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    Small Outpost for Rum Commerce

    Yes! :) Yes, i make it whiteand bob in grey. I think white is more close to the reality... :) LBaixinho
  2. LBaixinho

    Small Outpost for Rum Commerce

    Some african countries: Mozambique, Angola, Guin
  3. LBaixinho

    Small Outpost for Rum Commerce

    So there you can hear both sides. We have some brazilian members :)
  4. LBaixinho

    Small Outpost for Rum Commerce

    :), i understand your work here. I participate/moderate/animate on a portuguese lego forum too. Is the F
  5. LBaixinho

    Another Torre de Belem!

    Thanks for the words :) What happen to the black/dark orange dock? Good question... destroyed on a trip :). When i have time i'll make other :) The angled sides and the front side is attached with jumpers (plate 1 x 2 with on stud) in certain points. This is the reason 'cause this sides are a little upper. I have to buy some blue tiles to fill the gaps :)
  6. LBaixinho

    Small Outpost for Rum Commerce

    Hi In this image you can see that i use a hinge plate to connect/open both sides. On the front side i use a plate to close the construction. (not a perfect solution... :) ) About playmobil pic, you can see in this thread. off course i only pick the idea. Kill the lighthouse and the double door at the first floor and put all more lego like. About the stairs, Phred is right :) Thanks for all... with this comments maybe i'll make something new... the worst part is my free time :( But you can find more portuguese pirate creations here, by Rupi, a friend. I think that wasn't a topic talking about it. LBaixinho
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    Small Outpost for Rum Commerce

    Hi, Thanks for the comments :). i think that the best translation is "Small outpost for rum commerce". The origin of this MOC is a pic of a new playmobil set that Juan Macias show me. Off course i transform almost everything :)! Aswering some questions... The stairs go nowhere because on the pic the fort is open. With the MOC closed the stairs have a way ;) Is controled by the govs, so the soldiers guard it, and some civils work. Right, the double door is for cargo :) brickshelf link LBaixinho
  8. LBaixinho

    Another Torre de Belem!

    Hi, sorry for enter on the discussion later. Only today a friend told me about this topic :) My Torre de Belem is more older than the Bob Carney version. I started work on 2003, and the pic you see is about an 2004 version. I try to build a minifig scale of the tower and not to do a scaled real version like Bob did. So the final result is that Bob' building is far better and real :) I have a little report of the various versions i made on my blog blog (portuguese). And this is a pic of my lastest version: Thanks for the comments. Sorry my bad english :) Link with lot of pics. LBaixinho
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    Classic Star Wars Face-Off #1

    I vote 6210. Mainly 'cause 6211 is out of scale... ok, more out of scale than 6210 :)
  10. LBaixinho

    A question about Spongebob sets...

    I don't know. This article says that some Nickelodeon licences go to Mega Blargh. I read the entire article when it came out, and they said that LEGO loose this licence!
  11. LBaixinho

    lego ads!

    Strange... on the last poster (tank) the botton piece is a 2x5 brick?
  12. LBaixinho

    Pirate's Crag

    Hi Thanks to all for the comments. I never thought about making of this MOC a construction of pirates as the LEGO theme. This construction is near steampunk. By the way, I place the OutroMundo series (of which this MOC is part) in the beginning of s
  13. LBaixinho

    LUGs meeting in Portugal

    (I don't know if this is the right forum. Move it, if is necessary) Hello, PLUG