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  1. Lookin good all ! Category A #1 #13 #7 Category B #2
  2. Stice

    Disney Princess 2016 Rumors and Discussion

    Someone from japan posted 2 for sale on ebay (of belles) set for june 3rd release
  3. Lol, i had to sell an integrity doll (that i also collect ) to buy these , i got a full set for me and a full set for my three boys ,the extras i may customize .. :)
  4. Make sure to check your boxes , if buying a full one !!!!! I went to chapters here in windsor ,ontario (canada) and they had gotten 4 full boxes , they had put 2 out , so when i went in ,the lady got a box from the back ,opened it and i had told her theres 60 in there ,so she rang em up and when i got to my car i decided to count them , good thing too ,the box only had 57 , so i went back in ,the cashier counted too and sure enough ,only 57 , and when i asked if they had any more full boxes, and she said they had one , so she got that one out and we counted them before i even left ,and ONLY 58 in that one ????? So out of the opened displayed ones i got two extra from there , but ended up missing out on my third ursula :( When i felt thru the two i got to choose (i didnt have much time ) i did manage to get the mr.incredible i needed ... But geeeeez :(
  5. Stice

    LEGO Disney Minifigures - Quick look!

    You forgot the helmet for buzz , is it in pieces in the bags (for feeling purposes ) or is it on giant piece ? Otherwise super pics !!
  6. Anyone know of any stores in canada that could possibly have them and have put them out early , mainly in windsor area ;)
  7. I saw it on facebook,but cant find it now ... Does anyone know how many of each character per box ?
  8. Stice

    Disney Princess 2016 Rumors and Discussion

    When will the belle set be for sale ? anyone know ?
  9. Im building it too as we speak , i finished the first ,and second half (not the sides ,which i see slimer in my next bag to open ) its fantastic though eh ? !
  10. Nope , i really like them and plan on getting them all too ! :)
  11. Oh gosh ,looks like im a little late on the topic ,pics were already posted 2 pages back I really like ariel and ursela, although i may be partial cause my fav movie as a kid was little mermaid ;)
  12. Awesome huh ?ill be picking them all up in may ;)
  13. Minifigure price guide posted this on facebook.. Forget it ,files too big , but look then up on facebook ,theres a pic ;)