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  1. 14 hours ago, NostalgicBricks said:

    What is everyone planning to buy on Friday? For me, I'm only getting Gringotts and not the Hogwarts Castle.

    I'm planning to buy Grimmauld place 12, it's an lego exclusive set in my country so I can't find it cheaper. It's an set that's also on my "planing to buy" list. I want to get gringotts and the big Hogwarts express one day to!

    I'm not a big fan of the castle, I only want golden Dumbledore..

  2. 4 Harry and 2 mini Harry in the same set? Jises. I like the adult Harry though. I'm really disappointed about the minifigs, it's only Harry & Ginnys kids and the conductor that is the new charactars..

    It's an amazing set but it's over priced. I've all the other D2C set from HP but Idk If I think it's worth to buy the set. I hope it dosen't ends up to be an lego exclusive set and comes to retailers at some point. Than it's possible to find it for a better price.

    The platform could be modded a bit and that could be fun, otherwise it's only a display set for me.

  3. I'm disappointed of this AC.. I wish we got one new charactar at least, instead of Myrtle it could be Rowena Rawenclaw or something...

    I'm not into these micro buildings either. I suspected we would get more of them for each year but I'd hope that HP wouldn't go all in SW steps with only nano buildings like they did (except for the couch with Slughorn)..

    I like that they included the nano figs of the dementors though.


    I really want some more leaks of the D2C set! I'm really courios how it would look!

  4. Hello, I've been lurking here on and off.

    My own guessing on the D2C is:

    - Hogwarts in minifig scale and the current microfig scale Hogwarts would probably retiring next year. They did the same with great hall. I think many fans would appreciate an good looking Hogwarts in minifig scale.


    - Gringotts with the Ironbelly and maybe some shops. I hope Rita Skeeter would come with it.


    My hope is also to get Lupin as an werewolf, not only as an minifig with a head of an werewolf. I hope we get some creatures next year. Also Sirius as an dog in the same set would be nice, in the haunted house or the whomping willow.

    I also hope we get an set with the second task with some merepeople and an set with the Durmstrang ship.

  5. On 3/7/2021 at 9:00 AM, Roebuck said:

    He is the design lead on the theme, there are several other designers that do most of the sets and those have changed a lot every year. Have not heard any news of him changing job and I do not think that is the issue being the change in style anyway :sceptic:

    Most of us where expecting DH sets this year and that could mean some sort of closure on the theme and I would not be surprised if that was what they originally planned when they started the theme again. However with the sales the theme is doing they clearly changed that plan. So they could keep the original plan and next year start giving us sets we missed the first time around, but they did not do that either apparently since they started with that last year already. Instead they used the 20 year anniversary to give us something different this year by the looks of it, but they give us mostly things we where asking for right. If they give us DH sets next year in the "normal" style as some people expect/hope for then what in 2023, they would definitely not give us a COS, Flyffy, bathroom etc set in the "normal" style then. So they use up a number of set ideas this year which makes it a little more unlikely they are going back to the "normal" style next year in my mind :shrug_oh_well:

    I do not follow SW closely, but my understanding is that they save sought after figs and sets for years before they give them to the fans. E.g. Queen Amidala that did not show up in a set before 12-13 year had passed and never since so she cost a goat or two on BL :wacko: My guess is that they have started the same tactic in HP to make the theme last longer, but what can they give us. 

    Agree, If the summer wave ending up with set in the new style then I don't think they return to the older design.

    I think lego gave us a lot of sought after figs and sets in a short time. They have pleased their HP fans a lot faster then their SW fans.


    I really like'd the books from the january wave and the design of it is lovely. I still hope the castle sections in the leaked image is'nt what lego going to release in the summer wave (expect for Fluffy and the Basilisk).

  6. On 3/5/2021 at 6:45 PM, Textorix said:

    Yeah I have the same opinion about new Hogwarts sections. They look so bad because they are based on outdated 2001-2002 build design which is also the reason some people like them because nostalgia thing. 

    It feels like lego go 2 step back with the design of the castle sections. I don't get it why they're making a whole new structur for the castle.

    Is it a new designer for the HP theme now and not Bessa? 

