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  1. Maybe a little late, but here's a Halloween MOC. I've heard rumors that Brickheadz might be out of business next year - maybe they will return in a new updated form some day... Brickheadz Inzide Halloween by Henrik Jansson, on Flickr Brickheadz Inzide Halloween Cover by Henrik Jansson, on Flickr Brickheadz Inzide Halloween Backside by Henrik Jansson, on Flickr
  2. What if you put a mini figure inside a Brickheadz? Brickheadz Inzide Darth Vader by Henrik Jansson, on Flickr
  3. Hi everyone, Here's my new little set for LEGO Ideas. It is a tribute to the legendary duck artist Carl Barks. Enjoy! Carl Barks - Duckburg Motorist
  4. henjansson

    ABBA The Quiz (LEGO Ideas)

    Thank you Johnny1360! I have to work on the karaoke bar idea!
  5. henjansson

    ABBA The Quiz (LEGO Ideas)

    Here is my second tribute set to ABBA the pop group. This time it's about a music quiz. Here is a link to the Ideas page: https://ideas.lego.com/projects/3e2ca558-d11b-4287-b5f0-5e5fb0492390 And here are some pictures: Enjoy and please support if you like it!
  6. henjansson

    ABBA Arrival (LEGO Ideas)

    Thanks K_Tiger for your support! Actually I've heard that ABBA will make a new Australian tour in 2019 - as holograms! I don't know if it's true, but if it is, maybe they can fly there in my LEGO helicopter. Thank you beverly888! I thought the string was a nice solution for the diagonal cross bars. But unfortunately I couldn't manage to make it work in LDD.
  7. henjansson

    ABBA Arrival (LEGO Ideas)

    I would like to present my newest LEGO Ideas project. It will be followed by one more set in a few days (I hope). Both are tributes to the famous Swedish pop music group ABBA. The present set is based on the cover of the group's fourth studio album Arrival, released in 1976 and containing super hits like Dancing Queen and Money, Money, Money. The proposed set contains a helicopter of model Bell 47 as well as four mini figures, one for each of the members of the group. Here is a link to the project: https://ideas.lego.com/projects/0a5fff0d-68b3-45d9-9606-838cf79aa262 And here are some pictures:
  8. henjansson

    Greetings from Stockholm Sweden! <3

    Yeah, maybe. Some of your work looks a bit familiar. Did you have any of them on display at Klossfestivalen?
  9. henjansson

    Greetings from Stockholm Sweden! <3

    Välkommen Zilmrud! I live in the Stockholm area myself. Great to see that another Swebrick member has gone international ! Your MOCS are awesome, maybe I'll get the chance to see some of them IRL!
  10. Welcome Dr Zarkow! Do you live in Neuschwanstein? (Nice place, I visited the palace a few years ago.) Your MOCs look really really amazing! Great work!
  11. henjansson

    From Sweden with love!

    Thank you very much!
  12. henjansson

    [MOC] Crow

    Looks great! You nailed it!
  13. henjansson

    From Sweden with love!

    Thank you Faladrin and Littleworlds! I'm currently working on something smaller on the same theme...
  14. henjansson

    From Sweden with love!

    Thank you! Nice to be here!
  15. henjansson

    Steel Wheel Forest

    Thanks a lot for those words! Maybe you're right that it's hard to make this MOC justice in pictures and videos. There are a lot of details which will probably get lost on a screen. I've work hard to make it interesting both when it comes to aesthetics and playability. This is the third version of the tree (plus one digital pro version for the second version with real bricks), and it's been a lot of planning but also some ideas I grabbed in the moment and chose to include. Some parts, like the huge round saw blades (which might be hard to see in the pictures), haphazardly found their place in the final model. Hopefully I can find some way to expose my MOC to people in person so they can watch all the details and actually get a chance to try the play functions...