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  1. On 11/15/2017 at 3:10 AM, CMP said:

    Yeah, life'll do that. :laugh:

    Sorry Quest #150ers. I feel like my lack of enthusiasm was negatively impacting the party which only fueled my lack of enthusiasm. I lost steam, college got rough, I am kind of in the midst of a dark age, I found other interests and, well,  never really felt like the right time to come back. I hate to say it but Heroica was already in its death throes at that point. It was a good run, and Heroica definitely got me into serious roleplaying. I play regularly on roll20 now (mostly DnD) and it only felt appropriate to name my first character Atramor. :tongue:

    Seriously just happy to see you're alive. :laugh:

  2. Been a while since I posted here, or even visited. I'm sorry that I couldn't be a more active GM. In the last year or so I've graduated college, moved, and gotten a job, plus been busy with other interests and EB has taken a backseat.

    Really glad to see that you're hosting a finale, WBD. I'll look forward to seeing it. :sweet:

    One of my newer interests is playing D&D. I only get to play once or twice a month but it's a blast. I'm playing a rock gnome wizard with a one-level dip into cleric, for those of you interested. I built all of our party's minis with Lego minifigure parts, too. It has had me thinking that Heroica folks could play DnD sometime to tell the stories we've wanted to tell. I know there are online applications out there that do it fairly well. It could even be done over Discord or another chatroom. It's a little less intense than building sets out of Lego and maybe more manageable by not having 24-hour-plus periods for updates, and a pretty balanced rule set. 

    Just food for thought. :classic:

  3. heroicanpc-ulricwolfkin.jpg
    "The people have spoken. With a 4-1 vote in favor of the first option, it looks like we will be focusing our efforts on breaking down the Hovels wall and liberating the poor."

    "Then we're GONNA need some BIG bombs!"

    "Perhaps this could have been done more peacefully... but the poor will not wait. We will have to plan our moves carefully, however."

    "Then I suggest you get planning. There's only one place I know of with ordinance enough for this kind of job."

    All members of the Wolf King's Followers may add a Wolf King's Seal to their Inventory. It may be equipped at any time, and does not use up an items spot. It will continue to be enhanced as other propositions are voted on.

    Wolf King's Seal (+3 Power, Intimidation)

  4. 45 minutes ago, samuraiturtle said:

    I got a technical question about this item...

    Demon Wings (Take To The Skies deals Darkness-elemental damage and Hexed instead of Wind-elemental damage and Stunned; backwear, suitable to The Demon Germ only)

    Their is no "gems" in the thing. I would think their is none. But, I want make sure. 

    There aren't.

  5. Hybros swings by the marketplace and heads for Anwyl's. There, he separates the two amethysts from the Batarang and Twin Kunai, sells the weapons, then merges one gem into the Demom Skull Club and pockets the other (total cost: 150- (65+30)=55 gold).

    Over at Fabian's, the imp merges his Lichen Armor with the power of Asmodeus' Pentacle, strengthening the armor's defensive properties but lowering its offensive capabilities. He also sells the Dastan Armor for the previously-agreed 120 gold.

    Net profit: 65 gold.

  6. Wowza. I couldn't have put it better myself than what Ecclesiates said in the frontpage post. Instantly heard the music in my head! I really love the ingenious uses of small pieces - the big tree is especially well done and the barb pieces acting as scattered pine trees add a whole level of detail. 

  7. On 12/24/2016 at 10:32 AM, -obelix- said:

    Awaiting the response from Nerwen, he turns to Hybros and bows, "Ah, master Hybros it is so good to see you again! How have you been?"

    Hybros shakes away his daydreams as he realizes Thalion is leaving. "I must have dozed off, my apologies... heheh. It seems you have a quest to go to. We must catch up when you return. Goodbye for now, my friend."

  8. On 12/27/2016 at 10:30 AM, Zepher said:

    "I'm not King yet," says Boomingham with a note of sourness.  "Until then, it's good to keep everyone happy, don't you think?"

    Jinnipher smirked. "Hm. That seems to be the trouble with all this. Who is really in charge if we have three different kings supported by different people?"