  7. I haven't follow all the HP as good like last year. So this maybe has been discussed earlier.

    I had seen the leaked pics yesterday and I'm so disappointed with the two castle sections.. Do you guys think it would look almost the same when they release the sets?

    I like the Hogsmede set. The bathroom also looks good, I hope they include new hairpieces for Crabbe and Goyle.

    I actually like the dog, the brick build body isn't perfect, but it easy to mod. I don't know what I think of the basilisk yet, I want to see the final product first.

    But the castle sections looks terrible imo :cry3: The earlier castle sections has been among my favourites sets to build.. If the final products looks like these then it feels lego are going to kill the HP theme.. 


  8. I like the mosaic set more after I've seen these pics. The crest looks a lot better then the single ones.

    I want to get one set but I'm going to wait for a big discount. I would never buy four sets, for the same price I can get the DA and AT togheter. The design is to low to justify the price. Some of the other sets in the mosaic theme have a lot better quality in their designs then HP.

    I'm a lot more impressed of the design of the four book sets then the mosaic set. 

  9. Ooooh I really love the sets!

    Is the front page printed? *oh2*

    They are all lovley on their on way. I love Seamus new faceprint. I really like the new torsos for the herbology class, I can stop collecting Neville from cmf 1 for the torsos now haha.. McGonagall looks good to, but I don't a big fan of her faceprint. Flitwick looks awesome, I love that the beard even looks good on his neck, is it a new mold?

    The stickers looks good to. Even If I'm not a fan of stickers in general, I still can see some useful ones.

    Hard to tell witch one is my favourite, the Herbology class have the most useful pieces to me. The transfiguration class dont interesting me that much. Probably because it have both Hermione and Ron in it, haha.


    1 hour ago, FrkW said:

    Pictures up on the site now, too. Maybe slightly less value for money in Sweden, to be honest. This theme is killing me... 

    The swedish price suprised me as well.. 349 kr would be a better price for these set. Oh well, I'm going to pick them up anyways but not for the retail price. 

  10. I haven't seen the FB movies yet (one day I will) but I really appreciate the FB lego sets. I hope lego planing to do some more FB sets next year because they're very useful for the HP universum to, especially If they make more beasts.

    I don't think it would be more then 2 FB sets If they release any. HP seems to be much more succesful.

    I'd read that the monster book have been avaible in US in some places, I really want that the set comes to Europe soon! 

  11. 7 hours ago, Lego-Freak said:

    Am I the only one who couldn‘t care less about more robes / students regardless of house? :laugh: We finally got school AND quidditch uniforms for all four houses, which is a lot more than what I was expecting back when the reboot was announced. 

    What we need is more Death Eaters and adult side characters rather than useless, bland students :tongue:

    Agree! :laugh: It could be Narcissa, random death eather (maybe something like the old Lucius), Tonks (colorful hair) and Harry (they would probably include him) 

  12. 2 hours ago, Lego-Freak said:

    The only missing students on my wishlist are Crabbe and Goyle, any of the rest that happen to show up in future sets are just a bonus to me :shrug_oh_well: Maybe Lee too (mainly for his hairpiece), but that’s about it 

    Same for me, Crabbe and Goyle are the only missing for me to. But Colin would be a great bonus to. 

    I don't understand why they didn't put Crabbe or Goyle in the potions set. How can they still ignore such a iconic characters like them :cry_sad:



  13. 6 hours ago, thenudeorganist said:

    Not really sure if Lego would remake the Whomping Willow so soon, although the first one was a bit underwhelming imo. I can see them doing one Hogwarts add-on, either as one of the 120ish sets or cheaper. Personally, I think that the Durmstrang ship and the Shrieking Shack could be quite likely in the 120$ price range. And of course, there's the possibility of Gringott's being one of those sets; however, I think that it is more likely to be the 250$ with the dragon and possibly the Leaky Cauldron or a shop such as Madam Malkin's. And of course, this is all very speculative and Lego will probably throw some curveballs at us.

    I don't mean a remake of whomping willow but an smaller add-on and of the castle and it could be based of troll in the dungeon or the forbidden corridor. The price could be under 100$ for the set. Even the owlery could be an option. One of the 120$ set could be the Bell towers and then one smaller add-on for under 100$. The other 120$ set could be Shrieking Shack, Durmstrang or something like that.


