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Found 134 results

  1. Seeking Out Ancient Allies Battle of the Deep Sands (WZ5:I10) For the Desert King! Charged with seeking out some of the Desert King's ancient allies, Nimue and Dark travel to the heart of the Dune Sea to the den of the great Manticore, where he has been slumbering for several hundred years. Nimueh: "I was assured he is fiercely loyal to the ancient king and would not eat us... Let us hope he wakes from his lengthy rest in a good mood." A renewed alliance with the Manticore would ensure the region's fealty to the Desert King, and lend a powerful friend to fight in the battles to come. With this in mind, Nimueh and Dark approach the beast's lair. The whole build: Thanks for having a look All comments/critiques are always appreciated. Oh, and for the next warzone I'd pick E12...
  2. Back when the Queen of Kaliphlin first entered Queenscross the inhabitants had built many celebration arches for the Queen to walk through, showing their support for her. Many of these arches can still be found in Queenscross today. It was at one of these that the men of Budd-apest found themselves battling against the High Council soldiers. The decorative flagstones that had once been carpeted with red flowers when the Queen passed over them now were carpeted with the red blood of the High Council's best soldiers. OoC: The arch is attacked to the base. That was the hardest part of this build.
  3. Charlemagne was on a mission for the Desert King that had led into the Dune Sea. He had hired a guide to help him survive the harsh climate. They traveled early in the morning and late in the evening, setting up a canopy in the afternoon to shield them from the beating sun. The guide had warned Charlemagne that there were all many of nasty creatures in the Dune Sea, though he wasn't sure how they managed to survive. All of a sudden a ROUS (Rodent of Unusual Size) had come galloping over a sand dune at them. It had obviously smelled them and thought it had found a quick dinner. The ROUS quickly found out that it had met it's end instead of it's meal. OoC: This is a very unconventional base, I know. I have a limited number of tan base-plates and I didn't want to stoop to using dark tan for this desert. So this is what we got
  4. Captain Uriako had just survived one of the worst voyages of his life. He had been smuggling supplies to the Desert King troops within Ulandus territory for weeks now and had quickly learned how to navigate the Serpent's Crawl. This time through though he had had to navigate those treacherous rocks with only half his crew. The other half had come down sick with the plague. It wasn't until the first few crew members had fallen ill that the captain had discovered the rats on board his vessel. He finally made it into port and sold his cargo to a rich Ulandian. Rather than warn the Ulandian buyer of the plague infested rats, he purposefully kept quiet knowing that the rats would soon spread their disease throughout the city. Captain Uriako knew that this would be far more effective in hurting Ulandus than his supplies would have been to the Desert King troops. Now, the captain was off to a healer to try to get his crew back on their feet. OoC: If you counter this, please leave the captain alive. I need him for future builds and it would be awkward to have to bring him back to life first
  5. Meh'nak looked at the forces arrayed before the old fort. Lord Anfauglir of Nocturnus had promised to assist the Desert King in his campaign, but it was to Meh'nak's surprise when an entire company of soldiers arrived at the secret rendezvous point on Ulandus' northern shore. Furthermore, Anfauglir had also dispatched a squad of elite heavy infantrymen, the Scourge of Nocturnus as the unit was known. Ulandus had not anticipated an amphibious operation and had not detected the growing concentration of Desert King troops. In just a few days the soldiers had managed to transform the dilapidated fort into a secure center of operations - which the soldiers nicknamed Fort Pain. From here the Desert King could launch raids directly into the Ulandian heartland. The Scourge of Nocturnus is a crack unit under Lord Anfauglir's command. Its members are considered some of the most fearsome warriors in all of Nocturnus, and have never been known to back down from a fight. In fact, to reinforce its commitment to assisting the Desert King, Anfauglir's soldiers dismantled their transport ship and used the parts to rebuild the old fort. Anfauglir's troops prepare to raid Ulandian lands. Although Lord Anfauglir is not present to help lead his troops, they are under the command of some of his best officers. ------------------------------------------- Hello! Another GA for the Desert King! I wasn't able to use my standard photo setup so forgive the somewhat crappy quality of the photos. I'm gonna try to get a better one before the night's up. Anyways, I've been wanting to get Anfauglir into the Civil War somehow, but since he's currently visiting Shadowmere, I thought I'd send a group to represent his command. So, thanks for looking, feedback always welcomed!
  6. A native supporter checks in on the Desert King Troops stationed at one of the tiny oasis's located in the Dune Sea. What he finds shocks him... The Mummy troops seem to have been affected by the extreme heat and are acting very strange. One is building a sand caste, while another seems to have forgotten that water and mummies don't mix. Worst of all they seem to be totally oblivious to the fact that their commanding officer has passed away from heatstroke!
