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  1. Tommy Thunder

    DC Superheroes 2020 - Rumors & Discussion

    This is off topic, but has anyone seen any design work online for the vehicles in "Batman: Family Matters". I love Nightwing's car, and am trying to recreate it. (Nightwing is in need of a vehicle!) I can recreate a certain amount from screencaps (such as this one:, but not, for example, the chassis...
  2. Tommy Thunder

    Lego DC Comics Super Heroes Movies

    Just watched "Family Matters", and liked the look of some of those vehicles, especially Nightwing's car. It seems it can be constructed from bricks. Are there any instructions out there, or designs from the artists??
  3. Tommy Thunder

    Disney Princesses 2020 - Rumors & Discussion

    Here they are! First images of Aurora's cottage and Rapunzel's tower:
  4. Tommy Thunder

    Disney Princesses 2020 - Rumors & Discussion

    The June to December 2020 catalogue can be viewed at No unseen Disney sets are featured. No Aurora's cottage, or Rapunzel's tower. Not even Mickey and Minnie. Zusammengebaut says the catalogue doesn't include exclusives. Does this mean the two remaining mini-doll sets will be exclusives?
  5. Tommy Thunder

    Disney Princesses 2020 - Rumors & Discussion

    HD pictures of Belle's castle are up: and/or I like it a lot. Little fireplace in the base of the one (heart-shaped plan) tower, bed in the other; other spaces in interior for furnishings.
  6. Tommy Thunder

    Disney Princesses 2020 - Rumors & Discussion

    If Aurora's cottage is around €40, then perhaps we can expect something around the size of 41146 Cinderella's Enchanted Evening, as you say, @illian420; although I saw a lower price point on Instagram, and wondered at the time if we mightn't be getting something more along the lines of 10738 Snow White's Forest Cottage - which, incidentally, I think is a sweet little vignette (but we need the Evil Queen - in both her guises!). And I'm expecting an outfit swap too: the dress the fairy godmothers make. I think the house part of the Cinderella set is fairly underwhelming, but if the bricks that go into the carriage in that set go towards the cottage in the Aurora set, we might get something better. Personally, I'd like something nearer 41174 The Starlight Inn - possible for €40 I think. I think the upcoming Belle set is quite elegant - better than the first B&B castle, in my opinion - so hopefully that's a sign the design has stepped up. I agree that the Aurora carriage was a strange set. What was the point of that vehicle? Not story related, not functional! I'm continually puzzled why such a big brand receives some flimsy efforts from Lego.
  7. Tommy Thunder

    LEGO Hidden Side 2020

    I love the castle. Is that a new 8x8 baseplate for the floors of the towers? I can't see a seam there.
  8. Tommy Thunder

    LEGO Hidden Side 2020

    I'm desperate to get a good look at the castle too: I want it to be my Arkham.
  9. Project Luminous, and a new era of Star Wars, has been revealed. We've had Old Republic sets, so there's hope for High Republic Lego in the (distant) future!
  10. Tommy Thunder

    TLG acquires Bricklink

    I see the colour "flesh" has been changed to "nougat". I hope there are few other changes; I'm not a fan of "earth green" for "dark green", "bright reddish violet" for "magenta" etc.
  11. Tommy Thunder

    LEGO Monkie Kid 2020

    Lego generally tries to avoid religion, right? So how do you think they will handle Tripitaka being a Buddhist monk, and the journey being to obtain Buddhist sutras? Might the religious elements be replaced with technological elements?
  12. Tommy Thunder

    LEGO Monkie Kid 2020

    I was about to say the same thing. My feelings exactly.
  13. Tommy Thunder

    LEGO Monkie Kid 2020

    I suspect the figure is from the next Ninjago wave, not Monkey Kid. The pink body reminds me of Rat Pack Richie, and the bull helmet is appropriate for a dungeon location; the figure looks like something from a game too, and the next Ninjago wave might continue the gaming theme.
  14. See here, for example:
  15. Clone Wars season 7 airs from Feb, and rumour has it we may be getting a new Rebels season too, or a sequel to Rebels following Ahsoka and Sabine. Whether the Rebels rumour is true or not, some hope for a return of Ahsoka in mini-figure form (hopefully without the cartoon eyes)... Adult Ahsoka is PRICEY on Bricklink.