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  1. The Power Miners have to get to themselves and the dynamite to the mine somehow. A tip of the hat to 10200 Custom Car Garage
  2. I really enjoyed working on this. It seemed like a natural mixing of the themes. One thing I will say though is that I personally found it hard to work in little orange highlights while preserving a more grown up feel.
  3. At least in the U.S., that is exactly what they are doing. Emerald Night = $100 Power Functions accessory pack for trains = $100 Emerald Night Collection (Emerald Night + Power Functions kit + Flexible Track) = $220 Admittedly there really isn't a "package deal" in the $220 package.
  4. Hinckley I love the spring/summer feel to the new banner and the new color scheme. Very nicely done. I know a lot of attention may be paid to the banner, but the look/feel of the color scheme is at least equally if not more important. Also Congratulations on rolling 5000 members. Cooper
  5. FWIW, I admin'd on a site with 60,000 members. We changed skins exactly once in the history of the site (when we simultaneously changed the name of the site and migrated the database to vB). Personally, I think it's great that you change banners and have as much customized forum by forum "theme" look/feel as you do on Eurobricks. like Building
  6. One of my first MOCs after a ~20+ year dark age. Obviously inspired by Power Miners, but I tried to take this in a direction that looked a bit more like the recent construction sets. more on flickr
  7. Just as you'd expect form the title... Power Miners meets Farm. Inspired by set 7634. my flickr
  8. Cooper

    *Power Farmers*

    Addressing the Rock Monster gopher problem
  9. At least with the parts I have currently, I was finding it hard to execute that convincingly. A good excuse to get more parts isn't a bad thing though.
  10. My girlfriend gave me a LEGO train engine (4837) as a gift. I started looking around more at LEGO, and liked the direction Power Miners and the new Construction sets were headed. Honestly, I think Power Miners and the new Construction sets can work pretty well together. I've got a few other ideas for more "mature" Power Miners, so hopefully you'll see more of that sometime soon. Yes, the tracks are from the bulldozer. Those are the only tracks I have currently... other than the rubber ones that come with the PM sets. The dozer is one of the other recent purchases I've had. I love the scale of that set (seems more "real" and "appropriate" given the size of actual dozers). That idea deserves to get built.