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  1. The lego fan

    CMF Series 18 guessing game!

    Hang on, how do we know that there will be a cake suit?
  2. The lego fan

    10257 Carousel

    Looks awesome! Love the brick-built animals!
  3. The lego fan

    [MOC] Funicular railway

    Fantastic and very detailed! Good job!
  4. The lego fan

    The Greatest Collectible Minifigure THANKS AND GOODBYE

    Series 5 gladiator for me, though this group was a much weaker group than most. The lego fan
  5. The lego fan

    CMF Series 18 guessing game!

    So, now that it is LIKELY, NOT CONFIRMED from what I've heard, I'll update my list complete with all different suits since the series is rumoured to be a costume party: 1. Elephant suit girl 2. Lego brick suit guy 3. Sloth suit guy 4. Ice cream suit girl 5. Teddy bear suit guy 6. Broccoli suit guy 7. Giraffe suit guy 8. Monkey suit guy 9. Horse suit girl 10. Cucumber suit guy 11. Pen suit guy 12. Dragon during guy 13. Planet suit guy 14. Goat suit girl 15. Pixie suit girl 16. Zebra suit guy The lego fan
  6. Now that the highwayman has been revealed, I'm certainly excited for him and don't think of him as an anti-climax at all! The lego fan
  7. The lego fan

    LEGO Collectable Minifigures Series 17 poll

    Sausage man for sure! The lego fan
  8. Thanks Whitefang! Though addmitedly this series is not the best we've had nor even close for that matter, there are some characters which really excite me: Most certainly the sausage man is my favourite in this series and probably one of my favourite CMFs ever to be honest. He is so cute, friendly, desirable and epic looking. The vet is my second favourite - a new animal mould alongside a new city character makes this minifigure very fun and unique. The secret character intrigues me ; he sure looks cool from what we can now go on. Rocket boy = pretty cool! The gourmet chef looks fabulous - I love the new pie and the hair/hat combo. Even the retro spaceman, who didn't look good to me at all at first sight as he differs so much from a traditional spaceman in my mind now seems to look quite cool. The elf girl, while not my favourite, is a nice addition and looks good too. Butterfly = moderately good. Yuppie - Very good looking and enjoyable. Battle dwarf - Not the best, but it'd be worth getting one. Also, he's a great army builder. All the rest are either un-interesting, have been ruined by a parcticular element or just genrally don't look very good whatsoever. The lego fan
  9. The lego fan


    Vampire for me! The lego fan
  10. Where is this information from? Many thanks, The lego fan
  11. I still don't see why everyone is so confident about this series being costumes - correct me if I'm wrong, but we don't even have any rumours for it being costumes, let alone confirmation. Also, Itaria No Shintaku said that this series was NOT necessarily themed,even, in this thread;it could be that the themed rumour is meant for another series, who knows? I don't know anything more about this series than anyone else, and my theories may be completely wrong, it's just that I think we all should be more carefull in what we start to confirm through multiple posts. Just my personal thoughts, ? The lego fan
  12. The lego fan


    Skater for me! The lego fan
  13. The lego fan


    Gangster for me! The lego fan
  14. The lego fan


    Robot for me, but he was close to the roman. The lego fan