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    Whats Your Favorite Lego?

    Hey, I voted for pirates, but a town/train option would be nice.
  2. LegoBMW

    2004/2005 Sets and discussion thread

    I agree with snefroe1. These "teaser" shots are pretty stupid. I would rather have one clear picture to discuss than a bunch of semi blurry and blurry garbage.
  3. Second picture, a closeup of the helicopter Hey dudes, I was browsing brickshelf and found this pic. The second pic says 2010 so it must be a European production models. Looks decent. Notice the red mototrike next to the helicopter? thats all, LegoBmw Edit* sorry for the big pic and to view the second pic click on the link, I also took off my huge sig. so you don't have to scroll forever.
  4. LegoBMW

    2004/2005 Sets and discussion thread

    Wow, nice set. Love the pilot clone! ;) The 10 dollar price tag makes it very appealing! :-D How many peices does anyone think it has.
  5. LegoBMW


    Thank you for polling
  6. When is the viking line going to be released in the US. Man, i am getting mad!!!!!!!! >:( lol. Anyone know one any release date. I know Europe can buy the vikings on S@H, but are they(Vikings) in stores in Europe yet? Do the lego brand stores in Germany have them? Thanks, A very impatient LegoBmw Edit-sorry this was ment to go into the Castles forum. *wacko*
  7. I hate those Dino thingys they look like megablock. MegaBlocks, LOL
  8. LegoBMW


    I play MapleStory! Has anyone heard of it? It is very fun. I also used to play runescape. My friend is a runscape addit. His name is like arrothis or arithis or something like that, mabye you have heard of him? :)
  9. LegoBMW

    Lego Star Wars 2?

    So it is selling well in the UK. It seems to be selling well over here in the US too. I hope the sales spawn some more awesome Lego games and help Lego out financially,(which would make everyone happy) :-D
  10. LegoBMW

    Picture Review of Vikings Sets

    Yes I too am wondering if the vikings have been seen in any dutch stores? Thanks for the help, LegoBmw
  11. LegoBMW

    Freight Train

    Wow, very nice looking trucks. Makes great use of simple pieces and still has wonderful detail. They look very much like port or railroad trucks. They are right at home next to your train. :) LegoBmw :)
  12. Wow, great review, for a great set. Thanks Jay. I really like it, although to big for my city. :( I too really like the MFs. Because of your review, I am definitely considering it. Thanks again, LegoBmw.
  13. LegoBMW

    A train controller question

    Yes thats the one, thanks for the info. ;)
  14. Hi, can somebody tell me what the middle controller (the big one) in this picture is? If you could include some backround too. It is much appreciated. Thanks :) Brickshelf pic controller link.
  15. LegoBMW

    Lego stores in Holland

    Thanks for the link, I am staying near Rotterdam so i will have to check out the stores. Thanks again LegoBmw
  16. Holland stores: Some Questions, Anyone know of any good stores to buy legos there? So am I correct that there are no Lego brand stores in Holland. Thanks for your help, LegoBmw
  17. No i love gungan patrol. I am rasing a Gungan army, anyway they still sell black seas barracuda in EU.
  18. LegoBMW


    Yes I am grateful for that, although it is about a 30 min drive outside Seattle. But i am still lucky.
  19. LegoBMW


    I know how it fells. The Lego store near me, outside of Seattle is horrible. They have the biggest idiots there. I asked the guy there about when they are getting the City sets in (i asked in Janurary) and the "nice" 17 year old there said march. So did the manager. I have been back there 3 times since and no such luck. Man i hate that store. I is designed for 4 year olds. They have a great duplo selection. They too have a good clickits slection. I HATE LEGO STORES. But i heard the Lego Outlet store in Colorado is really good. Well sorry to launch into a hate speech. So long,
  20. LegoBMW

    Freight Train

    Like Chewie said nice color scheme. I also like the containers. The Tain would look right at home with the new container cars from lego.
  21. Hey, I was looking through brickshelf and i found tons of incredible fire equip. From my link you can click on the stations pic and see the beauty. They are very nice models, i give a 10/10 to the creator. These models are what lego building is all about! *satis* P.S. The Creators brickshelf name is Doogie. Brickshelf Link
  22. LegoBMW

    Lego wins lawsuit in the Netherlands !!

    I am going to Holland this summer and i am so glad that i will be able to get away from fake legos for a little bit. :-D
  23. On S@H the new Vikings were there! :) But the link was not working! :'( What is a matter with it when will it work? Check the link button, it says viking but when you click it no worke. LegoBmw
  24. For cleaning i use Dust remover in a can. You can buy it at staples and it is compressed gas. It works very well. YOu spray it on the bricks and it gets in the small space. Price is 2 cans for $9.56 US Dollars.
  25. LegoBMW

    Who wants a military theme?

    Every Lego Town needs a national guard unit or at least a heavly armed SWAT team. I mean come on Lego, kids go into toy stores and do you know what attracts their attention, the Blue Angels Megablocks kit or the Megablocks battleship, now these sets are complete trash but they do not know that! and Megablocks is raking in the cash. I sometimes break down and buy one or two small sets for the Lego size M-16's. Please lego, make a military theme. It would sell a lot in the US. I do not know about Europe but the want for Military Lego in the US is huge.