  9. 7 hours ago, Waterbrick Down said:

    Boris muses upon the propositions, he had seen first hand the misery and suffering that occurred in the hovels, "Gentlemen, as the holy writings say 'The poor will always be ever present.' If we are to send them away won't more unfortunate folk simply take their place? Would it not be better to raise them up from the mire as opposed to sending the mire elsewhere, after all, who knows what genius lies dormant among their midst simply because he was born within a mud hut and not in a palace?"

    Hybros nodded to the vampire. "I see what you mean, but your point works for the first option as well, heheh. If these people have the opportunity to travel and seek new knowledge and fortune... I think it will mean a lot. I was a stowaway for many years, but traveling has brought me peace, and more happiness than I could have found where I started. I would wish the same for others who have few other choices. Education is not the only way."

  10. Just now, Mencot said:

    One question about hastened,  if someone is and is attacking can he/she switch rows between the attacks?

    Like this, exemple: Barbarian Barbara attacks crazy chicken from frontrow.

    And then uses a bomb from backrow.


    Yes. Any free hits would then be calculated as if you were in the back row for that round. 

  11. 2 hours ago, Asphalt said:

    That is it exactly.  Vindsval has always been the party healer and his poison scroll has become a signature spell.  He loses that in Vindicator.  But on the Other Hand, Vindicator . . . 

    Other hand... :snicker: 

    You can always switch between them, the equipment requirements are pretty similar. There's always a shortage of healers.

  12. Hybros gingerly entered the Crescent Headquarters and spoke his piece. "I know from experience the advantages of traveling. There is much more you can learn out there in the world than just here. I am sure many of the people in the Hovels never had a chance to leave this city. I think we should go with Option 1 and give them the opportunity."

  13. On 12/24/2016 at 5:30 AM, Khorne said:

    "Option two is clearly the only right option.", the Nord said with a commanding voice. It didn't take long before his trademark wolfish grin appeared on his face. Eric stroked his beard and started speaking. He stood up from his chair, greatly increasing his stature and presence. "Conscripting the masses? Ha! The mere thought itself is foolish. Your solution for the Hovels is to take away the people's freedom by forcing them into service? Never have I heard such nonsense! Sure, they'll have something on their hands those few years in service, but they'll return to a run-down neighbourhood right after that. Doing service is not a long term plan and is only beneficial to people such as yourselves. Teaching them some actual skills they can use in life and providing a decent roof over their heads, that's something worthwhile. The Hovels will be renewed and we will be seen as the providers of that renewal instead of oppressors taking away people's freedom to fight our fights for us. We will be their heroes instead of their slavemasters."

    Jinnipher furrowed her brow at the Nord. She remembered encountering him in the Hall not too long ago, and he downright pissed her off. She strode up to him and poked her finger into his shoulder. "Look, scruffy, no one is forcing anyone to do anything. Blackgull is offering a place in his navy for the urchins, in exchange for subsidized education. You really ought to clean your ears out, and take a bath for that matter. Besides, maybe a few years of discipline would do you some good."


  14. Many heroes wake up on Grogmas Day to holiday cheer, and a gift waiting by their side.

    Merry Grogmas!

    Actaeon Artus:
    Marksman's Hat (1/6 chance wearer's strikes will instantly kill humanoid targets, headwear)

    Scavenger's Toolkit (Replaces the user's '4' roll with ENHANCEMENT (see Artisan); accessory, suitable to Addok-Zo only)

    Alexander Vandangant: 
    Cowl of Sylvania (grants Animal Talk, headwear)

    Alexandre le Chevalier:
    Better Tactician's Boots (Power +5 when fighting in the front row; SP:5 when fighting from the back row; cannot be upgraded; footwear).

