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  1. Hi brick smith, I really like your mallard MOC. I am new to this hobby and would really like to build an a4 of my own. I was wondering if you could I’ve me some advice on where to buy the pieces required and what I need , maybe even some instructions in pdf format. If you could help I would so grateful. Regards. Paulandaiden.
  2. Paulandaiden

    Mallard a4 steam train

    Hi. Can anyone please help. Am trying to build an a4 mallard steam train but cannot find any practical advice on how . I’ve found lots of nice pictures of built a4’s online but no tutorials or instructions. Very frustrating as I am new to this hobby. I know it’s not an off the shelf project but I don’t know where to start or even what types of pieces size, quantity, where best to buy, etc. Drawn a blank so far on clear concise advice. Please can someone help.