    I hope we get more beasts next year. It was the best with the FB sets to get beast that could be added in the HP universum to. Like pixies with Lockman, a proper troll (not like Graup), basilisk etc. 

  14. 53 minutes ago, Roebuck said:

    Maybe it is because it is not high on my list, but I do not think a Durmstrang ship is coming so soon. And why change a winning team when the Hogwarts add-on are so popular? I find it more likely that it will cost more than a 100 instead of less next year :shrug_oh_well:

    I love the Hogwarts add-on and they're some of my favourite HP sets. I hope we're getting 2 add-on, one of them could be something like whomping willow and cost under 100.

    I think it's a high odds that we're getting the Dumstrang ship next year, it isn't that high on my list to. But ships are popular to many lego fans and can attract even the non-HP lego fans.

  15. It sounds like it's going to be a lot of amazing sets coming out next year!

    I really want to have the monsters book and I hope it's not ending up to be regional exclusive.. I hope like you @Balrogofmorgoth that we get more promo set! As long they aren't regional exclusive.. I can accept If they're only avaible on store, but regional exclusive or event exclusive sets/figures removes the fun of collecting. 

    I really like the new McGonagall! I hope we get Flitwick based on the later movies next year and Snape with a dress piece. 

    It's amazing that they release a lot of HP lego next year :pir-love: I might stop collecting all HP set If they continue release a lot of sets every year.


  16. Even if I love to see more HP lego come out, my wallet dosen't. I'm still missing 71043 before I can start for real with the 2020 set..

    I'm guessing the expensive one is Gringotts. One castle section and Durmstrang or Hogsmede. I'm hoping we're geting 2 castle section because they are my favourites :laugh: The cheaper ones is harder to guess. But I would love to have a set with a new proper basilisk. 

    On 10/13/2020 at 6:13 PM, Otherworld said:

    Random question but do you guys think the price of the Hagrid & Buckbeak brickheadz will go up? I haven’t opened mine yet but I’m not sure I want to. 

    It depends if the set is coming out for sale later, but I don't think so. I've 2 of these set and going to wait 1-2 years before I'm selling one of them.

  17. On 10/9/2020 at 9:20 AM, GalacticHippo said:

    Has there been any discussion about how the WB license affects what they can make? I imagine that might also pose some restrictions on making book-only scenes/locations/character (unfortunately)

    In a interview with Bessa about the Diagon alley set he said that WB want the set based on the films. I'm guessing it's the same with the rest of the sets. I would love to have Binns though. 

  18. I prefer when they focus on the exterior and not to much on the interior. I've build parisian and didn't like when so much focus was on the interior and going to sell the set later.

    The bookshop looks really good, not to much focus on the interior and the exterior looks really good and I like that's two houses. I'm planing to buy the set. 

    I don't like when they mix american and european style with the different modular. The dinner and garage is more american style and the bookshop is more european style. It's destroy the whole in a display. It have been better if they one of them.

    I hope next house looks good and focus on the exterior and have the same european style and looks good beside the bookshop.

    (Sorry for my crappy english)

  19. 41 minutes ago, doclord said:

    I wonder if the Karkaroff/Durmstrang Boat set was only delayed so that it wouldn't compete with Barracuda Bay and Creator Pirate Ship? IDK why else they would delay a pretty classic GoF set

    I didn't now that Durmstrang was planing to came but get delayed? Where can I read more about that? I know that many have seen the microship in AC like i sign for an Durmstrang set to come next year.

  20. I'm looking forward to see how the books like! I feel already that I want them all, I hope it's more to build then the disney sets.

    I don't know what to think about the mosaic set.. Is it time to stop planing to buy all the sets from 2018 and forward? I'm only missing the big castle from the 2018-2019 sets but planing to get it later this year. The mosaic set dosen't feels that fun to build..

  21. 5 hours ago, Roebuck said:

    Since Gringotts was left out from the start, it makes it only more likely we get it next year.

    Otherwise it shouldn't be any problem to discuss Gringotts, they now that many fans wonder "How could they left out the most iconic place in DA?!" and that's hard to answer when they're not allowed to tell about any of the 2021 sets :grin: I hope the dragon is included!