farm, they keep sheep, chickens, and of course Patches the family cow. Patches doesn't always remember that the house isn't for cows, at least not when it's warm outside. Goda doesn't always remember that sheep aren't babies. Maybe it's time her father married her off? It's Burri's job to feed the chickens. They aren't the most friendly animals on the farm, though, so occasionally he considers feeding the dog instead. -------------------------------------------------- Builder's Note: I'm not sure how happy I am with this series in general. I made a dumb mistake with the waterfall, and while I liked my second phase I feel I could have done more with the old stone hut and the stream. In this phase, I fixed a few problems but meant to build a dam and a few more things that I just couldn't get right. It took me a long time to do the house, which maybe sapped my ambition. Thankfully, I think that part turned out pretty good and I like this style of roof thatch. Phase 1 and 2 here. Thanks for looking!
  14. Builder's note: To some, this may not seem to be a barracks in strict terms. Arnarvhall is based more substantially on Norse culture/mythology than most other Mitgardian groups or builds. In that sense, a Mead Hall counts as a barracks as it would be the place that warriors and freemen would gather with their Jarl to vote, plan raids, receive gifts of treasure or arms, etc. Vegrsala, the seat of power in Arnarvhall, is such a place. I channeled SK and Ecc a lot for this build. All credit to them for introducing many of the techniques and elements that define the Norse-inspired style of Mitgardia. Please forgive the photography. My set up is not great for builds this size so I did the best with what I have. I am really proud of this build, anyway, and it's the biggest I've done for GoH to date! Oh and this also marks the completion of my entries to Age of Mitgardia's military section! It's been a year since the fateful day when Alva first picked up her father's axe. Here, at the seat of power in Arnarvhall and gathering place of all the warriors who owe fealty to Jarl Asbjorn, the completion of Alva's training is celebrated in the Old Way. The winter is again receding, with spring promising new life for the growing things and new responsibilities for Alva Tyrnsdottir. Not everyone can join the merriment in the Hall, however. One of the young wives must exercise the hounds. The local dwarves of the Woody Hills, long-time allies of Arnarvhall, supply the mead from their apiaries. Though unaligned with their troublemaking cousins to the East, they still don't like elves much and take an opportunity to cut across the path of a wounded elven messenger. The Path leading up to the Hall's entrance is busy with incoming warriors and well-wishers. A little behind the scenes shot. Some of the roof panels are removable. The interior of Vegrsala. A turkey is roasted on the spit, while windows are opened to let fresh air into the hall. Alva is not Arnarvhall's first shieldmaiden. In honor of her, however, two women were selected to stand guard on the Hall armory. One is a bit distracted by the handsome men and the romantic notes of the skald's lute. This day may be prouder for Asbjorn, who has championed Alva's training, than it is for her own father. He smiles beneath his great red beard as he hands her the arm-ring that signifies her full bond to him, to the Jarldom, and her status in the clan. Beneath the High Seat, a bearded Mad Marginn happily beats his shield to signal his protege's triumph. And though dark days lay before her, for Alva today is a good day.
  15. Some distance from where young Burri Aker takes Patches to eat, the Aker family's sheep have gotten a bit out of control. Goda Aker plays her pan flutes and tries to corral them as best she can. Once they're all collected and accounted for, they'll have to be taken across the stream. Too bad it's in a sorry state of repair. Good thing her husband, Burri's father, is there to fix it. Stannar Aker prefers fixing things to dealing with sheep and cows. They always get testy when he's around. ----------------------------------- Phase 1 Here Builder's Notes: I tried to do a more realistic riverbank here... not sure I really pulled it off! That staff in Goda's hand is supposed to be a shepherd's crook. I don't have any of the Brickforge ones so I had to improvise. Hopefully it looks all right. Maybe a simple staff would have made more sense.
