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  1. ImGettingOld

    9355 Dacta Futuron..ish

    @the Inventor thanks for the links. I knew the carousell and rakuten. Brickshelf is new for me - thanks. Still if anyone has actual scans that i could reprint and forget about this - would be greatly appreciated :D. Cheers
  2. ImGettingOld

    9355 Dacta Futuron..ish

    Hey, anyone can share highres scans of cover and activity cards from 9355 Dacta set? It's the Futuronish one. Way too much time spent on looking for set for sale so i think this is the only way to be at peace with myself. Last post about this here was 2008 and links are dead now...
  3. ImGettingOld

    Canadian Catalogs late 80s - early 90s

    Small bump no pressure @DelQuinn :).
  4. ImGettingOld

    Canadian Catalogs late 80s - early 90s

    Ok ok. Thanks for getting back to me. Fingers crossed :).
  5. ImGettingOld

    1530 Value Pack

    Does anyone here own, and could share proper photos/info on value pack 1530 (packed by Samsonite in 1988 Canada)?
  6. ImGettingOld

    What did you buy today?

    6883 MISB :D. Yeah Baby!
  7. ImGettingOld

    Hello everybody

    Polak polaka przywita! Siema!. Hey mate!
  8. Did it on your FB so i will do here - fantastic job. So much effort. Keep it up!
  9. So much good work. Awesome! One more like for youtube algorithm.
  10. ImGettingOld

    Canadian Catalogs late 80s - early 90s

    Hey @DelQuinn any luck on catalogs ? Not rushing just curious:).
  11. ImGettingOld

    Beavis and Butthead

    Hah i remember them perfectly! Good old days and cable tv. How many years already - it was like 25 years ago? "Hehe he he he hehe" :D "TP for my....."
  12. ImGettingOld


    Every seller from Netherlands i had a chance to buy from, was extremely helpfull and pro..... if they had time :). At least i know what i'm paying for - their set descriptions are very accurate / nothing to hide. Shipping is costly but not always - direct DHL works just fine and is cheaper than
  13. ImGettingOld

    Would you rather build in person or online?

    In person. I tried so many times with online apps, and it was more frustrating for me than fun. I'm used to industrial 3d software and graphic design software but in this case i prefer buying real bricks and live testing :). I have to touch it, "break it", test it, pick a different brick from the bin rather than going through thousands of brick images :D. To many options i suppose.
  14. ImGettingOld

    Canadian Catalogs late 80s - early 90s

    Thank You @DelQuinn, that would be fantastic. Fingers crossed. I'm especially after one value pack 1530 and all the info regarding it. It was packed by Samsonite in Canada so it seems like only Canadian Catalog would have any mention of it. Although it was 88' so the year of huge whole sale by Samsonite lego - if i rekon correctly. Cheers
  15. Hey, anyone has/owns and could share scans of Canadian Catalogs from late 80s to early 90s? So during and after Samsonite.... I'm assuming that @LEGO Historian might have them - not sure if he/you are willing to pass openly without acquiring your Guide (still deciding on it - im fresh :D). Any help will be appreciated. I only managed to find the one available on peeron - year 88 edition. Cheers