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  1. @Scot-e-dog Are you sure that Porsche has it backwards? My Porsche seems to have the paddle shifting in the correct order (Pulling right shift paddle moves gear up, 1>2>3>4>1). @jb70 you noticed same thing? Thanks guys
  2. Thanks so much @jb70. Yes, I meant the paddle shifter not the gearbox, absolutely. Your fix is a great and quite obvious fix, I'm surprised LEGO official team did not design the model with that set up. What is it that you call 42083-1 ? Was there an initial version of the set that had the paddle shifters in the correct set up?
  3. Hi Jim, Thanks for this amazing review. Trick question for you: when pulling the paddle on the right side behind the wheel, we're supposed to go one gear up, correct? from 1 to 8th gear... In my model, when I pull the right side paddle, the gear goes down! From 8th to 1st... Do you get the same ? Thanks!
  4. Hi all Is it just me or is the gearbox inverted? When pulling the right paddle behind the wheel, we should go one gear up, from 1 to 8. Instead, I feel like we are actually going from 8 to 1. Thanks for your expert eye and help ! T