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  1. Not sure what to believe anymore either. I have made a lot of use of LDD but it is frustrating that such a useful tool with so much potential is being left behind as a low priority for TLG. I would be in favour of paying for an up-to-date version if necessary.
  2. colmoore

    10247 Ferris Wheel

    My model has sat built for quite a while now and I'm seeing quite a bit of bowing in the supports due to the weight of the wheel. Has anyone else noticed this? It is most noticeable when viewing the model from the sides. It isn't causing a problem, it just looks like the supports are slightly bent.
  3. colmoore

    REVIEW: 10247 Ferris Wheel

    Hi bjornkeizers, The reason for using many green bricks and plates to build a base is to hide the anchor points that hold in position the blue supports. The model is surprisingly not fragile. It's very easy to pick up either side of the spindle (top of the supports) and move it.
  4. Glad to hear they are working on it though. I don't like using LDD with without the outlines!
  5. I thought that was the case from the lack of updates. Disappointed though.
  6. Hi All, Apologies if this is a silly question but since I upgraded to OSX El Capitan last night my preferences in LDD show "Outlines on bricks" and "Advanced shading" options greyed out and un-selectable. Wondered if someone could explain how to restore this option. Thanks, Colin
  7. colmoore

    10249 Winter Toy Shop

    Disappointed :( As an avid collector and builder of the WV series my only choice is to give this years set a miss or buy it in the hope of selling my old one. I (like anyone else who has the full set) has hundreds of pounds invested in it and whilst it's not about the money it's always nice to know your LEGO is holding it's value should you wish to sell. With this "update" being virtually identical the original set has probably dropped in value. I would rather LEGO just end the theme. "Updates" will only annoy loyal fans.
  8. Hi all, I'm trying to compile a complete archive of the LEGO Store mini builds. I believe LEGO started doing these in 2008/9? I have most of the instructions from various popular websites but I am missing all the models from 2008/2009 and I only have 6 models from 2010. Does anybody know where I can find the rest please? Thanks in advance. Colin
  9. colmoore

    CJ5 Jeep

    Yes it was a tough call to sacrifice those features but maybe I'll work on it and try to incorporate both. Love the CJ8
  10. colmoore

    CJ5 Jeep

    Hi all, This is a modified version of the model made by Droomangroup, who I would like to thank for sharing the LDD file that inspired me. I have attached the LDD file for this model. Jeep1 by Colin Moore, on Flickr I have used the wheel hubs that feature the cross-axle hole. This is the same fitting as the spare so they can now be interchanged. I had to simplify the dashboard to incorporate a new surprise feature (see below) which unfortunately meant removing the gauges and grab bar. I used black slope bricks to create the footwells. I have redesigned the roll bars for better fitting, simplified the spare wheel mount, raised the rear bumper and moved the licence plate holder. Jeep2 by Colin Moore, on Flickr I have remodelled the rear to increase carrying capacity and added a couple of extra items to add playability. Included is a jerry can, a box, a toolbox and a spanner. Jeep3 by Colin Moore, on Flickr Jeep4 by Colin Moore, on Flickr And the surprise feature is a working bonnet! Jeep5 by Colin Moore, on Flickr The chassis has been cleaned up and the bearing plates changed to accommodate the cross-axle wheel hubs. Jeep6 by Colin Moore, on Flickr I have reworked the model completely to ensure maximum efficiency i.e. minimum brick count. This model comes in at only 166 bricks! I have the bricks on order and I will post photos when it's built. Enjoy! CJ5 Jeep.lxf
  11. colmoore

    10247 Ferris Wheel

    I was a bit critical of this model when the first pictures were released but I have to say I take it all back. This model is really growing on me and I can't wait to get it!
  12. colmoore

    10247 Ferris Wheel

    Have to say despite my initial thoughts this set is really growing on me...
  13. colmoore

    10247 Ferris Wheel

    First impression, if I'm honest, I'm disappointed. I don't like the colour scheme at all. Purple!? No red or blue. Too much black - and a horrible clash with white. Pale blue supports? Not sure what's going on with what I assume are sunbeams on the spokes. I think lights would have looked better. The mechanism to drive the wheel is realistic but looks really clumsy at this scale. Too much going on around the bottom. Flowers...trees! I've never seen a Ferris wheel with a garden at the foot of it. I like have they have engineered the shape and got the wheel nice and round with a sensible number of gondolas. I can only hope that as I see more pictures of it from more angles it grows on me. I really want to like it the way I love the Mixer.
  14. colmoore

    [MOC] Small Carousel

    Hi all, Just completed my latest project for my fairground: a working carousel. Inspired by the Winter Village one but with proper mechanics to make the horses go up and down. Designed in LDD then built through Bricklink. I used slightly smaller brick horses to improve scale. Turns by hand. Hope you like it. Carousel1 by colmoore, on Flickr Carousel2 by colmoore, on Flickr Carousel3 by colmoore, on Flickr Carousel4 by colmoore, on Flickr Carousel5 by colmoore, on Flickr
  15. colmoore

    To fit or not to fit, that is the Question

    Hi, I'm referring to type 73983 (plate) and 3830/3831 (brick) types. Thanks for the info.