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    Disney CMF - Wishlists

    I read somewhere that the series would contain a mix of classic and newer Disney characters, as well as some Pixar characters. I highly doubt that properties like Marvel/Star Wars/Muppets will be included, so here is my wishlist/guesslist for the new series: 1. Mickey Mouse 2. Minnie Mouse 3. Goofy 4. Donald Duck 5. Snow White 6. Dopey 7. Peter Pan 8. Captain Hook 9. Aladdin 10. Jafar 11. Hiro 12. Baymax 13. Mary Poppins 14. Bert 15. Mike Wazowski 16. Sully 17. Maleficent (from the 2014 film) 18. Cinderella (from the 2015 film) Regardless if which characters are chosen, I am very curious to see how these turn out!
  2. The Harry Potter line was one of my favorites and I (like many) was crushed when it was discontinued. I have been working on decals of characters that were not released, based on their appearances in the Traveller's Tales games. I haven't actually used any of the decals yet, so I'm not sure how they would look on a physical figure (I'm waiting for the technology to catch up so that I can affordably make LEGO-quality figures). I'm not sure how many other Potterheads are out there, but I thought I would share a few that I have worked on. Enjoy! Nymphadora Tonks: tonks by Orpheus McAdams, on Flickr Dudley Dursley: dudley by Orpheus McAdams, on Flickr Cedric Diggory: cedric.svg-path4647-456 by Orpheus McAdams, on Flickr I welcome any feedback on these!