  16. After I deliberatly placed my phase 1 in Kaliphlim as a trade relationship to Mitgardia and linking it that way to our noble icy lands, I went for phase 2 with a Nocturnus influenced build. This is a nice way to break up the building of wooden houses and snowy landscapes, yet allows me to connect the dots all to the village of Merak and other cities in Mitgardia, giving the idea behind the build`s fluff some substance and explanation. And i still have a lot of purple bricks to do something with from an earlier PAB wall visit this year ;-) In the southern regions of Mitgardia, where the lands of the Northmen border the dark swamps of Nocturnus, the waters are tainted. Filled with the dirt and foul sorceries that come out of these dark lands, the region might not be to suitable for the local population to work with, but as in any good economy, a solution is often simple. Hence when a traveller goes that far south, he will often encounter workers from the Dark Lands there, trying to earn a bit of coin in exchange for their labour. Due to their higher resistance for the influences of their homelands, these workers are sought after to man the watermills and other places of `industry`. Szzzz`tik and Skrat are two such Nocturnus workers, manning a small watermill on a southern bystream. Even though the waters a foul, dirty and slightly noxious, their resistance to this make them highly treasured workers of the Mitgardian way of life. Though their are voices in the Nocturnus government implying they are actually enslaved and forced labourers, not a single expat has returned to his himeland yet to confirm these vile rumours! Hope you like it ;-)
  17. FIGHT! The word echoed over the training grounds as the mock up fights began. Young warriors from various places had gathered, and seek some Mitgardian weapons training for the inenvitable fights that would be coming in the future. the North was a warrior race, and the North would be completely able to defend itself should people need protecting. Looking at the grave of his fallen friend, the master thought of how he had accidently decapitated him during a duel fight. Sadness overcame him, they should have hold back their blows instead of trying to best each other like they did ever since childhood... *CRASH* The sound of wood versus bone was loud. Looking to his trainees, he saw that one of them had handed out a shield bash to the chest of his opponent. Ouch, Brutality... The second phase of the Barracks tree line in Age of Mitgardia required a training grounds to be made. I opted for the traditional training field in which young warriors test their mettle against each others, wielding a variety of weapons like in the old days of gladiatorial combat. The grave next to the master is a reference to my phase 1 build, in order to show a bit of chronological evolution in the build. And of course, the fluff text is a reference to that one particular game about every 30 something bloke these days has grown up with ;-)
  18. We rejoin Alva Tyrnsdottir sometime after the axe-throwing tournament and sometime after her father began training her in the Arnarvhall style of axe and dagger close-quarters combat. An Arnarvhalling shield maiden must master many martial skills, however, including the traditional Shield Wall employed by viking parties. Training on the sand in full battle dress promotes the strength and coordination necessary for real combat. Though the weapons are blunted, no one enjoys getting hit by them. Tyrn, Alva's own father, acts as the commander of the Red Team. Their goal is to protect him from the Blue Team and vice versa. If either should break through, its commander is exposed and the victory is won for the other side. The commander of the Blue Team is Mad Marrgin, known in Arnarvhall for both his experience with the Shield Wall and his penchant for unorthodox tactics. Finally got around to my latest GoH build! I'm very proud of the water here and hope it looks as good to you guys as it does to me. I also like this Runestone better than the one I put in my Archery Phase 3. I notice now that I'm missing an obvious Mitgardian standard/flag. I hope all the green sleeves and yellow hands/faces are enough! Anyway, credit goes to someone else for the warhammer design. I only wish I could remember who's build it was where we talked about it. Same goes for the Runestone really! I should start making a list of stuff I see and then put in builds but sometimes there's a serious time lag and I forget. :( So please take credit if you see something familiar! Oh and Phase 1 here.
