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  1. DadiTwins

    LEGO Ideas Discussion

    I think Lego Ideas is becoming more strict with the submissions. They also removed the Orient Express with over 3k supporters yesterday because of the amount of bricks. So they might be reviewing now all ideas that are becoming popular looking for issues with licensing, bricks and so.
  2. DadiTwins

    LEGO Ideas Discussion

    All winners were notified days/weeks ago, so... :( Also still 3 interviews missing to publish, 31 minutos, Discworld and Sherif's safe with combination. Could that mean something? ;)
  3. DadiTwins

    LEGO Ideas Discussion

    January has been a record breaking on projects reaching 10k, all of them incredible projects, but... I think something needs to change in the site. The social networks and media are playing a more important role around Lego day after day. A lot of new Lego content is appearing on them lately, including Lego ideas, which makes it easier for new and already existing Lego fans to access new ideas and content. I am not saying it is wrong, because it is awesome the popularity Lego is getting lately and all the new Lego fans and afols that are appearing! But I do not think Lego ideas site was sized for the amount of new fans and projects that we are seeing during the last year. First review of 2021 can be a crazy one, 36 ideas was already a hit, but this one could reach easily 50!