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  1. 1. Yes, the channel switch will be working very soon. 2. Could you explain this issue? Did you click on the buttons instead of holding them like in the ON/OFF mode? ( I never faced this issue BTW:) ) The V1 receiver has the same protocol like the V2 receiver so this shouldn't be a problem. Adding support for third-party receivers would be possible too but the question is how many protocols have been used by the chinese people for the different third party receivers. When it's just one, the implematation would be easy by reverse engineering.
  2. @Ros Thank you for your feedback, I will work on this bugs and try fixing them.
  3. I have updated the link to the APK (here:, now the app should be instlling fine. I am working on Powered Up and Control+ support (you can see it inside the app, but it has no function at the moment) @Ros The app should be installing now on your phone.
  4. @2GodBDGlory Yes, I think that too, the range isn't that bad too, about 5-6 meters. @AussieBrett I would be happy about your tests;) I will make a video on the app soon.
  5. Hey guys, some time ago, I have coded an app for controlling Lego PF using the IR diode of your Android phone. It didn't really work well, but since this time I have learned a lot about programming and made a new app for you. It is a BETA version, but I hope that there will be no issues with it. Before installing this app please google whether your phone has an IR blaster, this app won't work on devices without an IR blaster (physically not possible). The channelswitch is not working right now, but I will add this feature soon. I would be happy about some feedback from you! APK: (do not wonder this app doesn't have an icon yet! When you have an idea for it, let me know!) Screenshots:
  6. Hey guys, I am working on a new version of PF Remote, which will be far better than the old PF Remote
  7. Hi @_Ozzee_, I like your app because of the great design. I wanted to ask you which IDE have you used?
  8. Hi, I have decided to make PUTools free so now everybody can download it:)
  9. PF Remote

    Ideas for new powered up app alternative?

    @Carefree_Dude Now you can read here more about PUTools:
  10. PF Remote

    Powered Up - A tear down...

    Hi, I have decided to move from this thread. So if you want to get some more informations about PUTools read here:
  11. Hello, as you maybe know from other threads I have decided to code an android app that can be used as an alternative to the original Lego app. The main reasons why I have done the project is the implementation of new features and a nice design as I am not a big fan of the design that Lego has provided with their Powered UP app. The app is now available at the Google Play Store. Features of my app: V1.0: -controlling one PU HUB with both A and B port at the same time -reading the battery power of your HUB -choosing custom sounds to play as simulation -Volume button control(that means that you control your motors just by pressing the volume button on your phone) -choosing color of the build-in RGB LED inside of your HUB -renaming the HUB -dark/white theme -turning off HUB Presentation video: DOWNLOAD NOW FOR FREE: PlayStore Hope you will like it P.S.: If you have ideas for new features than just write a post.
  12. PF Remote

    Powered Up - A tear down...

    Hi, I have made a demo now with a watermark. You can download the test version now from google drive: This version has all features of PUTools in the Play Store. The only difference is the watermark. If you like it you can download the normal version from Play Store: When there are some bugs please report me about them so I can fix them.