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  1. Very good point, thank you. I'll look into ways of using a cyl as the reservoir. As you wrote it'd be a good idea to be able to quickly change the volume of the system, allowing quick changes between hard and soft (quicker than what you could do by pumping by hand anyway). Would be easier to figure out these things with a bunch of pneu components in front of me but seeing as they're pretty expensive on BL/BO I'll have to do some guesswork before jumping into it. Let me know if this is much too off topic, I figured since I'd be doing this on my 42110, it's okay to be posting here.
  2. My idea thus far was to pair one x189c01 with a 731c04 on each axle (so hard 6.5L spring suspension & the 5-7L pneu. cylinder). Right now I've got two 731c04 on all axles (replaced the front medium springs). Basically this is what I imagined (with the cylinders being paired with spring suspensions): (What's with the absolutely laughable 24kb max uploads?? At that point just disable them) If necessary I could place a tank (old blue one I have laying around) inbetween the switch and the central T-branch. Placing it before the switch would lead to too quick impingement if I'm not mistaken (built up pressure rapidly fills the system)? Since I'm aiming for a slow and hopefully gradual increase in height, that wouldn't be desirable. Is there any obvious flaw/mistake that somehow would make it not work? And again, it's only intended for manual adjustment of the ride height/suspension stiffness, so I don't have a need to motorize/automate it with PF. Unless the switch you mention is necessary to hold the pressure needed for such operations?
  3. Right - that's more logical than how I thought it worked.. haven't played around with this since I picked my 8455 apart right before my dark age. Thanks for the input. I agree that it's probably pushing the limits, I'll see if I can locate any of the old 8455 parts to test the approx weight I can make it hold before things start to leak. With the weight of the 42110 it's probably not very feasible without illegal mods..
  4. Stupid question (from someone who's been out of the game for 10 years) - would replacing one shock absorber on each axle with a pneumatic cylinder allow easy switching between maximum ground clearance, and "weak" suspension? Or would you simply be stuck with either max clearance/minimum clearance? As in - Pump for increasing pressure, tank if necessary, then T-splits and hoses going to each pneumatic cylinder. The output connectors then connect again and go to a switch, where air can be either let out, or just flow through the hoses. So to be clear (missed in my drawing) - the hoses split off after the tank, going into one cylinder each, then reconnect after their respective cylinders, to go through the switch. Would it work or is there some obvious mistake here? :-) Notice this is all manual, just for (potentially) being able to adjust ride height and stiffness of the suspension.
  5. Thanks a lot @BrickWild! I got the parts you recommended (for the tail lights, as well as a bunch of different hollow studs) for making the "lights" compatible with PF lights, so now I just need the power source ;-) Did some different visual mods, I'll post pics when I get a chance to take photos outside when there's actual light. I also mounted the Unimog tires to it today. There are two mods necessary to make the 42110 compatible with them without binding up/grinding against the tire wells: replace medium front suspensions so that each wheel has 2 x strong suspension arms a small illegal operation on the 11946 and 11947 panel fairings used in front of the front wheels. By cutting a small part away and touching up with Dremel/sand paper, the tires won't be pushed/rubbed against them, letting the wheels turn smoothly even on maximum turning!
  6. Just replaced the front soft/normal springs with heavy ones. BIG improvement, although I wish it was a slight bit softer to ease transitions and climbs. It's still a very worthwhile upgrade, the front doesn't sag/sink, and playability goes up when the car doesn't get "squished" down when turning. Put a jerry can on the roof, as well as a light bar, and a bull bar. Can't wait to get in the new tires and a bunch of other small details I've ordered.
  7. Any pictures of PF battery box location for light use? Kinda stumped as to where the best spot would be. Just putting in 3x PF lights.
  8. Flecktyphus

    Technic 2020 Set Discussion

    Yeah, I'm wondering too, I'd LOVE to see a photo of the Osprey set.
  9. Flecktyphus

    42113 Bell V-22 Osprey Helicopter

    That's promising jrx, thank you.
  10. Flecktyphus

    42113 Bell V-22 Osprey Helicopter

    This set sounds very interesting, I'd love an approximation of its dimensions..
  11. Thank you for the welcome @I_Igor :-) I've been looking at ways to increase the ground clearance/ride height, by 1 or 2 studs. That, combined with replacing the front medium suspension springs with hard ones, should be enough to fix clearance between the upper part of the tire and the wheel well/fenders. Hoping to make it possible for the car to wear the 92912 tires then. If not - at least cool for pictures, if it can't be played with. Also got plans for some small typical "off road" details such as an antenna/sand flag, some rooftop accents (fuel canister, fire extinguisher, and some tools (one being a modified 42069 shovel!)). Will share pics once parts are here and everything is put on.
  12. I just put in an order for way too much stuff on BL to mod my 42110... :-) Lots of great changes in this thread, looking forward to share my mods when the parts arrive! BTW: anyone had luck w 92912 tires?