    Alexis Fenral:
    Devil's Blue Dress (SP: 3, grants Promiscuity job trait, bodywear)

    Annienal Anavar:
    Scroll of the Dragon's Roar (Causes Stunned and Burning-5 to the target 50/50 chance of success, costs 2 ether)

    Althior Emorith:
    Ethereal Amethyst (causes Blinded)

    Arthur Ziegfried:'
    Dragon's Hearth Talisman (When worn, the user has Diplomacy when speaking to dragons, accessory)

    Atramor Gibbin:
    Beginners Lock-picks (1/3 chance to grant the Inspired effect at the beginning of each battle. The bearer can also unlock any non-magical locks. Accessory)

    Boris Bruhalv:
    Dark Shades  (grants immunity to Light and WP+2 when worn. Accessory suitable for Boris only.)

    Charming Bracelet (immune to light, darkness and confusion; handwear)

    Scary Black Cloak (grants the Intimidate [see Black Knight] and "Diplomacy" [see Infiltraitor] job traits; backwear)

    Cinna the Dark:
    Ethereal Amethyst (causes blindness)

    Feathered Hat

    Demon Germ:
    Demon Wings (Take To The Skies deals Darkness-elemental damage and Hexed instead of Wind-elemental damage and Stunned; backwear, suitable to The Demon Germ only)

    Deus Spiranius:
    Dwarven Bow (WP:5, +5WP against elves, Bow)

    Hunter's Plate (SP: 4, wearer gains 10 gold for each Humanoid killed, suitable for rogues, rangers, barbarians, beast warriors, infiltrators, regulators, and winged warriors)

    Dyric Rone:
    Ace Assassin Training (Ability; Dyric's successful Assassination rolls against enemies immune to instant kill deals an additional LETHAL AIM roll (see Assassin))

    Benji Carvenhall:
    Suede Boots (SP:4, suitable for Barbarians, Rangers, Rogues, Beast Warriors, and Chi Monks; footwear), 

    Soft Yeti Fur Coat (SP:8, bodywear)

    Bobby Bucks, Jr.:
    Nose Ring of Ill Communication (Accessory Gives the user to ability to deal the Confused effect to anyone or anything he is speaking to.)

    Ellaria Arbour:
    Ethereal Emerald (causes bound), Impish Artifact (has an unknown effect if used correctly)

    En Sabah Nur:
    Dagger of Orc-kin (WP: 5, WP is multiplied by the number of Greenskins in the Party, Dagger)

    Aged Five Mountains Ale (grants the encouraged, inspired, hastened, and hilariously and luckily drunk effects).

    Tome of Friendly Relations (Grants the Diplomacy, Intimidate, Animal Talk, and Convert job traits; Tool, Suitable to Erik only)

    Ezeran Yvarr:

    Grimwald Gjinko:
    Scroll of Growth (Has a 50% chance of dealing the Enlarged-effect, causing the target's level, max health and max ether to multiply by 10 for one round. Costs 15 ether). 


    Haldor Skovgaard:
    Healer's Totem (Doubles the effectiveness of all healing actions, accessory)

    Heckz Brutenhal:
    Pumpkin Helm (SP:2; absorbs "wood"; headwear for anyone)

    Hoang Anh: 
    Spider Web Shield (SP: 5, +2SP against vermin)

    Hoke Ablesword:
    Tianlong (Ethereal 10 decamon card)

    Hunkan Silvertoss: 
    Amulet of Dwarven Stubborness (grants immunity to the afraid-, stunned-, and enamored- effects. AccessorySuitable to Hunkan only.)

    Glimmer Cape (Attacks after 'Hide' or 'Steal & Hide' deal double damage)

    Jess Islanti:
    Heroic Headband (Grants Nimble, suitable to Jess Islanti, headwear)

    Jinnipher Buchaire:
    Witch's Decree (Accessory, On roll of shield all allies are granted Poison 1, Stacks)

    Karie Alderflask-Cour:
    Hundred Hero Hymn (Doubles the current and maximum health for the rest of the party for the remainder of the round. Stacks with the inspired-effect. Costs 10 ether per ally.)

    Keliim the Cruel:
    Cloak of the Winterlands (Absorb Ice, SP 3, Backwear)

    Kid Reddson:
    Pot of Gold (Wearer is granted an increase of 10 gold for every successful battle where the Pot of Gold is equipped. Accessory. Suitable for leprechauns only).

