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  1. Wow! This is a wonderful layout and beautiful displays. I am certainly in love with the station and crossing work that was done.
  2. Ghostengineer

    Steamer 10205 power functions?

    Good morning everyone. I’m fairly new to Lego trains(about a year now) and have amassed a collection. Today I just ordered steam locomotive and tender 10205. It has no motor and I don’t do 9v. Everything I have is equipped with power functions. I’m wondering is there any way to install power functions to the 10205? Any help would be appreciated..
  3. Ghostengineer

    Getting an Emerald Night in 2017

    People can be upset and shoot me for saying this, but I purchased the Lepin version of this train and powered it for half of what it cost to get the Lego version. I'm not a purist as I only got into Lego trains about 3 months ago however being a railfan and a railroader, it doesn't matter to me if it's pure Lego or not. I'm quite happy with the emerald night.
  4. It's definitely a beautiful model and very well done. I rode that real car out at the orange empire railroad museum a few years back. They were beuaties.