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  1. Japanbuilder

    Star Wars Rebels

    Well I am board with a continued tale of Rebels. I enjoyed the show for what it was for the most part but also because I need Zeb in minifig form! I missed the first run of him and I am not wiling to pay after market prices for him. So yes, I am being totally selfish and unrealistic! But I gotta have hope! LEGO give me the Zeb!
  2. Japanbuilder

    Star Wars

    As titles that would have been interesting but given how they played out it would have just made people angrier (if that is even possible). TFA had only, what? 30seconds of content of the "last Jedi." Set up no events between EPVI and EPVII that made caring about the story fun and then we get to EPVIII which jettisoned most of EPVII anyway, and Rey "beat" Kylo twice now so the Emperor has to come back to literally be the dead horse that gets beat, I guess? Yeah. Now I still like TFA for what it is and don't mind the Last Jedi again for what it is, but taken together as a whole this trilogy is on par with the prequels for me in terms of nonsense and non-structure. On the plus side it has weeded out the good from the bad and more content has been getting added in the meantime. I am sure something will appeal so everyone in some regard so it is not a lost cause for Disney but certainly they have to work harder in the search for more money behind Star Wars.
  3. Japanbuilder

    TLG acquires Bricklink

    There is a lot at stake now at TLG with this. If this gets ruined it will simply lead to alternatives to BL flourishing. TLG can't possibly buy them all up. That said, expect teething problems with this.
  4. Japanbuilder

    What was the last movie you watched?

    Saw Ad Astra over the weekend. Visually appealing but otherwise a bit shallow for me personally. Still with the current LEGO line up looking a lot like what is on film there the timing is great! You can make cowboy astronauts now just equip em with a nozzle piece and you are off to Ad Astra in LEGO form =)
  5. Japanbuilder

    Star Wars

    I was hyped at first but I am keeping my expectations in check this time around. While I like the first two films in this trilogy I am curious about a few things from a narrative perspective. 1. Kylo got beat by Rey in TFA so what exactly are we looking forward to here? 2. Rey is still up to unearned awesomeness from the looks of it. 3. Hearing Palpatine made my heart sink a bit. In that if he comes back at all it means Luke achieved nothing, not one thing except exposing his father's latent good side. 4. Pasting Lando on a scene just felt like "see it's Star Wars" and also "desert skiff" see you like this right?????? Hmm.... 5. That title. Skywalker as the new nomen for "Force User?" or Kylo redeemed (which would make ppl explode at this point), or Kylo/Snoke was lying to Rey all along by making her seem like a nobody when in truth Luke got around at his temple and fathered a child??? But see my point 3, is that then Luke's only achievement? Again just concerned here. From a narrative stand point it has a lot of ground to cover and only 2 hours or so to do it. I doubt they've jumped on board to save the franchise(specially since judging form their wording from various sources they literally had no plan for this trilogy) but surely to minimize the rift in the fandom at least for a little bit.
  6. Japanbuilder

    DC Comics Cinematic Universe

    We shall see, the rumor mill is going crazy. Cavill back in the Shazam cameo is among them now it seems. Just wait for confirmation folks like we used to oh so long ago, in the mid 1990s.
  7. Japanbuilder

    Star Wars

    Actually, it is not surprising given the fact that no one wants the job. A split fan-base, controversy everywhere, boycotts. No one in their right mind wants to touch this gig. 3 years is simply a stay of execution in the biz. She can either turn it around or, given that this has only increased fan ire, gives Disney time to seriously search for her replacement. Her past is in the past, they care only about the money going forward. While I am sure they broke even on their investment at this point, I think they would prefer to see a profit instead.
  8. Ah, so beautiful. Alas I live in a place that is prone to earthquakes and where LEGO is imported from far away. Making getting the Falcon expensive plus the stand and then the fear some tremor will send it all tumbling down >.< But I can stare at these pictures and dream that impossible dream, I shall live vicariously through these images. Thanks!
  9. Japanbuilder

