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  1. Thank you very much! And too bad you did not build the Mount Everest Temple. Knowing your building skills back from Billund it would have been awesome! Thanks! I used an old Paradisa baseplate and it worked really well I think!
  2. Thank you! Also for the frontpage I am happy you like it. I really love Johnny Thunder and hopefully I can build some more Mocs in that theme in the future.
  3. And it felt like an hour waiting to get the seat!
  4. Skalldyr

    MOC: the lost palace at Timbuktu

    Very special building you choose there! I really like all the details you put in the minifigures. They all look amazing and really fitting the style. Nice army you have there
  5. Hahahahaha your pictures are amazing as usual @Holodoc!!! I love how the energy and Lego spirit is clearly visible in these photos. Thanks for sharing and always beeing there with your camera when crazy stuff happens Love my meditation photo. Also very good job with the group shot (Great photoshop skills). @Jim going as fast as Max that day!
  6. Hello all together, I would like to present you my entry for the 14th Eurobricks Event Contest. The goal was to build a car in Speed Champions style. I did choose the Aston Martin DB5 007 Edition. I thought a regular car could be rather boring so I put in some action features that the car in the movies also has. I also made a VIDEO to show all the features. Enjoy: I hope you liked what you saw.
  7. I also think it could very well be a Ford Mustang since we got the 1x1 round tile with the Mustang logo. I would really love to see a classic 60s Mustang!
  8. I just finished building mine and now it has it spot beside all the other event kits from the last years. Big thanks to Copmike for doing these and nice that you posted it on the forums Whitefang. Now everyone can enjoy a bit of the event spirit.
  9. Thank you! I had to do the compromise because of the action features I wanted to be included. So the rotating numberplates, tyre slashers on the wheels and battering ram in front, the bullet proof shild in the back and also most importantly the working ejector seat made it a bit bigger then I would have liked.
  10. I also managed to make a post about my Aston Martin DB5. I also added a video showing all the features. You can find it here!
  11. Skalldyr

    10261 LEGO Creator Expert Roller Coaster

    Just saw that video and it is amazing! Absolutely crazy and high but I am really hyped to see what is possible with the track system
  12. Skalldyr

    [MOC] Speed Champions Ferrari Testarossa

    This one was absolutely the most Speed Champions like! I really liked the subtle details like the black bracket behind the red side grill to give it more depth.
  13. Skalldyr

    [MOC] Captain Nemo's car 2

    Ah yes so funny that you two build the same car. I really liked the silver details in the front and the striping on the hood on yours!
  14. Skalldyr

    EB Members Title Archive

    A helping hand in a petrol kiosk! Hahaha @WhiteFang at first I was thinking "what crazy title is that?" But then I remembered
  15. That does not sound good! I hope it was not too bad... Also I have to say that it was a nice event again! I was happy to see all the familiar and super friendly people. I trew together some pictures and uploded them on my flickr. Here is an assortment:
  16. Thanks Holodoc for this insight! It is indeed very interesting to see some hugh differences in the vore count. (I will totally need to do a video of mine to show the features of the DB5 here on Eurobricks too!)
  17. Skalldyr

    MOC: Speed Champions Robin Reliant

    I really loved all about your car! The original car is super cute and funny and you totally managed to recreate it perfectly. The color and especially the grill is my favorite part. (And also the spreadsheet was awesome) Glad you also posted it online.
  18. Skalldyr

    [MOC] Captain Nemo's car

    It truly is a beauty! As I already said at the event I also fell in love with the street design. (Now that I finally arrived back home I will need to do pictures and video of mine too.)
  19. Skalldyr

    Unikitty! 2018 - Rumors and Discussion

    I was not part of the group that got them all in billund but if I remember correctly they had 3 full sets per box. But they had a very strange number of 38 Military-Kitties for the boxes they got. The store employee said they put out 3 boxes. So 38 would mean at least 12 per box...
  20. Skalldyr

    REVIEW: 75933 T.Rex Transport

    Outstanding review as always Whitefang! I think the comparison between the 75918 & 75933 was very impressive to see. I think the new one looks way better (even tho I would probably moc the truck a bit bigger) But that is my personal opinion.
  21. Skalldyr

    Event countdown 2018

    Wow first of all we have to thank you Holodoc for making this possible every year! The last 10 days to the event are always special because of your countdown! And then I have to say that it was a good challenge this year. Especially with Lasse going crazy in the end! Totally as close as you predicted Lasse! Always fun and see you tomorrow :)
  22. Skalldyr

    Event countdown 2018

    Hmm very true. I forgot. And holy s..t this is insane! You are into it right now Lasse!!!
  23. Skalldyr

    Event countdown 2018

    ONE connection: antistud ONE stud wide. All the spiral like swirls go together in ONE point. That border between the lower part and the top with the swirls is One millimeter thick. Brickset name is: 1X1 Decoration Top No. 1 Bricklink says that the part appeared with only One Minifig. (Eventho Babette is a rather strange Fig...)
  24. Skalldyr

    Event countdown 2018

    Hey not too fast. You never know what will happen. Even tho I was pretty darn lucky with the timing of the part posts in here. Anyway have a good trip and enjoy G├╝nzburg (Fabrik I guess)! Oh and please teach MstrOfPppts some of your skills. He was way to silent this countdown...
  25. Skalldyr

    Event countdown 2018

    Two legal connections. Bar on top and antistud at the bottom. The part was released two years ago In all the sets with the hot dog bun it came together with one of two sausage colours. Red or Dark Red. It is getting trickier every day! That face of the minifig is hilarious!! (My alarm just went off. I took the phone in my hand. And I saw todays picture had just been posted )