  19. And with the ale seller, I finally completed all the `phase 1` builds of the Age of Mitgardia project, this final one being part of the Town - Inn line. The build is stated to evolve from an Ale Seller to a Beergarden to an actual complete Inn. Now, I must say this was actually the hardest for me to get completed. Not the build itself, but the fact of WHAT needed to get build. I could get an image of an inn in my mind`s eye without problems, even a beergarden (Octoberfesten!) but a simple ale vendor... The fact that this doesn`t seem to be the most popular treeline within my guild didn`t help that much either, as I couldn`t take look for references around that much, I believe only Jodocus had done one so far, but that was about it. So in the end I went for a simple cart with barrels, add in a bit of fluff text and hope I was on the right track on what to build. Captain Grumphs Banana Ale, or Banale as it is known in Mitgardia, is an exotic product created by the gorilla people of the south. Though no one actually knows where or how it is produced, let alone how a heap of mammals manage to recreate a brewery process, it is however a welcome guest often seen at the `not per se in October Octoberfesten` in the village of Merak. So now with all the little starting moc`s completed (and some over the past months already disassembled again for parts, as I don`t have the truly massive collections of especially newer parts and colours, aka everything from after my Dark Ages), I`ve started planning a couple of next phases and builds on paper. Yes, I`m that old style, even though I have LDD installed, I rarely actually use it... I just draw a rough sketch on whatever piece of paper I have at hand at the moment an idea pops in my head. Though I won`t be able by a longshot to finish all the treelines during the rest of the year, I HAVE set myself a personal goal of at first try and complete at least every line if the AoM carries over into 2015, then at the very end expand on builds that need to be corrected to obtain the relevant subtitle or title (like my Defenses - Tower). Because that special AoM tag is my target to obtain since AoM kicked off ;-)
  20. The next build in the series for Age of Mitgardia, and together with the Inn tree the only ones I still need to start up, is the Gatehouse series in the Defenses tree. Now the tree specifies at first a simple gatehouse, then a defended Gatehouse and finally the whole shabang with oil and such. This all results if you pass in the Gatekeeper subtitle. Now, I had a good day in MoCcing today, as you will see over the coming days, but I managed to start and complete no less then 4 builds. So to kick it all off, here is the Gatehouse phase 1. In the earlier days of rural Mitgardia, when it was still all rough lands, inhabited by savages (which, on the contrary to what a Kaliphlin dandy would tell you, was not `last week`), the `gatehouses` where nothing more then cave passages. These often where cut from the surrounding hill sides by early dwarven miners, then when they got abandoned over time where often taken over by the first human tribes who inhabited both the caves, as build their early settlements on the other sides of the passages, making great use of the natural defenses that way. The gatehouses where usually nothing more then raised platforms hewn from the rocks, where the watchers, well, watched for potential dangers, while maintaining fires to one the one hand scare off wild animals, and on the other give travellers a chance to find the passageways.
  21. The second phase of the Store tree, this build dictates to make a Market Stall. Phase one had been a merchant and his cart, and in my case was the small boat, and for this build I decided to incorporate as much elements from that little sloop into his stall itself... meaning basically the table only. The final phase is to be an actual store, and for that, like the Storeroom, I`m planning on incorporating the stall itself as the storefront. But that is still far away music... Ambrosia wanted a nice diamond to go into the ring her grandfather had given her. So when she learned when a diamond merchant, specialising mostly in ice coloured diamonds had set up his stall at the edge of town, she took gramps along. After all, he had the money... Displaying a selection of his finest gem stones (the `mirror` on the table is from a Space `Explorers` set), the merchant also carries a whole lot more of gemstones in his storage chests, including those connection pieces you got in the early days that held the transparant studs. At first I thought to also put a bodyguard or something in it, but in the end went against that idea as it would make it all to military looking, and Mitgardia might be a land of warriors, it is not under Martial Law (at current, the Book 2 Challenge is nearing our borders). For the rest, the build is pretty straightforward for a market stall, because in the middle ages, they consisted usually of a table, a sail, and some supports. Which is basically how markets still look these days, hurrah for slow evolution ;-)
  22. Asbjorn, Jarl of Arnarhvall, has no child of his own and has always treated Alva as a favored niece. Very little happens in his lands without his knowing it, and it was not long before he noticed Alva's interest in the martial. Early in the morning, when most are still asleep or just preparing for their day, Asbjorn helps Alva learn the axe and practice enough to have enough strength to hurl an axe as far as a Mitgardian warrior worth her icewater needs to. Though eventually she'll have to learn to throw even with ice and snow to trip her up, for now he has her brush the snow away every time they practice. The hard work is paying off. Alva strikes true more often than not. The unretrieved axes are a reminder of yesterday's regular training, when the young lads practice together. Later in the day, when they come to train, they'll have to march forward before all their peers and claim the axes and their shame. Alva has not had to claim an axe from the snowy dirt for days now. Asbjorn watches her carefully, knowing that she is almost ready to test herself against the others. Phase One here. AND OOPS. I left the title of this as Archery Phase 1 by accident (stupid auto-fill!). Can it be changed to Phase 2 by a mod please and thank you?!