    My future as a LEGO fan

    I get a guilty feeling too at times since I too prefer licensed stuff. I build it and then display it rarely touching it again. Though I do let my kids play with my Star Wars stuff. They know daddy's stuff goes back where they found it though. But on the whole they go unused. Building them does make me happy though and I love the process of creation and discovering how the set is to be completed with so many random parts. But as an adult I just accept that I just don't play like I would if I was a kid. But that too is part of being an adult I guess. It is my "display" collection. I get really happy seeing my troopers and ships lined up just so on my shelves. I will even pick them up every so often and just admire the design and printing on the figures. Pick up the vehicles here and there and dust them and place them perhaps in a new way to display them differently. As long as you are not squandering retirement money, rent/mortgage money or utility money or food money on LEGO don't feel bad. As adults we get our little perks here and there.
  10. I have a 6 year old and a 3 year old. They both love their LEGO. I get them a mix of Duplo, Friends and Princess since that is what they're into. They build them with me and are happy to take them apart (except the biggish sets they love to play house with those). Yet, despite my spoiling them with licensed sets and friends stuff I have noticed I get a lot more bang for my buck with Classic buckets. Even the 5 dollar sets are a boon. They literally spend hours spilling pieces onto the floor and just building w/e comes to mind. I throw in City starter sets to give them figures to play with since they don't associate the bucket parts with Friends or Duplo. When they finish building, however, they are more than happy to mingle their city minifigs with the minidolls no problem. I would not worry about sorting or anything fancy but look at the Classic and Creator line and see what strikes their fancy, those free roaming bricks that are meant to be cobbled into anything seem to work really well with my kids. Start small and see what grabs them and gets their creativity running wild. Also dinosaurs are big still even with my kids. Those eyeball parts really make them go wild making funky dinosaur-lion-hippo things. It is fun to play with kids when they do that kind of stuff.
  11. Japanbuilder

    What Causes Lego Bricks to Deteriorate?

    I worry about this lots as well. Living in Japan the weather changes wildly in summer and winter. Construction of homes here is strict due to earthquakes so what we would call "insulation" is rather scant and rooms can in many cases get hotter or colder than the outside temperature. Add to this the rainy season which blows humidity through the roof and things get wonky fast. For a bit over 2 years I have kept my growing LEGO collection in plastic drawer/shelf things for storage and my display sets on regular shelves and tables in a darkened room. So far the LEGO has held up but I worry about the hands on my minifigures getting brittle from holding accessories through all these weather changes. Already things I display that are made of PVC have partially melted and had paint run off them in the rainy season. I know LEGO is ABS but such temperature extremes can't be good. Maintaining the rooms at comfortable temperatures is also out of the question as that would get awfully expensive awfully fast. I only hope the quality of the ABS lasts at least a decade or more but it is a constant worry. Stuff stored in bins also worries means as they trap too much heat and humidity during summer and get just as cold as the room in the winter. Moulding is also a problem, stuff gets pale white with mould and other fungus just growing on nearly everything which is nasty but with so many bins and so many damp dark places it gets tough to control. Collecting things made solely of PVC or pleathered items like say Hot Toys would be an expensive gamble around here. The only plus side seems to be no yellowing bricks have popped up so far. I do try to shift as many of my figures as I can, specially the ones holding things in their hands but at over 400 figures that gets a bit difficult to keep up with >.<
  12. Japanbuilder

    When Should City be Cancelled?

    LEGO's selection would look awfully barren without City. Police sets sell, and sell well. It is a success story within the LEGO brand pretty much year over year. While I do feel the pain of mostly Cops and Robbers I also appreciate the rest of the selection. The builds get better the pieces more diverse and the possibilities even more amazing year over year. Also the unsightly shooters and net launchers can be easily left out of builds if you don't prefer them to use them. To the target market though this level of interaction is necessary anymore and frankly I welcome it, it encourages further innovation and research on LEGO's part. Plus for the time being there seems to be something for a fairly broad market and of course being LEGO the potential to mix and match from the existing lines is always present. The limit is only what you one can imagine doing with the bricks.
  13. Japanbuilder

    Star Wars Rebels

    I liked these two episodes a lot. A lot more than I thought I would. The only thing was it only tangentially set anything up for the "Finale." Usually they give us a big problem to stew on before it is resolved but nope, this time I guess they will throw everything including the kitchen sink at us during the actual last show. Interestingly, this method of going about it has me even more interested in how it is going to shape up! I will miss this series, flaws and all, when it is all said and done.
  14. Japanbuilder

    Do you buy toys other than LEGO?

    Being a huge nerd sure does cause me to have to choose between LEGO and other stuff. Usually if it is not LEGO it is Bandai or Hasbro action figures. On occasion I will pick up a FIGMA action figure or an Amazing Yamaguchi and even some Medicom MAFEX. But not much else besides that. My collection is still overwhelmingly LEGO.
  15. That feels faster than TFA for some reason. I hope that date is similar here in Japan.