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  1. you managed to pick the one picture that Drax look more green in. in the rest of the pics and trailers I have seen he looks like a greenish grey.

    And I have another one Eric Savin from Iron Man 3 AKA the Extremis Soldier

    Nice find!

    And yes, Drax looks less full-on green in the movie, but he's still green enough that making the figure grey is inaccurate. Here's one of the action figures:


    The thing with Hawkeye is that he's just about the same in the film, just without the shades (which he does wear at one point I believe). Another fig that I believe has been a victim of this was the new Rocket Raccoon fig.

    He looks to be more grey in this pic than in the actual film, but still looks great as a fig.

    I didn't really have an issue with Rocket's colouring. He looks good to me.

  2. I've been noticing that a lot of licensed minifigures have been fairly inaccurate to the source material, mostly because they're based off early concept art. I thought it might be interesting to track down some of that art.

    Black Widow.

    I've always been slightly annoyed by the black widow figure, mostly because of the blue lines that aren't present in the final design. I think I've found the pieces of art that the figure was based on. The figure seems to have taken the blue light elements and leg straps from the image on the right, and single belt from the left image.


    These markings don't appear in the final design:



    The thing that bothered me about the Drax figure was the colouring. The character is iconically green, so why was the figure light bluish grey instead of the closer sand green? Probably because of this concept art. It might just be the lighting, but Drax looks decidedly grey in this image, and I'm confident that it's the cause of LEGO's odd colour choice.


    Final design:


    If anyone else has any examples of this occurring I'd love to see it!

  3. I think it's a lot better that way. :thumbup: Magneto's looking good too, though I'd suggest either the hair he comes with in the sentinel set (just in light bluish grey) or the Mutt Williams hair in light bley. That hair you have currently doesn't really look all too bad, just a little basic.


    How's this?

    Also, WIP Kitty Pryde.


    Great, my favourite is definitely the winter soldier! One thing though, is that wolverine has bone claws in DoFP, so maybe use the ones from here: http://www.bricklink...em.asp?S=9463-1

    Thank you! I think he had bone claws in the past, but in the future (which is the version I'm basing the minifig off) he had the adamantium claws.

  4. I've just ordered the parts for that Yellowjacket myself as I had a spare Red Robin head.

    I've ordered the legs from the swimmer CMF though so they have more of a 'pants' appearance. That's the plan anyway!

    Good idea with the CMF swimmer legs. I might try to order some of those.

    Nice customs!

    Love the DoFP Wolverine -- may have to use that Hair mod idea, brilliant stuff!

    Thank you!

    By K-Nut's suggestion, I've rejigged my DoFP X-Men a bit, and added a Warpath and a WIP Magneto (need to find better hair for him).



  5. I officially need to pick up that Red Robin head. :wub: These are nice! I use that exact same combo for my Winter Soldier, and that head does work really nicely for the movie version. Only thing I'm not sure about is Wolverine's arms. The yellow seems a bit too bright for me, and a look at the poster makes it seem that maybe dark blue arms could work better. :thumbup: Looking forward to the next batch!

    I tried using dark blue, but I thought that the bright light orange arms worked better, because they balanced out the blue from the arc-reactor on the torso. I wanted there to be at least some yellow in there because it captures Wolverine better. I'll have a think about alternatives.

    Yellow jacket!!!

    He's definitely my favourite as well.

  6. I'm back with an update. Let me know what your favourites are.


    Yellowjacket -The head is a pad printed Red Bird head from Phoenix Custom Bricks.


    Quicksilver -The torso is from eBay seller Poppunkmunky. It's digital printed and I don't love the quality, but it does the job.


    Moon Knight [WIP]


    Lady Sif


    Dum Dum Dugan (updated)


    Falcon - Don't love the torso. I'll try and get one from the TDKR Bane figure in the future.


    Brock Rumlow/Crossbones


    Batroc the Leaper


    Alexander Pierce (Captain America: The Winter Soldier)


    Agents of SHIELD: Deathlok (updated)


    John Garrett


    DoFP Colossus


    DoFP Wolverine -The hair is a Superman hairpiece with the spit-curl sanded off. I think it looks pretty good.


    DoFP Bobby (Iceman)


    DoFP Professor X


    Bucky (comic version)

    And my personal favourite:


    The Winter Soldier

    I'd love to hear your thoughts on this batch. Constructive criticism is welcome.

  7. I'm sorry but this is an old and useless argument. Lego made a Bane minifig which has been mentioned and he was far more violent and chaotic than Heath Ledger's Joker. He broke a significant number of necks in TDKR and was indeed "Gotham's reckoning." I don't think Ledger's appearance isn't necessarily less kid friendly than Bane's either. They made several "kid friendly" Heath Ledger Joker action figures to promote TDK.

    A Lego Heath Ledger Joker is always a possibility.

    The Joker is definitely less kid-friendly than Bane. It's not just about kill counts, Joker is much more frightening to a child.