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  1. Superb builds just as a thought have you thought of the type 42 destroyrs though most were air defence built and designed for the Cold War
  2. Gedi1970

    Some mocs

    Is the bottom one an R. O. V? They are all nice builds
  3. Gedi1970

    Pick-a-Brick Cup....Cup

    I must admit that is very clever. I am going to use that idea with kind permission It would please my partner she would love it
  4. Gedi1970

    How many sets do you own?

    I have only just started to collect again after a break of many years but I am up 20 sets and 40 mini figures
  5. Gedi1970

    Show off your LEGO collection!

    I will post my collection soon. I must admit though mine is tiny in comparison to some of you guys
  6. I can not wait to visit the London store. My partner and I will be in London in March. We did visit the Bordeaux store in July 2016 that was great and we are always in the Liverpool store.
  7. Gedi1970

    Book II - Mitgardia: Guild sign-up and Discussion

    I love it. Looks like it could have been a challenging build at times
  8. Gedi1970

    Star Trek Enterprise NX-01 (plus refit)

    Amazing it is brilliant
  9. Gedi1970

    [MOC] The Test Pilot

    Looks really good well done
  10. Gedi1970

    Hi from liverpool

    Hi All I am Ged from Liverpool. As the name suggests I am a Star Wars fan and also a great Lego fan. Just getting back into Lego and I am looking for ideas