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  1. Actually.... the 2012 Employee set was the 4000007 OLE KIRK HOUSE. The workshop, which was not made into a set, was located on property behind the house.....{}
  2. LEGOLAND non-production parts

    From my LEGO acquaintance Michael Christianset of Denmark (no relation to the LEGO family).... Esso Petrol Pumps, along with a production Esso Pump set...... These date to about 1956.....
  3. Unreleased/Cancelled LEGO Sets

    Don't get me started.... .... there's the Cypress tree moulds....the old rail cap moulds.... and on and on....
  4. Unreleased/Cancelled LEGO Sets

    I wouldn't read too much into anything that TLG does.... and try to make logic out of it. They've done so many things in the past that make absolutely no sense, that I sometimes wonder if different parts of the company were at one time run like little fiefdoms (or maybe it was in the past)... and they were not always on the same page for the greater good of the company. Also, LEGO never threw anything away.... so if they had some new boxes produced, but not yet put into production... they weren't going to throw them away because they decided to make a big change in their individual systems. As long as items were still in inventory... TLG continued to produce older products, even though new ones were ready to come online.
  5. Missing Slopes

    One slope I had always wanted was the 2x2 (45 degree) outside corner (convex) slope in trans-clear.... I always wanted to use them with the bazillion regular 2x2 trans-clear slopes I had.... and when I heard that TLG was going to put out an architectural set of part of the Louvre Museum with Le Pyramid in clear... I was momentarily excited that they would create the outside corner in trans-clear. But for some odd reason TLG decided to go with a "weird build technique" that wasn't as smooth as just using 45 degree trans-clear slopes.... TLG... the dream crusher!!
  6. I always get a chuckle when dealing with LEGO anniversaries.... usually because LTG doesn't always get it right.... for example.... 1957 (late in year) first appearance of the tube bottom brick, but Patent was sent in in January 1958. Where do people get the idea that LEGO bricks didn't exist before 1958? There were (1949) slotted bricks and (1956) hollow bottom bricks, before the advent of the tube bottom bricks. So many LEGO anniversaries are either ignored by TLG or they got them wrong. I remember the 1998 introduction of the Silver Anniversary Bucket (with silver 2x4 brick) and Tub sets to mark 25 years of LEGO in the USA. Well that wasn't quite right. 1973 was the first year that TLG took back the USA LEGO license from USA Samsonite (they had it since 1961).... and not the true anniversary of the first year of LEGO in the USA. Sometimes TLG produces ambiguous anniversaries... that aren't quite right... but close...... Some anniversaries get skipped altogether by TLG.... so if you don't anticipate them.... you won't be disappointed when they're not celebrated.
  7. HELP! Can't Find Red Lego Briefcase

    The key comment to the Original Posters description was "flappable handle". None of the Samsonite carrying cases (made in either red or blue from 1966-71) had a flappable handle... they were all non-moving handles. However... that said... even the European carrying cases were of a non-moving handle type.....
  8. Missing Slopes

    Ole, I love to look at your prototypes.... The one (in my opinion) that would be the most useful would be the 2x2x3 78 degree concave corner slope. would make some great Mansard roofs. Not only desn't TLG compete "systems" that would be useful when used together... but they don't have them in matching color combinations. Such as the 3x3 33 degree slope double convex corner that they used for the first time in the Robie House architectural set. They don't make them in colors that are useful with other bricks of that type. TLG got away from their "System" back around 1998 when the LEGO color explosion started....
  9. A LEGO Encyclopedia is in the works...

    Na sicher kann ich noch Deutsch sprechen.... meine Mutter hat Fränisch gesprochen, meine Vater hat Donauschwäbish gesprochen und ich habe Hoch Deutsch in die Schule hier in Amerika gelernt. Da kenne ich noch 3 dialekten! The online version will be around a while longer.... and current owners will get updates with all the information in the 9 volume set... since the online guide is the baseline dcument. I just don't know exactly when I have to stop accepting additional orders of the online guide.
  10. A LEGO Encyclopedia is in the works...

