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  1. Fianat

    Contest Turtle Contest - Voting Thread

    239 by CIDDI (3 votes) 22. by TrapleS (3 votes) 176. by viracocha (3 votes)
  2. Здорово!

  3. Fianat

    EB Xmas Raffle 2013

    So here is my Xmas entry! Thanks for this Raffle)
  4. Thanks for the congrats! Also thanks to another participants! It was really hard competition. Etzel, your entry is awesome! And of course thank you, Dragonator for an organization of this great contest! You have done really big work!
  5. Etheric Windmill, Xu Peninsular by Cara The Stone Hammer, Strivvian Blacksmith by Scubacarrot
  6. Sandy, thanks for your topic, you have done a really big work)
  7. Temple of Ennoc ----------------------------- Long time ago Ennon was a great kingdom, carrying around the world the light. Its King were honest and wise, Ennon's people had faith. Then one day Ennoc, the Righteous Light came down from the heavens and gave the Ennon's nation the sacred Artifact called the Bringer of Light, which gives infinite wisdom and power of the light magic to its owner. The King of Ennon made the right decision: artifact was hidden deep under the ground, his existence was hidden too, because the King knew that the Bringer of Light can be a power that can change the whole world. The secret of the artifact passed down from father to son. The Kingdom of Ennon was overrun and fell during the Orcish Invansion 250 years ago. The last heir of the Ennon's throne was killed by Orc King Tarokai so a location of the Bringer of Light was lost forever... Many people did not believe in the existence of an artifact, but there are the new rumor across Olegaia says that the artifact still exists. The rumor says that the Bringer of Light is hidden behind a unassailable gate in the depths of the Ennoc's Temple, guarded by the spirit of the Ennoc. Within a few days, hundreds of mercenaries, treasure hunters fitted out their ships to Lost Kingdom. The Paladin Order can't allow falling of artifact into the wrong hands, otherwise the balance of good and evil in the world would changed. So High Priestess of the Paladin Order resorted to the help of Heroica to protect the artifact and save it from the evil. Now the fate of the world is lying in the hands of the Heroes... The ship sailed out from the Eubric port and after a couple of days they reached lands of Lost Kingdom. In the forests Waldurk they met a lot of dangerous creatures and cold-blooded killers. Breaking the this terrible way, they finally got to the sacred shrine of Ennoc. But not the first... These photos are links to my Flickr page with larger versions. Good luck to everyone!
  8. Hello guys) Can you tell me something about the Ennon and there are quests that connecting with this land? Thanks
  9. Fianat

    WINNERS: Hero Factory Contest!

  10. Fianat

    Vote Hero or Monster Voting - Digital Heroes

    1 for Prometheus 2 for Marshall Boyle
  11. 2 points Nick Evero 1 point Hector Steelson XL
  12. Fianat

    B/A: Marcus Fisher

    Amazing entry! Perfect photos and a hundred of gorgeous design parts! The transformation is gorgeous too. Incredible use of mask in "after" version. 10/10
  13. 3 Points to Marcus Fisher
  14. Fianat

    SKYHOLM- the flying city

    Thanks, guys!
  15. Fianat

    SKYHOLM- the flying city

    Thanks=3 I have done it for a contest, so I had deadline (only 25 days). I think it tooks near 130 hours to build.