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    The Mysterious Imperial Guard Sergeant

    Thanks guys! They are working now! Enjoy!
  2. Sting

    Advent Calendar 2006 daily news

    Alex... what kind of camera (how many Megapixels?) are you using and what settings are you using? My pictures always turn out dark with crappy lighting. I just would like to know your art of taking pictures... because you are good at it.
  3. Sting

    Dos Mas Cervezas

    Great name for the ship! I gotta say that I don't even know how one would get started on a ship this big. I honest to god have no idea where you would start. Its epic.
  4. Sting

    Would you open a MISB SYSTEM Pirate set?

    LoL. Not if it was a doll. If it was 2000 year old Lego owned by a Pharaoh's daughter... and it was MISB (I don't think there was such a thing as MISB back in ancient Egypt)... I would still open it and play with it. LOL :-P It doesn't matter to me Phes. I keep my Lego in good shape, and MISB means little to me. The best thing about MISB is opening it, and that is how I feel and you cannot change it! But like I previously said, do not worry, I do not have any money to buy USED lego let alone MISB stuff.
  5. Sting

    Would you open a MISB SYSTEM Pirate set?

    True! But Lego is a toy! Perhaps I've seen Toy Story too many times! But I would just build some sweet MOCs with it! Thats what I would do! Don't worry too much about it! You should be thankful I have nowhere near enough funds to buy any MISB sets - especially Pirate ones!
  6. Sting

    Would you open a MISB SYSTEM Pirate set?

    If I received 50 of every MISB set Lego has ever made I would open most if not all of them! Lego is meant to be built and created with Phes! Let the man build!
  7. Sting

    Buying Conundrum

    Phes is correct. I know both sets well, but many would not. Definately Battle at the Pass. Better pieces, better figs, and not as much Bionacle stuff (if any). That is assuming you aren't a Bionacle fan.
  8. Aye it did. Long ago, but my obsessive compulsive disorder for neatness in my room, as well as the overall lack of room I had at the point, made me abandon the beast. I will be posting my Cruiser very soon (it was easier to build and I had the entire house to myself for a week so I was able to bunk down and build more). And Phes is correct. This building was the main building within a colonoy, that was going to have dicussion halls and important offices for Admirals, Governors, ect to meet. I wish I had finished it, but alas, no time, no room, and most importantly, no money.
  9. This is an unfinished Imperial Fort I was working on back in September/October 2005. The cost of finishing it, time shortages and a major design flaw I realized late in its contruction made me give it up. I took the pictures because I liked part of how it was turning out, but I realized there were too many things I didn't like about it to continue. It would be easier for me just to restart. One day when I was cleaning my room, i knocked it off of the small bass amp it was on top of... and that made it finalized - it would have to be taken apart. This was taken before I had gotten to the max of it (which made me realize the design flaw), so it is not as 'done' as it was before it broke... but it was pretty close to the same stage. So here it is in its unfinished unglorious glory... Sting's Imperial Capitol Fort (I made up the name just Front View. You can see how I was trying to build this set wit a lack of yellow and white pieces. I had alot more black pieces than I did yellow and white, so i was filling them in until I ordered white/yellow pieces of the proper type. The tall structure you see built on the left was to be an administration/office area. There were 2 large rooms. This building is heavily influenced by the Castle Gate House in THIS picture. It didn't turn out looking much like it, but I really loved the use of the lattice windows in it. Thats why there are so (maybe too) many of those in the structure. I loved the effect of them. Side View One. This is the left side of the Fort's HQ. From here you can see the awkwardly high roof of one of the buildings( a result of my lack of building talent... one of the main reasons I ditched the project in the end). I tend to look for results fast with lego instead of thinking about things. I know of 100 ways I could have made this work, but I was rushing because I wanted to see my fort in its glory. The large window like structure could open up to allow easy access to the archives. You can also see a small glimpse into the entrance and one of a few black castle wall pieces that would later be replaced by white ones. Just a Close up of the Main Building. You can see all the lattice fences and awkward unfinishedness of the set. lol Just a look from behind. the top room was to be the Governor/Admirals Office/Quarters. I originally wanted it back open like most lego sets are, but later decided I wanted a removable roof... this of course caused a bit of problems with my design (which was pretty terrible) and was another reason for me ditching the project. The very top of this structure was to have a little room with a slanted red roof that would hold a treasure, or if I had enough pieces, the admirals bed. You can also see the grand entrance that was being guarded. (I have ALOT more Soldiers... but I was just using a few to get heights properly) Lower Right Angle. From here we see what was to become the 2nd large structure on the Fort. the front arches back into the brown ones was going to be a storage area, with a small courtyard and cannon emplacement on top. The whole part up to the brown arches was to be ALA Pirate Ideas 1992 (see where the 2 cannons are?) but obviously didn't turn out exactly how I wanted it. Once again. Black was going to be replaced with yellow or white and in the case of floor, light grey. From where the brown Arch was was going to be the entrance (well, for people in the base) to a very large Barracks that would have been a bit taller than the Main Building. It was going to have 2 or 3 floors, with beds a mess hall, and an armory. (Not a good idea... having your soldiers sleep below gunpowder... but oh well LOL) Right side view into the courtyard. If the barracks was built, this view wouldnt have been possible, but through the qualities of lazyness... the barracks never was! So here we go. There was going to be a central courtyard in the Fort, where I was going to make a large flagpole, have some cannons, and basically an area where the troops gather in the morning... you know... the usual "I put too much thought into what this LEGO courtyard was to be used for" stuff. If you look to the far right of the picture, you'll see an empty plate. There was supposed to be a small structure here to house some cannons, but it never got done. The turret in the far corner of the courtyard was going to have another cannon. In total the fort was going to have probably 4 or 5 rotating cannons... and 4 non-rotating ones. I think this idea had potential but I wanted too much too fast and the design suffered heavily, making changing things almost impossible (as it would mean dismantling the entire set and having me forget exactly how things went...). Although it seems fun now to do this (after all, thats whats lego is about!) back than I wanted to get my huge fort up. I hope this little 'tour' through an unfinished MOC was slightly interesting and made you feel better about your own (better) MOC's LOL. I thought I should do my part and add something to the Historical & Adventure forums, even if it as unfinished project!
  10. Sting

