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  1. Future DC Super Heroes Rumors & Speculation

    + it looks like there's a new LEGO DC Super Heroes Visual Dictionary for september with an exclusive minifigure... Any toughts or infos on who it will be ?
  2. DC Superheroes 2018 - Set Discussion

    Quite weird that there isn't at least one Aquaman movie set, no ? Since the movie is coming at the end of 2018, I taught the sets would be released in the summer wave
  3. Does anyone know what piece is behind the batsuits in the Bat shuttle set ? It will be much appreciated Edit : Found it sorry ^^' : 23444 for those who are interested
  4. Not sure how to take this... but anyway, we are in a rumors section. We do (partially) come here those leaks that some people know about. I think it could be easily more complete, so why not a 4th wave. It could have been true and I like the idea... even tho the third one was already a surprise ^^
  5. So you just think they are planning one ? I'm not english native speaker. You said "know" but maybe we should have asked where this knowlegde is coming from, instead of getting ahead of ourselves haha
  6. Why ? ^^ I'm actually hoping, that we'll get that missing Bat-chopper...
  7. I will get all of those but I taught we were getting Cyborg and Samouraï... it's a bit disapoointing, specially because FaF Harley & Alfred could have been in the Joker Manor, where half of the minifigs beeing just reissue :/ Edit : And also, when you see that Lego put a f**ing dolphin ^^ to Batman. I think they could have made the effort and give the little monkey to Zan or Jayna.
  8. Post Your Superhero Minifig Collections Here!

    Hahaha ! Yeah too bad for Raven, it was a great opportunity to have her... ... I forgot "no Teen Titans go" ^^
  9. Post Your Superhero Minifig Collections Here!

    Oh yeah I remember this one ! *_* Very impressive I was like "Can't imagine the pain when a new Robin comes out haha" but I have to get my stand bigger every year and it's not very fun either so... Yeah it does quite a lot : nothing from before Super-heroes collection, nothing from Marvel (now), no Duplos, no DC Girls, no Junior, no Brickheads, no Micro, no DC TV series But in the other hand I do things I don't control too and I end up getting minifigs in double ^^ I can't mixed up DC comics, from DC movies, from TLBM and I have quite some minifigs in double because of this : - I collect the sets from the movies - and when the figs from TLBM is not too ridiculous I get another one to put it with the comics one. And I'll probably do the opposite to complete the JL party set getting releasing... and love will rise from the darkness XD Get Hawkgirl/Hawkman & Black Canary/Green Arrow finally together <3
  10. Post Your Superhero Minifig Collections Here!

    Thanks ! :) Yeah I do... I actually sold my Marvel collection a few years ago :/ I try to limit myself, I think I have too much already. Even tho I try to never put too much money on it I think I would freak out if I calculate what it cost me so far ^^ So I have some rules or excuses not to buy some minifigures. For Marvel for example, I stoped because to me it will always be lacking some major minifigs because they don't have the rights in some versions of their character : I think we'll never have movie based X-Men or Fantastic 4 universe characters whatsoever. I hope thinks will turn around like for Spider-Man :) DC will not have those issues because Warner owns it all and Warner also owns the Lego Movies, so I'm not we'll ever see a movie based on Marvel Lego characters Maybe if I got the money at some point I'll get back on it. It was weird to sale them... I have others rules but sometimes I don't know if I should buy one in "double" : Supergirl for instance, right now I just put the hair I got in spare because the suit was the same... But it's the same for Robin, Superman, Bane, Joker : some versions of them have basically the same suit, only minors things will differ like cape, accesories, legs or expressions... And I always hesitate to get those Edit : Did you post a pic of you collection @Captain Britain ? I totally forgot about the Penguin in his prison suit ^^
  11. Post Your Superhero Minifig Collections Here!

    Yep, it is @Huigberts Builds ! On regular Lego it's a pair of red shorts et naked lower legs (of an old lady actually ^^) I got 2 of them. For future Firestorm :)
  12. Post Your Superhero Minifig Collections Here!

    So here it is ! Sorry about the quality of the pics. I chose a brick stand which was working better for what I wanted to do even tho dust is a big problem -_- It looks a bit big/empty but it's just that I have made room for future figs. The stand is not really fun to built so I try to just change it once a year Don't really know what to say more... I have other figs but I wanted on this stand (which is the only minifigs I expose) not to have the same character twice or more on it. Sometimes I change the minifg a bit so they are more accurate (took off Deadshot jetpack, not sure if he has one in some version of him, but to me it's not very character-like) or just add details to make them more to my taste (boots on Flash and Superman, "ring" of Green Lantern) Comics version only (some TLBM when they don't look ridiculous even tho I love them) Thinking about making an other stand for movies version... if I find the space ^^
  13. Post Your Superhero Minifig Collections Here!

    Didn't want to either but I confess I have sinned ^^ I just bought my first 2 fake minifigs few weeks ago because of SDCC exclusives... I'll post pictures of my collection right away but I wanted to share this before. I got this little box at McCafé which they give you to go and... I don't know, try something out It's not very good (I did that very quickly), I'm sure you guys could figure out something nicer. But I just wanted to share this free little box, I think it could be great for small collections like Justice League or Avengers :)
  14. Future DC Super Heroes Rumors & Speculation

    ... and Batgirl 66 too. There is a lack of quite some female characters