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  1. Frozone ? I'm not sure it's the same blue...
  2. The 76138 set seems to be called The Joker Escape, I guess that if there's a place to escape from, it's probably Arkham. But choosing an asylum for a 4+ years old set seems a bit weird... Isn't the D2C 76139 set suppose to be a Batvehicle ? If it's true, I don't think The Joker & Harley will be in it, in a Arkham suit And for Shazam, some websites still mention the 76121 set (with a price tag), as a set to come. I don't know how trustworthy are those informations but maybe we'll get one from the movie + the one we already saw in a comics version. Just like they did with Aquaman... Even if it looks like we won't have a Shazam vilain in the 76120 set
  3. It's fantastic (pun intended) I never saw the movie so I don't know how accurate it is but it's very inspiring. Gives a lot of ideas :)
  4. Yeah, it's a character we should have had by now, and especially because the microfighter one came a little bit after we didn't get one for Batman v Superman. Please no joke (that has been made before) about him ^^ I still would have like getting one in the sets
  5. So, we will (potentially) have 4 DC sets and 11 (almost 3x) Marvel sets... ? I complain about too much Batman centric sets but it feels like if it wasn't for Batman, we wouldn't have any ^^
  6. brew

    Post Your Superhero Minifig Collections Here!

    After my SuperHeroes classic theme stand, here's my TLBM collection :) I have other minifigs from this theme but I wanted, on this stand, to show only one per character (one is created). I'm working on something else for the rest of it. I tried to make it "in action" and funny... at least in comparison with my other stand Sorry about the quality of the pics. Here's close ups For those wondering what's the little buiding in the corner. I had two version in mind : this one with no backgrounds and a second one that uses all the builts we have in the sets but It can't be put as it is. It needs a bit of customizing :) I will maybe work on the second one at some point but for now I only kept Harley & Joker's appartment. I tried to keep the designs and colors from what we got in the sets Edit : It not very important but I forgot to say that there's some Justice League members that weren't in TLBM sets but in the movie. Two (Ace & Krypto) that aren't in the movie at all but I wanted to keep the dogs together. And Phyllis that is the movie but not in the sets.
  7. brew

    Future DC Super Heroes Rumors & Speculation

    + it looks like there's a new LEGO DC Super Heroes Visual Dictionary for september with an exclusive minifigure... Any toughts or infos on who it will be ?
  8. brew

    DC Superheroes 2018 - Set Discussion

    Quite weird that there isn't at least one Aquaman movie set, no ? Since the movie is coming at the end of 2018, I taught the sets would be released in the summer wave
  9. Does anyone know what piece is behind the batsuits in the Bat shuttle set ? It will be much appreciated Edit : Found it sorry ^^' : 23444 for those who are interested
  10. Not sure how to take this... but anyway, we are in a rumors section. We do (partially) come here those leaks that some people know about. I think it could be easily more complete, so why not a 4th wave. It could have been true and I like the idea... even tho the third one was already a surprise ^^
  11. So you just think they are planning one ? I'm not english native speaker. You said "know" but maybe we should have asked where this knowlegde is coming from, instead of getting ahead of ourselves haha
  12. Why ? ^^ I'm actually hoping, that we'll get that missing Bat-chopper...
  13. I will get all of those but I taught we were getting Cyborg and Samouraï... it's a bit disapoointing, specially because FaF Harley & Alfred could have been in the Joker Manor, where half of the minifigs beeing just reissue :/ Edit : And also, when you see that Lego put a f**ing dolphin ^^ to Batman. I think they could have made the effort and give the little monkey to Zan or Jayna.
  14. brew

    Post Your Superhero Minifig Collections Here!

    Hahaha ! Yeah too bad for Raven, it was a great opportunity to have her... ... I forgot "no Teen Titans go" ^^