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  1. you can also move the beams so that the gear rack is in the center of the beam and then connect them with small beams, that should be a bit more stable. But it's also heavier.
  2. I hope I understood all your requirements: I also experimented with the #4 angled axle connector (135°), but I didn't find a triangle with whole numbers.
  3. What do you mean by "too big"? Does crash?
  4. Why don't you copy all the sub-files into one big file for rendering?
  5. There are different whites. Take the one with the largest file size.
  6. It has images, you just have to download every color individually. (Look for the 2x2 bricks)
  7. Yes it would. Just put the rotor + tan 12T gear + black 3L axle pin in the hole from the other side. You also need to change the red light + stud pin so it doesn't collide with the gear. I always put some imaginary ping pong balls in the area where the propeller blades are and rotate the propeller in my mind. then i see in which direction the imaginary ball would be hit. This is also the direction the air will flow. I know it's a bit stupid but it works for me 42064 is wrong 9396 according to Sariel's video ( the main rotor rotates CCW and the tail rotor too, but I think the tail rotor has 0 pitch 8812 wrong too
  8. Yes, that's probably how it happened. But it still bothers me a bit, because lego also serves a bit as a educational toy. Imagine explaining why helicopters need a tail rotor to a kid using this set and then it blows in the wrong direction...
  9. If you reverse all directions, you have the same result. You would have to replace the tail rotor with a mirrored one or place the gear on the main rotor axle above the other gear to fix it.
  10. While watching Sariel's review of the mini helicopter ( I have checked the rotation direction of the rotors. Here you can see the main rotor turning CCW (from above). The tail rotor is turning CCW too (seen from the left side). That means the tail rotor is blowing the air from the left to the right (blue arrows) which generates a CW torque on the helicopter, but the main rotor generates a CW torque too. Can someone please verify my train of thoughts? Did I make a mistake somewhere? CW = ? CCW = ?
  11. Sadap

    Swapping Lego motors 50X power?

    If you can solder, you can make a H-Bridge out of four discrete MOSFETs. That would eliminate the power issue.
  12. Sadap

    Using Relays With Lego PF

    You are right, motors need flyback diodes too
  13. Sadap

    Measuring Lego Technic Crane Efficiency

    That's a really interesting video! The results surprised me too! It would also be interesting to measure the efficiency of different gear combinations, for example 8T-40T vs 8T-24T + 12T-20T (both 1:5)
  14. Sadap

    Using Relays With Lego PF

    Have you included a flyback diode? ( Otherwise you can destroy your receiver.
  15. Sadap

    [Help] Snow plow mechanism

    After googling around a bit, I found a real snow plow mechanism on the german wikepedia page about snowplows: As we can see, there something similar to a double wishbone suspension to lower/raise the blade. Then, there is a a joint in the vertical axis to tilt the blade. You can power it by two linear actuator or a worm gear. But why do you want to use linear actuators and worm gears? In my opinion pneumatic cylinders would be better suited for this job.