  7. "Join the Royal Survey Corp they said. See all of Historica they said! All I've seen over the past month is sand and salt flats!!! Mom was right, I should've been an embalmer." Wish to make the following UoP claim: +1 Geography Deserts
  8. My WZ 5 entry: A weary Desert King soldier guarding an important piece of the desert: ... while the sun is beating down on him ... I would like to claim UoP credits for: Landscape Design - sand dunes Geography - desert ... the lonely guard in the desert... I'm picking D2 as the next WZ if I win.
  9. This is a counter to Scarst's GAon C3 It seems one of the troublemakers who has been insnaring Desert King troops has become caught in one of his own traps. His loud shouting attracted the attention of some of the elves that live in these woods, elves that are fiercly territorial and aggressive towards intruders... Heres a shot of the elves by themselves This build was heavily inspired by Kayne's The Withered Woods C & C appreciated
  10. Here is my entry for Warzone 5, I tried to build something more humorous this time, but it turned out like a belated april's fool Two Desert King soldiers are patroling through the endless deserts of the Dune Sea... ... but these are not the soldiers you are looking for. Greets Disco
  11. The sun filtered into the hall in silence, creating patches of colored light where the stained glass windows shone. Nasr's footsteps echoed through the hall, mingling with the muttered prayers of the one worshiper in the temple at the time. The two Mummy guards stood at rigid attention. Not every day did the Commander of Operations in the area north of the Nestlands come to their jurisdiction, this lonely shrine. But now he was striding next to Nasr, one of the few men Nasr knew who could keep pace with him. The man's deep, alert brown eyes turned, fixing their gaze on Nasr's battle-hardened, black ones. He stared at him thoughtfully for a few seconds before speaking. “I hear you performed well at the Duels. It is a pity you were eliminated.” Nasr inclined his head, taking the compliment on face value. The man continued. “And now that your leg hampers your athletic capabilities we must find a position of command for you. To tell you the truth, I would have liked it if you were here to replace me, these bird worshiping jungle dwellers are giving us quite a hassle, and we can never seem to completely eliminate them... but it was not to be.” Nasr's face didn't change expression. “What are my orders?” “Ah, orders...” A wry smile passed over the man's face and his eyes passed beyond Nasr for a few seconds. The worshiper's servant, one of those cat-creatures from Ulandus, shuffled his feet uncomfortably, waiting for his master. The man's eyes refocused on Nasr. “A certain High Council Guerrilla band has been paining me recently. They are few in number, but have the support of the natives. Your job is to hunt them down and kill every last one of them... except their leader. I want him alive.” The man back toward the door and restarted his stride toward the door. “You will be given half a score elite assassins and anti-Guerrilla experts. That is all I can spare at the moment.” Nasr nodded. 'Only ten men, against a complete Guerrilla force... Pretty good odds.' A grunt sounded behind them and Nasr spun around to see one of the mummy guards topple to the ground, and arrow shaft protruding from his neck. A bang echoed through the hall and Nasr turned to see a group of High Council archers rush through the door on the far end of the building, arrow on string. At their head strode a mummy dressed in the red and blue of the High Council and wielding a black longsword. Nasr heard a gasp of recognition to his left and there was the sound of steel scraping against steel as he and the Commander drew their swords. The Mummy behind Nasr growled and started toward the intruders only to drop to the floor with an arrow in his chest. The leader of the Archers glanced at him then turned his gaze toward the Commander. “I would suggest that you and your crony drop your weapons, unless you wish to become a storage unit for my company's arrows.” Seething hatred boiled up inside of Nasr at the name. 'When was I ever this man's crony!?!' But the sight of the half dozen arrow shafts aimed at his neck spoke for themselves and Nasr slowly let his blade drop to the floor. The sword clanged loudly on the flagstone floor, shortly followed by another to his left. The worshiper's servant dropped a long dagger he had drawn. The Mummy Commander Fixed his gaze on the Commander, waiting a few seconds before speaking. “A pleasure to see you, Ramir. Last time we met you appointed me commander of a small watchtower near Everlast. Remember?” “I remember.” Commander Ramir said, through clenched teeth. “That tower, along with all the surrounding land,” the Mummy continued, “is now in the hands of the High Council. And now, I believe, you are too.” Nasr took a step back. “You won't get away with this, traitor!” Ramir yelled. Nasr took another step back. “You are mistaken, in both respects.” The Mummy responded. “For one, I am no traitor. 'I' was never on your side in the first place. Secondly, I will get away with this, because you are coming with me.” Nasr took another step back and felt for something behind him. His hand met a pillar and he quickly ducked behind it. He glanced around him, searching for a weapon. His eyes lit upon the small stone pedestal upon which some sacred jewel was placed. 