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  1. 3 hours ago, Lionbear8 said:

    Just a thought!

    If the D2C is the Tumbler,  it would be cool if it was advertised as the colour black with the option to convert it to the camo version, in similar vain to the ideas tree house set.

    That woukd be a win! I would buy 2!

    Also next year, i hope we do get more sets then the previous 2 years.

    The Batman

    DC Pets animated movie- the Rock voicing a character. 

    The Flash Movie 

    TV shows coming as well.

    The gap between Marvel and DC sets is currently at about 20 sets.


    Eh I don't really care about the number



    So long as they give me quality sets




    Like the current displayable batmobiles. Maybe even doctor fate next year??? Dc cmf 2???

    And of course...



    The batman sets


    44 minutes ago, Robert8 said:

    Is that official?

    I hate to say it, but it looks like a convention cosplay :sceptic:

    Suit looks goofy without the proper lighting and colour adjustment



    But just rewatch the trailer and it's clear that matt reeves has taken care of that

  3. 19 minutes ago, THELEGOBATMAN said:

    Looking at this promo art, how do you expect Batman from The Batman minfigure to look?

    Do you expect them to go all out and give him new cowl and Batarang moulds, with printed arms and legs, or do you think they'd go the budget way and reuse both cowl and Batarang, with only the torso being printed?

    Reeeeeeeeecycled partssssss



    It's the lego life, lego

  4. 1 hour ago, lego_guyon02 said:

    The new Monkey Prince character DC announced looks like something ripped straight from LEGO's Monkie Kid theme.

    Monkie kid and monkey prince is based on chinese folk lore, journey to the west... the character is called sun wu kong

  5. 23 hours ago, Vindicare said:

    I can’t find it here in the States where I live  either. It’s not even up on Target’s website, yet I see people online who got it. They’ve stocked other new sets, including Superheroes, so I don’t know what the deal is with set. 


    5 hours ago, Lionbear8 said:

    I disagree mate,  the releases thus far are fine.  As a Batman and DC collector,  I Want Them to Relase Sets Yearly. 

    A break does not make sense. 


  6. 1 hour ago, upliftingbricks said:

    Customer Services. Contact Us on website

    On the singapore site, after clicking contact us i only see email and call options




    It seems silly to email customer support for more green lantern sets





    Prominent figures in the community campaigning for specific sets (similar to what has been done in the star wars community) would be more helpful 

  7. 49 minutes ago, vstat05 said:

    Either way I think this is a big waste of a set slot, as I already thought the first tumbler d2c was back then. Do we even have a fully leaked list of dc sets yet? It really feels like all we’re getting this year is the 66 batmobile and this.

    I suppose this tumbler could be in tan and brown and come with a better version of bane. Maybe a nolanverse scarecrow.

    One more mystery set

  8. 1 hour ago, The_Creator said:

    I'm just trying to collect every DC Minifigure that looks close to the o.g. DCAU. Which surprisingly enough I've done pretty well, but a Hawkgirl would be nice that looks closer to that incarnation - and I'd really love a Dr. Fate, Zantana, and Question. However, the only way this will probably happen is another CMF wave, and given how it performed that may not happen.

    I just got back into LEGO early this year after a 7ish year grey ages and I've already lost faith in the DC theme. I need to snag Brainiac Attack but besides that I picked up some DC CMF and a set or two for the minifigures and I'm already not expecting to get very excited in the future for DC sets since I'm not an obsessive Batman fan and don't care about any sets or minifigures based on live-action.

    I think i know how to make a pretty awesome zatanna and question 




    Lois lane bvs body

    Hermione cmf 2 face

    Black hair from jessica cruz




    Dark purple hat from vidiyo

    Jurrasic world masrani's body




    Btw dr fate is in black adam so u could possibly hold out hope for a  set based on that

  9. 3 hours ago, lego_guyon02 said:

    Doubt that will happen as the series apparently flopped hard :def_shrug:

    I know it didn't flop as hard as lego movie 2 or lbm 2 or series 2 of most cmfs except disney but ofc it didn't reach the sales of harry potter 1 so we"ll see

  10. 6 hours ago, cosmic said:

    Is anyone holding out hope for a comic wave next year? I know its unlikely considering this years mostly empty roster of regular retail sets, but I think back to how the 2015 and 2018 comic waves caught me off guard as I was pessimistic in the years preceding that about what this theme was becoming. So I always carry a bit of hope that even in small ways, lego can do things with this theme that can surprise and excite me. But also this year has been so bleak I eve wondered if the theme was going to be canceled. I have hope, but realistically this year alone has stripped me of my ability to judge what a normal year of releases would look like for lego DC. So we will see, but what do you guys expect in the coming years? Do you expect at least a small comics wave here and there? Do you think the current state of affairs (DCCU sets being the main priority of the theme) remaining?


    Curious to hear what other Lego DC fans speculate, hope for, and rationalize for the future of this theme. Not trying to start an argument or raise conversation similar to what i have in the past. Trying to visualize what others think/hope for/see as a reasonable future for this theme.

    No hope left, this is the dc thread



    Hope for dc cmf 2 and a black adam set maybe. Honestly a dc cmf 2 would make a perfect wave for me



    I would think a flash set is likely as well, expect keaton