    Level-up mushroom

    Kiray Nastayo:
    Writ of Blacksmith Service (may be used to purchase one free weapon or shield upgrade from a blacksmith)

    Lawrence Boomingham: 
    Oath of Restitution (Vindicator's Oath: After the targeted enemy damages an ally, the ally gains Gold equal to the damage received.)

    Leofwein Twynam: 
    Mr. Prickles (WP: 10, Causes bleeding effect, mace)

    Lind Whisperer: 
    Shield of the Silent Knight (Shield, SP:8, attackers have a 50% chance of being Sealed)

    Zhar-ptitsa Incense (revives all party members to full health and grants the blessed, transcended, and reinforced effects, consumable).

    Monk Pretzel:
    Book of Artisan's Tricks (At the beginning of the quest, wearer may choose to copy another class' ability (the copied ability can be used at will until the end of the quest), accessory, suitable for Artisans)

    Greasy Sausage (+2 permanent Max. Health)

    Na'im Thamir:
    Dark Wood Staff (WP:10; darkness- andwood-elemental, 1/6 chance to cause Blinded; staff)

    Ambrosia (grants Reinforced-effect for one battle)

    Namyrra Uq:
    Shroud of the Tempest (Makes all undead raised while wearing the shroud deal elemental damage corresponding to the element(s) boosted by the weather they were raised in instead of darkness-elemental (if no weather is present, damage is still darkness-elemental); suitable to necromancers only; backwear.)

    Nerwen Calmcacil:
    Velvet Wrap of Stars (SP: 2, Ether +10, grants immunity to Sealed, backwear)

    Trendy Handbag (Protects from whichever negative effect was last inflicted in battle to someone else; accessory.)

    Olivia Valeriya Lorraine:
    Grating Stone (can be used to raise a weapon's WP by 1 permanently)

    Petaldan Parfenius:
    Cloak of Innocence (SP 3; grants the wearer immunity to darkness, if the health of the wearer is below 50 % the wearer is also blessed. Backwear. Suitable for Petaldan only).

    Purpearl Berthadhiell: 
    Mug Club Card (Every hero in the holder's party is entitled to a free Flaming Gumball (Grants Camraderie, consumable) any time they're in a bar)

    Quintessa of Heartland:
    Writ of Blacksmith Service (may be used to purchase one free weapon or shield upgrade from a blacksmith)

    Mythril Shard

    Scattershot (weapon upgrade: when applied to a bow or crossbow, weapon permanently deals double WP if hero is in front row)

    Ether Core

    Terry Yelnats: 
    Mooneshine (consumable, all negative DoT effects (poisoned, bleeding, burning, etc.) are reduced to one damage per round each for the duration of one battle

    Tesni Hightribe:
    Ethereal Diamond (causes Blinded)

    Thalion Dwinlas:
    Shield of Elvenkind (SP:10, restores 1 ether to wielder every time they take damage; shield)

    Thormanil Nihai:
    Dragoon Helmet  (SP:3, makes wearer absorb attacks of the element of their pet dragon, gaining health instead of damage; suitable for dragoons; headwear)

    Throlar Wineghilm:
    Greaves of the Wolf  (SP:5, Wearer is Nimble, Footwear)

    Torald Waruelf: 
    Boots of Drunken Boxing (Power +2; if wearer is encouraged: power +8. Footwear. Suitable for Torald only).

    Vindsval Half-Born:
    Wanderer's Seal (Vindicator's Seal, grants access to the Vindicator job class; suitable to followers of the Wanderer only)

    Warlen Melimane: 
    Mooneshine (consumable, all negative DoT effects (poisoned, bleeding, burning, etc.) are reduced to one damage per round each for the duration of one battle) - A drink brewed in Moone that's so strong it'll heal any lasting ailments. A classic vintage from Moone, even you can appreciate that.

    Thorny Vine (WP:10, deals Bleeding-3, wood-elemental whip)

    GM Note: You may enter the new items to your inventories. Thanks to all who participated! Until next year!


    "We have ourselves a new follower. We will need all the strength we can get, for now it is time to keep true to our promise to free Eubric from its shackles."

