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  1. Enrys

    MOC: Shogun Tahu

    I really like the custom torso build. The hip armor flows very well and definitely invokes the image of samurai skirt armor.
  2. Enrys

    Big Daddy Brutaka

    I like how you filled out the torso with the golden shoulder armour pieces. The legs also look nice and beefy. As for the too bulky a torso, that is a true. Brutaka wasn't really a huge guy.
  3. Enrys

    Talon Defender of Nature

    I like the eagle vibe that I'm getting. The wings are great and so are the talons on the feet.
  4. I agree with Andy. Text reviews are easier to consume than video reviews imo. Good formatting means you can get your thoughts across easily, whereas a video review might lack that clear message.
  5. Hey there Eurobricks. After a lot of forum searching I decided to join this one. I hope to become a valuable member of this community. As for myself, my interests include Music, MOCing, BIONICLE, Hero Factory, and TV.
  6. Enrys

    [MOC] Hero Factory Spec Ops

    I don't really like the lack of arm armor, but other than that the leg design is pretty clever.
  7. Hey there twoofive!