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  1. Barbatos


    Really impressive! Congratulations on the beautiful ship!
  2. Barbatos

    [MOC] Do you fear... the Flying Dutchman?

    Thank you very much! Thank you! The material of the sails is non-woven fabric. I've been looking for the right color and texture for a long time! And here it is!
  3. Barbatos

    [MOC] Do you fear... the Flying Dutchman?

    Thank you!
  4. Barbatos

    [MOC] Do you fear... the Flying Dutchman?

    Thanks for the pics, unfortunately I've not a better camera! So you can watch the other photos in my Instagram profile to see more detailed parts!
  5. Arr! This is my Flying Dutchman version. Very detailed, minifig scale, 120 cm long and composed of about 8000 pcs! Enjoy! Flying Dutchman by Barbatos
  6. Barbatos

    Hi all!

    Nice to meet you! I'm Barbatos, and a few years ago I've been back to building with LEGO. My favorite theme is pirates and I've started making MOCs on them. See you in the forum!