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  1. Ced72

    [MOC] Caribbean Fortress 1762

    Hi Fraunces, Thank you for your comments ! A big crane has been added. And I'm actually working on a small neighboring town (8 houses at the moment). I'll bring some updated pictures next time !
  2. Ced72

    [MOC] Caribbean Fortress 1762

    Hi Faladrin, First, Thanks for your welcome ! Unfortunately, English is not my first language and there's a lot of storytelling in your game. In addition I prefer to build and let the imagination take the lead ! I have a goal of 1 large layout every 1 or 2 years to exhibit, and the next one would be Castle themed.
  3. Ced72

    [MOC] Caribbean Fortress 1762

    Thank for your welcome to both ! (Queen Anne's revenge is brand new ... I just put it on a shelf for 7 years, so imagine my face when I saw the dust layer ! :) But I needed it to represent the scale of the fort on the pictures !) Dust definitely don't like legos ! :) I planned a crane to be build where the three palm trees are, on the left of the fort, but one smaller on the docks would be a great idea. If you have some pictures or ideas on how it has to be I would appreciate ! And what about add one floor more on the main building ? Do you think it's too much ?
  4. Dear all, First, let me introduce myself ! I'm a Belgian fan, member of BELUG since 2015, but fall again in LEGO since 2010. I've already made some exhibitions with 2 large dioramas, one about the battle of Waterloo 1815 (with J.L. Hornblower), and the other about Old Castle Black Falcon's Fortress. It is a pleasure for me to submit my Caribbean Fortress 1762 It's a WIP, I'm planning or not to add another floor on the main building + an harbor, docks, shipyard, isles ... Thanks in advance for your feedbacks and comments !! WIP Caribbean Fortress (1762) by Cédric, on Flickr WIP Caribbean Fortress (1762) by Cédric, on Flickr WIP Caribbean Fortress (1762) by Cédric, on Flickr WIP Caribbean Fortress (1762) by Cédric, on Flickr WIP Caribbean Fortress (1762) by Cédric, on Flickr