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  1. Miss Kyle


    Awesome! See you tomorrow then :)
  2. Miss Kyle


    I'll be at the DK stand at the ExCel tomorrow evening - come and say hi! :)
  3. Ever been to Germany? The true masters of train strikes.
  4. Have a safe trip everyone, see you all tomorrow night!
  5. Oh great, I hate thunderstorms. Take the 10.11 from Slough, please!
  6. Hi guys, this is my suggestion for the London tour. At Paddington, we take the tube to Victoria. From there, we'll walk to Buckingham Palace, and if it's not too busy (which it will probably be), we might be lucky enough to see the Change of the Guards at 11.30. Afterwards, we walk up the Mall to Trafalgar Square and take a look around. Then, it will probably be time for lunch. There are a good number of lunch places on the Strand, from sushi at itsu to sandwiches at PrĂȘt and the best (but, alas, not cheapest) hamburgers in the world at Byron. We could split up as we probably can't make everyone happy, and meet again later. After lunch, we walk towards the river to Westminster to see the Houses of Parliament (or how a dad I overheard there put it: "where all the mp's sit and shout at each other") and Big Ben. We'll cross the river and walk past the Big Wheel to Waterloo, where we take the tube to Soho to go crazy in the Forbidden Planet. To top it all off, we'll take another train to Westfields Shepherd's Bush, brave the shoppers and finish our tour at one of the London LEGO stores. From there it's only a short tube journey back to Paddington, where we take the train back to Slough at about 5 pm. Now, fortunately the strike was called off, so I'll give you a convenient train time soon. We'll hopefully be on that train, coming from Reading, and will meet you at Paddington. Of course, this itinerary is only one option - the one I am going to go with. It's perfectly fine for anyone to do their own thing and meet us at one of the landmarks, or even back at Paddington or Slough, if you know your way around trains. :) When you buy your train ticket, you should not take the cheaper off-peak ticket, as you can't take any train for the way back with it and might have to wait until it becomes valid. But do make sure you go for the Travelcard option when booking the tickets - we need zones 1-2, but there might only be the zone 1-6 option, which is fine, too.
  7. Miss Kyle

    Windsor 2015 trading post

    Aw, that's a shame! But thanks for checking!
  8. No you won't. San Miguel for both of us, please!
  9. Hi all, unfortunately, a rail strike was announced for the event Friday, which would either delay our journey to London or make it completely impossible - alternative schedules haven't been announced yet. Let's hope they sort things out in time, if not, we might need a plan B. :(
  10. Miss Kyle

    Windsor 2015 trading post

    Hey Quarry, any luck with the Simpsons? Please let me know, so I can check my funds :)
  11. Okay cool. Now all we need is a good pub.
  12. Okay cool, that helps a lot! I think I'll make it a mix of touristy and geeky things - everyone should have seen the Forbidden Planet, for example. :) And I suppose we can't go too wrong with a LEGO store as well?
  13. Don't give away the lunch plans!! ;)
  14. Yay! The DK presentation will be small, but hopefully special! :) As for the London trip - all ye who would like to go, please let me know what you would like to see or are generally interested in. I would be happy not to go to the same places over and over again and choose some more unusual sights instead. I'll sit down over the weekend and draw up some suggestions and recommendations, but will let you decide in the end.
  15. Miss Kyle

    Windsor 2015 trading post

    As you like - I'll happily keep them!