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  1. 41 minutes ago, pooda said:

    Hello Denise! It's great that you're here. We definitely need more women who love Lego. Do you like to build towns? 

    There is something wrong. I'm a man. Maybe coas I was wrong in writing my name. I'm a Denis, male.

    1 hour ago, Littleworlds said:

    Hello Denise and welcome to Eurobricks! I'm sorry to hear about your Lego collection and not having a pc. Maybe you still can get some inspiration from the builds here! 

    I was forced to sell my PC, coas of it's time to move into other city one more time. But I will by new one in new place (it will be in Poland) and have plans to make some custom bricks by 3d printing and casting for new models, like ChS-7 (Skoda 82E) and some cargo wagons. So there is nothing bad happened, just the new lifestep

  2. Hello, comrads =)

    I just join that forum community.

    If talking about my passion in Lego models - it's trains. Not Lego's Stock models, but MOC's, coas of sizes and size proportions. I like models in 8 or more pins wide and realistic, not toy_a_like visulas.

    My future plan - make some replicas of Soviet and Eastern Europe diesel and electrical locomotives with cargo and passenger wagons (cars). 

    I have some virtual models, that was builded long time ago. Will post them with model files separately, but here is previews:

    Soviet flatbed car:


    Soviet 8-axle tanker car


  3. Hello, everyone. 

    My name is Denis, I'm 25 years old, and I have really bed English, sorry.

    Lego was a favorite toy/game in my childhood, but after 15 y.o. i start to move and work in different cities and countries, so have no time to create and volume in bags to take Lego with me. After some years I found LDD and start to create some virtual models. 

    Now I have no PC for few mouns, and it's time to get some theoretical knowledge about how other peoples build they own MOC's

    I will post some my old models in train and city category.