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  1. If you're running Catalina on your Mac, you can put High Sierra or another OS on an external drive and boot your Mac from the drive and then continue to use LDD.
  2. Until reading your review, I couldn't think of a reason to put up with Heathrow's appalling queues, but now I have a reason to re-visit London!
  3. thelegoaddict

    LDD MOC- Hogwarts Castle

    This is outstanding! Not only so well-designed and detailed, but do I understand correctly that it's modular, too? The spouse and I are regularly underwhelmed by the official Hogwarts sets, though the mini-version in micro-figure scale coming out later this month or next is on our wish list. I can't imagine having the time or money to build a full-size mini figure scale model, but it's certainly fun to dream about! Thank you for sharing the .lxf file! I had not quite mastered the use of LDD when a brain tumor and resulting surgery compromised my memory and cognition, so I'm learning again! I can learn so much from others' LDD designs. Thanks again for sharing your ingenuity!
  4. thelegoaddict

    [MOC] Sleeping Beauty Castle and Cinderella's Carriage

    An ingenious design and build! Very inventive use of the pink to compensate for lack of available parts, and the tower designs are amazing! Thanks for sharing this labor of love.
  5. thelegoaddict

    About paying homages and chinese third party minifigures

    Question: Considering that these third party do not pay any royalties, credits, or homages to neither LEGO or MARVEL/DC/whatever, don't you feel that it is ethically wrong to buy such minifigures? -Absolutely, I believe it's ethically wrong to purchase unlicensed minifigures. I must be living under a rock, because I don't even know where such items would be sold. I only purchase from TLG or BrickLink, and on rare occasion from a vendor at an AFOL fair.
  6. thelegoaddict

    MOC: The Ocean Restaurant

    Excellent example of art deco architecture with fantastic details. I'm so glad you decided to do an interior. I can almost smell the pastrami and apple pie. I love the included moped parking, also!