    Striped pirates

    LoL. I rather like the mix ups. I think they are supposed to look Ragtag! Pirates were too poor to afford matching clothes and thats assuming they even had the money or luck to be able to buy them! Lego did this to create contrast - the multicolored Pirates with the stiff and monotone Imperial Guards (although the Imperial Armada changed this slightly, with a more colorful wardrobe). My favourite Striped Pirate is that has blue legs, the red/white striped body and a black rag. Most effective color scheme in my opinion. I think he was in a set.
  11. Sting

    Your most prized Pirate Lego Set!

    My cousins are lego lovers, and they received a vast amount of Lego for free from a friend. It included a BSB and Caribbean Clipper. I didn't want to be greedy and ask for both, buso I asked if I could have the BSB. They are into certain lego sets as opposed to certain themes, so giving up a BSB wasn't a huge deal to them. They were quite nice about it and we enjoyed looking through all the pieces to build it. I may one day see if I can get the Caribbean Clipper too... that would allow me to have 2 of them! (I already own a CC)
  12. Sting

    Your most prized Pirate Lego Set!

    My Black Seas Barracuda I received for free, or my surprisingly mint Caribbean Clipper I got off eBay. I love it all though.
  13. Sting

    Advent Calendar 2006 daily news

    Yes. I know how an Advent Calender works, the problem was I had the wrong SET in #1: It had some random barrels and what looked like a fire entinguisher with blue "flames". BUT, after opening the box and putting the tray in, everything has worked out. I love these Advent Calenders.
  14. Sting

    Favourite/Least Favourite Pirate Minifig!

    I just took some pics of an MOC of mine and also took some pics of the back of the box. I will upload pictures of this mysterious Yellow Epaulette'd Grunt shortly.
  15. Sting

    The future direction of the Pirate LEGO Forum

    My only concern with the term Classic Pirate is that to me, it will sound like we only focus on Classic (as Norro described, 80s-96ish) Pirate lego. Now, this is true since Pirate sets stopped being produced in 1997... and the 4+ Line is definately not what anyone on this forum is interested in. (At least to my knowledge). I would prefer Pirate Lego (if we can get past Lego's rage!) because it holds onto the hope that Lego may again produce a new, quality and exciting pirate line. I guess the "Classic" in "Classic Castle" and "Classic Space" probably refers to the classic STYLE of Lego which mostly ended in the late 90s, which is high quality set design, lack of liscenced themes, and buildability/customization over playability. What ever happened to Pirate-Bricks? That was a tiny community of Pirate Lovers that had its own domain name. That worked alright. On another note I have to agree with Phes's statement on the Online Pirate Community: We want a highly organized and specialized Pirate Forum and Website with lots of easy to access information, but we cannot expand on Eurobricks because than the forum is becoming more and more a Pirate Forum, but as seen on Pirate-Bricks... our community is too small. Although larger now we will never be consistent (we do not have a Castle or Space following yet), as at one point, a Pirates-Only Website may be working really well, and when people go on vacation from lego (such as I tend to do), the forum would become empty and hollow. On Eurobricks, the forum will never get too dead because of all the other members. A Pirate Only Website and thus own discussion forum would require a larger following that we have not seen yet.
  16. Sting