'Perfect'. “You betrayed our trust!” Ramir shouted. “Trust is only as strong as the thing in which it is placed.” The Mummy responded. Nasr leaped out into the open and hefted the pedestal, letting the jewel fall clinking to the ground. The archers spun towards him, but not soon enough. Taking a few running steps forward, Nasr hefted the pedestal toward the High Council archers, aiming specifically for their commander. The Mummy turned, and his eyes focused on the object flying toward him. Reflexes kicked in and he leaped out of the way, just as the pedestal smashed into the floor past him, almost hitting one of the archers, and demolishing his Longbow. Nasr didn't wait for them to react. Ignoring the pain coming from his leg Nasr sprinted toward the open door, closely followed by the worshiper’s cat servant. Ramir hesitated a moment, still trying to comprehend what happened, then started after them. An arrow whizzed over Nasr's head and he redoubled his pace. There was a yell from behind him but Nasr didn't bother to look. He had been given an assignment. Not even the man that gave it to him would stop him from carrying it out now. The build. I was experimenting with a different style of stonework, (having only patches of greebles, along with patches of olive green for moss) and a raised part of the floor. I also tried stained glass again, and I think I was slightly more successful this time. The chandelier is new design for me as well. 'nother Pic. Anyhow, another LOM convertible, that happened to be directed against the Desert King (heavens knows we need it). Hope you enjoyed the story. And also; you are correct if you drew a distinction between the Ramir fig and Disco's character. I was originally planning on making this a counter-guerrilla to his attack on Eastgate, until I found out about the size limit. (Dang it!). In any case, hopefully this will do. And also: since there seemed to be some confusion about how to counter my previous Guerrillas, I will set out a few possibilities. 1. Recapture the Commander. 2. Show a capable replacement. 3. Destroy the whole building with them in it and take the title for yourself. Anyway, as long as you don't kill any of my characters, you can do pretty much anything with them. Soli Deo Gloria & Sola Gracia! I would like to claim UoP credit for: Stained Glass (Mosaics, stained glass, or other complex SNOTed floors designs).
  12. The Nestlands are very well known for their rocks and vegetation, making it hard to live for its inhabitants. As it is an isolated area, their habits are a bit different than most other people in Kaliphlin. For example they worship birds... The area itself is very dangerous as you never know what way to reach one of the clans is safe. So the heavy equipped knights of Stedor layed down an ambush together with a local Nesltands Clan-member (fleshie, as requested by Gedren). A group of Desert King Warriors are patrolling the area, not aware of what is behind the rocks... For the Republic!! For Stedor!! C&C ofcourse welcome!!
  13. Salah ad-Din felt honored when he was chosen to represent the Desert King alongside other warriors at the Lonely Mountain Rumble. Growing up in the nearby town of Dompei-un'Erezhi, he longed to return and show off his status as a warrior in the Desert King's army. For ad-Din, the Desert King had been a savior. He had squandered his youth as a brawler and simple laborer, hardly able to provide for his wife and two children. When they were killed by the volcanic explosion, he vowed to find a purpose in his life. He blamed Ulandus for the Great Disturbance, and the High Council for its vacillation in the days after. Ad-Din saw the Desert King as the only legitimate choice, not just for vengeance but also to return Kaliphlin to its days of glory. His strength became famous among the ranks of the Desert King, and it was no surprise when his name was announced to attend the Lonely Mountain Rumble. At this feat of strength, ad-Din is determined to demonstrate what mighty power lies in all who worship the Desert King.
  14. The Gutters Run With Blood The Lonely Mountain Rumble (WZ4:H9) For the Desert King! Fighting for the Desert King, the warrior Kauket eagerly jumps into the foray, quickly bringing darkness to her adversaries. Ancient sewers collect the blood of the defeated. I hope it's ok that I gave Bella’Erezhi some sewers - I was thinking they could be some sort of remnant from the good old days of a ruling Desert King... Also - there is a grate through which the blood from the fallen fighter is running down into the sewer...but I neglected to capture that when taking the pictures . Thanks for having a look - C&C are always appreciated.
  15. Into the Nestlands The Nestlands Insurgency (WZ3:G15) For the Desert King! The Desert King is steadily drawing more and more of Kaliphlin under his wing. He has sent several troops into the Northern Nestland region to quell the fighting between the Nestland Clans and Ulandian invaders: they will declare for the King, or they will perish in the dense forests. A band of mountain mummies comes upon some Ulandian men. The Desert King Commander calls out ahead to the approaching soldiers “The Desert King is your rightful ruler! He is just and merciful - will you yield this land peacefully and serve him?” Slinking behind his troops, the Ulandian Commander cries back, “Goodness, no! What silly nonsense. Men, go kill those dead thingies!” He continues to creep away. “I’ll go fetch some water from that lovely stream back there to quench you thirst once the job is done…” Suffice to say, the victory went to the Desert King that day .