    Yes, I'm familiar with'No Starch Press' I know several LEGO books on building (such as Allan Bedford's book) that are self published. The first country is as I mentioned China that will print my 9 volume series. However they will also promote and advertise my volumes, just like they do other LEGO volumes that they produced for the Chinese market. Here's a little bit of a background about me and the volumes (and online collectors guide)... I've been a builder, a collector, and now historian after 56 years.
  11. A LEGO Encyclopedia is in the works...

    I can understand your reasoning.... but there's no guarantee that it WILL get printed in English. Logic would have it so... but apparently the really deep pockets publishers appear to be in Asia... I only hope that an English language publisher pickes up the option before the English online version becomes a closed edition....
  12. A LEGO Encyclopedia is in the works...

    Yes, the dates didn't match up at first, because in order to balance out each volume to about 450 pages, we had to guess on the preliminary artwork. Volume 1 is actually 1949-67, Volume 2 is 1968-79, Volume 3 is 1980-93, Volume 4 is 1994-2002 and so on.... Here's "Volume B"...
  13. A LEGO Encyclopedia is in the works...

    Here's an example of some of my chapters (that will be in the Chinese books, as well as my online computer desktop guide).... LEGO Classic Castle is already in the online guide.... And early LEGO Basic Sets (1953-65) has been updated... it is probably the most complex chapter in the guide.... some sets come in as many as 11 different box types.... On a different note..... LEGO sets.... Volume 4 of the guide....
  14. A LEGO Encyclopedia is in the works...

    Here's how one of the miscellaneous volumes will look like.... what I call Volume A, rare and varied parts thru the ages. This Volume will also have a chapter on Fake LEGO Parts... such as spotting the fake radar dish to the pricey 10179 Milennium Falcon set, and other valuable rare parts. Fake parts and boxes/inserts are becoming a big problem in the LEGO world! Most of the chapters in this volume are from my desktop computer guide. There will be an added chapter on the LEGO marbled and test bricks (Bayer, BASF, Grangemouth, etc). This is "Volume C"... which will have mainly LEGO retailer items, including glued display models... retailer display stands, LEGO stores thru the ages, and retailer catalog images that we never got to see! Those chapters that aren't already in my current computer desktop guide... will get added to that as well.
  15. I've missed being on Eurobricks for quite some time now... I haven't been around because I've been working on a secret LEGO project that no longer has to be secret any more... a multi-volume LEGO Encyclopedia of all LEGO sets from day 1... 1949 until 2017. This will be a 6 volume series (450 pages per volume)... the production date will be later this year. Then I will work on 3 additional volumes (350 pages per volume)... LEGO rare or unusual parts (Volume A), Early LEGO toys... wooden and plastic, 1934-60 (Volume B), and a unique book (Volume C) that covers mainly LEGO retailer items, such as display stands, glued display models, and related promotional items... as well as LEGO store displays thru the years. Now that's the good news.... the bad news is that the first country to sell this is China... and it is being translated to simplified Chinese..... LEGO is sizzling hot in China right now, and the publisher (who publishes all LEGO books in the China market) offered a large hard cover book deal. I'm talking to a USA publisher about printing this in English, but that is just in the talking stages right now.... I hope to have it out in English soon, but there are no guarantees. For those of you who have my online version of my LEGO Collectors Guide.... the good news for you folks is that all the info going into this much larger paper (hardcover) guide, will be available to you as free updates (in English ). The publisher wants me to stop selling my online guide (still available, but not for very much longer).... the paper volumes will be much more expensive than the immediate $29.95 online computer desktop version. So I will not be able to offer that one much longer... except as free updates to existing owners.... as the volumes are completed. In fact it's my online guide that is being broken up (and brought forward to 2017) to create the 6 volume set encyclopedia, as well as the 3 additional volumes.