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  1. sverre

    Truck Trial Mercedes Uniknick

    This truck really performes well! I´m impressed. Going to try to build one myself :)
  2. Great model! Placed my vote on it :) I guess this has been posted before, but what wheels are those non Lego ones? Link?
  3. Totally agree !! Looking forward to get my hands on a copy of Sariels book :)
  4. Yep! I got the 8109 flat bed truck from my work. They know I'm a nerd! :)
  5. sverre

    The Carver

    Really nice mecanics. Like it a lot :)
  6. sverre

    1h 2012 models

    We do got those pickups in Norway as well. Ford F350 and such, but they´re not that common over here. Most pickups here are smaller. Toyota Hilux, Nissan Nevara and such. My favorite of the new sets are defiantly the mini mog.
  7. sverre

    Arctic Screwdriver

    Great MOC! Never thought it would "drive" so well. Thanks for sharing.
  8. Thanks. A bit strange that that part isn´t for sale thru pick a brick isn´t it? Oh well, I have to try customer service then. Or should I just buy another set, so I can have both A and B model up an running? :)
  9. Hi!! I got one of the early 8043 excavators and need to buy som new LA´s. (TLG already gave me a credit for the set). Can anyone please helpe me find some of the new LA´s. On Bricklink it´s not specified witch lot they´re from, and on Lego´s pick a prick I can´t find them at all.
  10. Great truck. Impressed with your engineering skills. My guess for the truck is Volvo..?
  11. Last night I finished the rear crane and the load bed. Mounted those on the model and it made the steering alot lighter as weight distribution is more even now. (The cabin is big and heavy). Steering still a bit hard, but much better :) The playability is AWESOME. I love the motorized pneumatic crane. So much fun! It can lift quite alot. I made it lift a bicycle pedal onto the bed. (Approx 250g I persume). About the pneumatic pump: As there is no clutch on the axel into the pump I´m wondering. Is it possible to destroy the pump with heavy loading or is this a non existing problem ??
  12. I guess that will help reduce it a bit. Keep us updated. It will never be super light steering as this model is pretty heavy, but I´m sure there´s room for improvement.
  13. Bought my copy of 8110 on friday. Have just completed the cabin last night. I REALLY enjoyed the build so far. The new pieces seem very nice so far. Looking forward to use the suspension parts for mocs in the future. Also liking the pneumatic pats a lot! My first pneumatic set since the dark ages. The suspension is just awesome. I´d newer thought it would have this much articulation. The cabin details are also really nice. Love the hood, and the orange colour scheme is magnificent. A big problem with the set is the hard steering. I´m a bit bummed with this, and think it´s strange that they released it with this "defect". Nevertheless a great set, and I can´t wait to get home from work and build the rest of it tonight :)
  14. I´m voting for a fully remote controlled fork lift. Pneumatic lift and tilt from PF driven pump and switch. Drive and steering with PF. It could be any kind of fork lift, and it could be quite complex to build if designed right. Also it would be great fun to play with :)
  15. Great MOC!! Love the integration to a GBC collage.