    "It's about time. The longer we sit here and debate the longer the orcs and others suffer."

    "Patience, Kukulkan, our plans will soon take form. In all their squabbling the houses have forgotten about this city's heart and lungs - the people. We have already won the support of many of the poor folk in this city, and it is time to repay the favor and continue to spread our influence. Change will not happen through me, but through these citizens."

    Proposition One: The Hovels

    Option 1: Breaking Down the Wall
    "It is RIDICULOUS that the high-and-MIGHTY 'elites' of this city are keeping people OUT. The poor can not BE swept under the RUG and forgotten about. We must RALLY the poor folk of the HOVELS to break the WALL down and give them EQUAL opportunity to work in the CITY among everyone else. If they CANNOT be contained, they must be RECOGNIZED and we will rally even MORE people to our cause."

    Option 2: Give to the Poor
    "We must choose our next move carefully. The people of the Hovels don't have any resources to start doing anything, and I know what it's like to be poor. The houses in power have gold to spare - we should mobilize our followers to infiltrate the Shadeaux and Hinckwell properties, steal their gold, and give it to the poor folk living on the streets. Of course, the two houses will blame each other and cause further division between them, while we grow stronger from increased support by those we are helping."

    Second Faction Event: Propositions

    • Each hero within the Wolf King's Followers can vote for one of the options on each proposition (there are more coming).  Whichever proposition gets the most votes by the end of the voting period will become the Wolf King's official stance.
    • Each proposition comes with a hidden stats boost related to the proposition itself.  Once it is enacted, all members of the Wolf King's Followers will be able to equip that boost if they so please.  They will be rewarded a Wolf Medallion, which will not take up any artifact spot.  This Medallion will continue to improve as more propositions are put into place.
    • Quests for the Wolf King's Followers will reflect the propositions that are being voted on.

    "You must realize the risk of getting caught stealing. The Shadeaux and Hinckwells will be quick to figure out neither of their aligned heroes were doing the robbery if our agents are caught in the act. Besides, the people in the Hovels have suffered long enough."

    "If they are caught. I believe only the most skilled heroes have earned my reputation. And I would argue that breaking down the wall that was just built several years ago is much more of an open statement. Both options have their benefits and downfalls."

    Voting Ends Jan. 14th 12 AM EST (midnight of the 14th... however that is best denoted).

  16. "Hmph. Clearly Blackgull has the right idea. If we organized the poor then they could spend their efforts fighting pirates and gods know what else instead of each other or mugging people in the street. Nothing like a sword in hand and some good training to straighten the urchins out."

    Jinnipher votes for Option 1.

  17. "That sounds fair." Hybros handed the 200 gold over in exchange for the Eldritch Jelly. He held it in his hands but before he could get a good look at it the goo snapped to Zoot's Reaper like a bee to honey. Maybe it was the other way around. The goo quickly solidified before their eyes, forming an intimidating spike that ran from the middle of the scythe's staff to the bottom. Zoot's Reaper let out a violent, raspy scream before falling completely silent. Hybros looked at his weapon with mild awe, though this was far from the first time the thing had acted up. A presence even eerier than before lay dormant in the scythe, lending its power. 

    "I... suppose it will need a new name. Again."

  18. 1 hour ago, Chromeknight said:

    Nerwen rummages in her satchel, eventually pulling out the demonic goo that was all of left of the Irk.

    Do you mean this? Do you know what use it has?

    Zoot's Reaper buzzed. "I do not, but perhaps that jelly is as old as whatever my scythe is made of. I could try to find a use for it... stranger things have happened to me, I suppose. Would you be willing to part with it?"

  19. Nerwen and Matthias had become preccoupied with other entertainment, but Hybros still sat in his seat at the bar, examining Zoot's Reaper. Even with all its upgrades, the scythe held its original presence about it, sometimes whispering to the imp. It seemed to be reacting to something nearby. Hybros eyed Nerwen's pack cautiously. "Ehehm, I, well, my scythe, could not help but notice something in your possession. Do you know what that may be?"