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    Heroica RPG - Heroica Hall

    I too would Like to sign up. Luc Aragon, Level 1 Ranger,17 Year Old Human Power:4 Health:6/6 Gold:10 Inventory: Zen Bow (WP:3) Potion, Smoke Bomb Luc walks into the bar orders a drink, a glass of milk. Then he goes and sits down on his own. A couple of minutes later, Hybros, an Imp walks towards him. "Hello. What is your name?" He asks "Luc Aragon" With that he walks away. Luc goes to count his gold, then sees all 10 have disappeared. So he angrily storms towards Hybros, rips out his bow and demands" Give me my money now or get this Arrow stuck in your Eye." Hybros acts innocent. Suddenly, Bacari tells him about Jess. Remembering a female elf brushed past him earlier, she was the prime suspect. He fires two arrows, Either side of her head. "What did you that for idiot?" She exclaims. "Give me back my Gold you thieving rat!" As Luc loads another arrow, she tosses his coin pouch in the air. He catches it and then storms towards the quest list and Signs up for Quests 2 and 3.He then sits next to his fellow Rangers.
  2. TheBoyWonder

    What's your recent LEGO Star Wars Purchase?

    I traded in some DS games from 2010, got £55 for them. With purchased Luke's Landspeeder and the two Hoth BP's, all on advice from the nice people on here!
  3. I got 3 from WHSmiths in the UK! I got Snowboarder, Gladiator and the Eskimo. Really happy with the ones I got- The harder to get ones!
  4. TheBoyWonder

    OT Set help!

    I have been collecting TCW sets, as I know the plot quite well now, But I would like to build up an army of Rebels/imperials. What sets under £50 can you recommend? I can add them to a list, as currently the City Passenger Train is badly wanted. So, Any advice?