    Advent Calendar 2006 daily news

    Am I supposed to open the top left corner? My window numbered 1 was 2nd on the left on the top row... maybe when my mom bought it, she opened it and put the tray in the wrong place... so its all messed up. I will try this tomorrow.
  17. Sting

    The future direction of the Pirate LEGO Forum

    I'm going to guess about 9,000 of those are you Phes :-| >8-) I simply am not a huge fan of the major overhaul of the pirate forum (besides these Emoticons!) but It is all I have so I will deal with it. My post was simply in theory what I would like. Eurobricks has the only truely active Pirate Lego discussion on the Internet, there will be no seceding. I think even if a website was created, most discussion would still take place here. My problem with discussions as sources of information is they slide down and are annoying to find and can be filled with useless information that has been posted throughout the entire thread. I just think a single page that can be edited when new important information needs to be added is simpler than a forum. Just my humble opinion.
  18. Sting

    Advent Calendar 2006 daily news

    My advent Calender is screwed up. It said I should have got a construction worker Minifig for December 1st... but instead I got a bucnh of random small pieces (looks like to construct a barrel and a fire estinguisher or something). I am livid. I love the display when you open up the calender. The giant winter city scene. This compares to the 1980s and 1990s for the lego set displays. It is quite inspiring and looks quite amazing. None of the images you posted are working, but if someone hasn't posted the image when you open the Advent Calender, could someone post it? I'd love to have it on the comp.
  19. Sting

    The future direction of the Pirate LEGO Forum

    A website must be made and MOCs must be created! The online Pirate Community is not nearly active enough. A website, a Pirate Dedicated site, would be a good idea to start with. We will never have as large of a Community as Castle (much more people into Medieval culture than Colonial culture), but we can still have a large one if we start finding people. The Pirate Community has expanded ALOT since I joined. If we centralize even more with a website (Forums are good for dicussion, but websites are much better for information stockpiling. I find the current Pirate Forums annoying to navigate (sorry Phes). We could have detailed set and picture reviews of every Pirate Set ever released, discussions on Minifig Designs (are the bluecoats British or French? We do not have to take a stand (as everyone has their own opinion) but we can just show evidence for each). Character, Ship, and Piece guides. The possibilities are endless, but a forum is not a good way to stockpile easy to access information like this. A website is needed. Just my idea. LOL
  20. Sting

    ideas for new town sub themes.

    Farms would be cool. Kind of like the Equestrian line I mentioned MINUS a focus on horses. We could have some cool tractors and other farm equipment. Come to think of it, it would be a very cool theme. The only thing that would be wierd is crops... made of lego. LOL. A 32x32 baseplate with green and yellow 1x1 cylinder pieces all over it... LOL. May be a little wierd. It would have to be old fashioned farms or just plant farms... since Modern Animal Farms are more like factories :-( . A Zoo would be kind of boring to me, but Im sure it could be made good! This could work, but the problem is Lego would want to give the spies 'cool technology' AKA unrealistic technology AKA entire sets dedicated to the spies AKA Alpha Team.
  21. Hopefully someone can stand up for us Pirates!
  22. Sting

    The Bomb Ketch Bloviator

    That is an awesome ship. I love when people make good ships out of the crappy new hulls. I have only seen one or two, and I really do like this one. I love how tall it is!
  23. Awesome thread. I love opening the little bags the pieces come in and hearing them pour onto whatever surface I am building on. New pieces just sound nicer than used. Reminds me of getting sets for X-mas/Birthday and building them.
  24. Sting

    Massive Napoleonic Armies for sale

    I wish I had $500.00 to spend on Lego X-O
  25. Sting

    About those troops....

    I like that idea Bonaparte. It is unofficial, but as long as you provide historical backing, than those combinations can be the most historically accurate (without going custom) ways to make Lego figs!