  23. Tomsche

    AoM: Mill Phase One

    My recent entry for the Age of Mitgardia builds, the first step on the Mill building tree. Abdul Knee Doezeer walked behind his ostrich. Slowly the mill turned and turned, as the grains where grounded down to become the golden liquid know in Mitgardia as `Moestaart`. He just couldn`t get it why his business contact, some merchant in the small village of Merak, wanted heaps of the stuff. It tasted bitter. It tasted sharp. It was nowhere as sweet as that great tomato liquid he received back in exchange, `Koetchap`. But heck, the trades where handled correctly, he had work enough to do. And why the heck did that idiot Hagen wanted to have that piece of rubble lying aside by his mill. Didn`t he know those hieroglyphs and ruins where spread all over the land. For this build, I decided to take it a bit `out of the borders` of the snowy lands and make it a more Kaliphlin style. The idea was to depict a trade relation of my Mitgardian character, who worked his way graining away in my idea of a desert `horse mill`. No idea how I`m going to go about for stage 2 and 3, but I have some small ideas nagging already at the back of my head...
  24. After a few months training with Asbjorn, Alva Tyrnsdottir felt ready to take on the world. The jarl thought it better if she took on her peers, first. The world could wait. It was customary to hold an axe-throwing tournament at least once a year. The tourney is only open to the young, usually boys who have not yet earned their arm-ring. The rules are simple: each thrower gets three axes and thus three throws. Two throwers at a time, each getting a single throw alternating throw until all axes have flown. Alva is the only female participant in more than a generation. Though proud of their old traditions, many of Arnarvhall's folk understand that tradition is a sword that cuts two ways. Thus, Asbjorn feels no regret knowing that his tutelage may have given Alva an edge. After all, the looks and whispers she's had to endure would have put her at a disadvantage. Now things feel a bit more even. Arnarvhall's axe-throwing tourneys are something of an event in Mitgardia. Every so often, famous faces from throughout the Guild will make an appearance and cheer on the Arnarvhall youths, inheritors of one of a skill that is now widely considered a relic of the old ways. See if you can spot the celebrities! Hint: most but not all are up on the high dias, watching the action alongside Jarl Asbjorn and his wife Frelaug. These lads are not overly interested in famous folk. All their attention is on a young, eligible woman. It is customary for marriageable daughters to be trotted out during public events like this tourney. Sometimes the attentions of a particularly bonnie daughter can be enough to throw an otherwise canny axe-thrower off his game. Standing behind the lass, dressed in the traditional white of married Arnarvhall women, is her disapproving mother. Though he would never admit it, Tyrn cannot help but smile in pride as his daughter throws. It is his responsibility to judge the contest from the ground, sounding his horn to mark the change of throws, and the change of throwers. This doesn't mean he can't have a favorite contestant. Behind him, one of Arnarvhall's smiths keeps the throwing axes sharpened, putting aside axe blades too warped to be used for the day. Alva's opponent cannot maintain his composure having missed two of his throws to Alva's one strike. He can't help anticipating the taunts once everyone sees that he is to be beaten by a girl. The daughter of the housecarl Tyrn, a great warrior, but a girl all the same. Alva refrains from grinning. She maintains the composure that Asbjorn taught her was an essential skill of any warrior. Later, when her father trains her in close-quarters combat, she will forget the lesson. For now, she remembers it very well as her second axe flies for its target. Thanks for looking! C&C completely welcome as always. Hopefully no one feels left out that I couldn't include their sigfig. Would love to have included more but pieces and space and you know how it is. :P Here's Phase 1 and Phase 2.
  25. One day, Alva Tyrnsdottir would be taught to fight by her father. One day, she'll be scarred and hardened with one foot already in the Hall of the Gods. One day, she'll look back and remember this moment and know it was the beginning. It all started a snowy night when she pried her father's axe loose from the painted target on the wind-bent tree. When she tested its weight and found it good. When she threw it, end over end, and struck true.