  16. This is a counter to Elostirion's build Stopping Reincarnation All is quiet inside this section of the crypt. A Ulandian warrior quickly passes through the hallway, and seeing nothing amiss he moves along. However this wall is different from the others across the crypt. Behind this wall lies a small chamber... Although the Ulandians had stopped the main group of Desert King supporters they did not catch all of them and one had made it to the main tomb, where he had begun a spell. The magic flowing through the crypt had some side affects, triggering many of the spells and enchantments carved into the tomb... One of the Desert King's Nocturnian allies during his original reign 2000 years ago was awakened. This powerful warlock seeks to fight for his leader once more. C and C appreciated EDIT: Oops I forgot to add [CG, D10, DK vs U] to the title. Ska could you please fix it? Here is a shot of the whole build
  17. Ulandian soldiers from the Blazing Swords legion were patrolling a path towards the peak of one of the mountains in the Nestlands. They were about to check one of the numerous caves for rebels when they were suddenly attacked by a ferocious croc warrior! Extra pics: figless The back of the build For some reason I decided to build this whole cave upside down, and then SNOT and reverse the direction instead of just building it studs up. Here is a small build I made to display the Desert King warrior, who is one of the Nile Crocs' Nocturnian brethren. C and C appreciated For the Desert King!!
  18. Two courageous Desert King warriors rescue a young lady from one of the many criminals that are running amok while the High Council troops are busy fighting the war. This young lady's father happens to be the leader of a small village nearby, and both he and his daughter are very grateful of the heroic actions of these warriors. Extra pics C and C appreciated
  19. The Salamanders of Ulandus were putting up a bold defense. The men of Budd-apest thought of a creative way to sneak into the city to take down the invaders. On a patrol some of the guards found a strange object in a field. They pulled it back to the city gate to bring it inside the city as a war trophy...
  20. Many people within the territory held by Ulandus enjoy a little entertainment every now and then. The Monkey Grinder was one such entertainer. He would turn his music box while his trained monkey danced around the courtyard. What the Ulandars didn't know was that the Monkey Grinder was a trained agent of the Desert King. While the people were distracted his monkey would steal coins from those most loyal to Ulandus. OoC: The 2nd to last picture with the monkey balanced on the pillar used no tricks. The monkey is actually balancing like that.
  21. This is the counter against Bregir's guerrilla build. When the dwarves started pulling treasure from the tomb, what they didn't realize was that the hieroglyphics lining the courtyard held a curse for robbers such as them. With a rush, the hieroglyphics started moving and moved inwards towards the tomb entrance. Then the darkness came. An incarnation of Apep emerged from tomb, consuming the robbers.
  22. When the Lonely Mountain erupted it left behind much carnage. Many building had been overtaken by the lava. The Mummy Captain found himself fighting in one such building. There were little battles taking place all over the city right now thanks to this hair-brained idea of Lord Abrim Kar'dani. The Captain had been walking through the archways of what had once been windows of a residence, but now acted as lonely sentinels of the former beauty that was now mostly hardened lava. A masked Ulandar leaped up to challenge him. A swift kick from the Captain and a fast slash of his sword and the fight was over faster than it took to begin.
  23. All through the forests of the Nestlands there are shrines and monuments dotting the landscape. The natives know how to navigate through the forest as if it were a talent they were born with. Visitors to the Nestlands though, found these monunments very helpful in finding their way through the bamboo forests. The Ulandus troops wandered the paths through the forest on regular patrols, watching for insurgents. The Desert King's men heard the call of the Nestlands clans and came to their defense. The Masketeers and the mummy guard learned the Ulandus patrol times and set up an ambush to take out the foreign invaders.
  24. Blufiji

    [CG:D10, DK vs U]

    This is a counter to Elostirion's build Stopping Reincarnation as seen here: http://www.eurobrick...howtopic=107293 Nem Set made his way down into the darkness. The air was cool, but stale, as should be expected of a tomb that hadn't be disturbed in ages. The Ulandians had stopped his reincarnations near the surface, but they were only meant to be a distraction. His true goal was now within reach: The tomb of the First Ascendant, an ancient warrior that had fallen from the heavens during the reign of Lord Ammon Nenet, of a dynasty older even than the current Desert King's. He approached the seal stone, the floor glowing a soft blue as he treaded in a place very few knew about and even fewer had seen. Concentrating all of his magical energies, he began to recite the summoning spell written on the seal, and he spoke louder and louder, the room grew dark and the floor began to light up in brilliant blues and whites.The Ulandians and all those who opposed the Desert King, would soon know what true power was..... Wish to make the following UoP Claims: +1 on Lighted Bricks +1 on Complex SNOT designs
  25. The forces of the Desert King have decided to use some unusual methods for the fighting in the Nestlands. Taming the wildlife happens to be one of them. Unfortunately for this High Council soldier, he's about to become the first test meal. My DK entry for Warzone 3. C&C appreciated!