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  1. DmChylde


    It was a lightweight AC&F car remodeled to accept the additional weight of the heavy power generation equipment on the one end at some point from the baggage car it was.
  2. DmChylde


    Thank you for the kinds thoughts, I tried to keep it true as I could given the fixed bricks within which we build, my fleet is growing at a snails pace, here's an update: DDA40X #6936, HEP UPP #207, U50C #5037 by J.J. Williams, on Flickr
  3. DmChylde

    The Eurobricks Reviewers Academy

    I'd love to join! I've got several city sets to still crack open!
  4. DmChylde

    MOC UP "American Beauty" sleeper coach

    Same site I am using for Refference pics, well and Railpictures
  5. DmChylde

    MOC UP "American Beauty" sleeper coach

    Just 7 Cars? here's my plan when I get to it:
  6. DmChylde

    LDD Help with Trains

    It did come out this year in Dark Blue thou 6567 in LDD.
  7. DmChylde

    LDD Help with Trains

    I know this is not the 100% correct forum, but I think those of us who model in LDD will be happy this part is in the latest update!
  8. DmChylde


    Thanks zephyr1934! Thanks Ballast it was quite the project. Thanks Thorg23! Thanks Konrad! She won Best Train at Bricks Cascade last weekend, I was really suprised, there was some stiff competition in the railyard!
  9. DmChylde

    Power Functions Battery box Size

    4 Bricks / 12 Plates tall. The rechargable and AAA box are the same size. Thats a good question, until just now when I pulled one of each out of my trains to double check that fact, I always assumed they were
  10. DmChylde


    Thanks UrbanErwin! There are I believe 14 out of 1940 or so total parts that have been modified from very minor too unholy amounts, I'm not a 100% purist but in some of the details and the truck engineering it had to be done to work correctly, but it's all stud & tube no glue. The 2 which you inquire is this part for the antenna http://www.bricklink...Item.asp?P=3957 but just the top 1/2" or so I cut off and stuck into this http://www.bricklink...Item.asp?P=3794. The light is this http://www.bricklink...tem.asp?P=58176 stuck thru a http://www.bricklink...tem.asp?P=3070b that I drilled out to the diameter of the light and then under it is this http://www.bricklink...tem.asp?P=3062b to hold it all in place.
  11. DmChylde


    Thank you Werlu Ulcur that means a lot, I think Swoofty has modern diesels well covered Thanks Spitfire2865! Go big or go home was the thought when I started this plan 1 year ago Thank you lostdriveway. Thanks riograndefan, I think a U50C is next on my list. Thank you Locomotive Annie, I'd kinda hit a brickwall & endless frustration with the decals, but finally got them done in time for her first public show this Saturday @ Its an awesome engine Pop Bumper Pete, I've yet to be next to the real thing hoping to see the #6913 in her new home in the next year or so. Mines is close in size to MTH's o scale unit at around 25" or so. I've not run it on flex track just PF or 9V tracks, I went thru 4 D-D truck designs before I found one that gave me the least gruff on exiting a normal lego radius curve. On wide long radius curves I suspect she'd run like a champ.
  12. DmChylde


    EDIT: It's done (for now)!! It will be on display at Bricks Cascade this weekend
  13. DmChylde

    Radio Control Train Sets

    peterab: Thats one thing I like about these 2 train sets, the batteries change out in seconds, no taking half an engine or tender apart to swap out for fresh power
  14. DmChylde

    LDD MOC Hi-Rail mow Semi

    I've been tinkering around in LDD to mash up a moc based loosely off of 2 lego city sets 3179 utility truck for tool storage 3677 hi-rail pickup, it must be able to ride the rails But. I frankensteined that idea by adding in a bit more 3221, because I wanted it to be a semi 4205, for its rugged off road look and ended up with is!