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  1. Dear fellow “L-Gauge” Hobbyists, Happy Holidays from ME Models! This is the update that all of you have been waiting for! ME Models Metal Rails are now available for you to purchase at www.me-models.com. After six years of product development and additional support from a KickStarter campaign, we are now delivering the additional 9-volt geometries. Please take a few moments to read through this announcement as it contains a lot of information that should address all of your concerns and needs. There will be future updates post-project as we field questions from the community. We are sure that there are questions as to why it has taken a few additional months to deliver since our last update in late August. Our last 12 months of work has been spent re-configuring, testing, and re-testing design and functionality of our new 9-volt track. Our success in delivering a reliable product was a direct result of several costly mold re-configurations, live electrical testing, material resourcing, and endless hours of scrutinizing electrical connectivity. The new track configuration we are producing is the most economical, efficient and reliable design that will allow for ease of “L-gauge” system expansion. We wanted to come as close as we could to replicating the old 9-volt track configuration and to make sure that it would be affordable so that everyone could continue to enjoy the hobby at a reasonable cost. We know that the current “L-gauge” hobbyist is going to continue to use existing “L-gauge” track to run 9-volt power. ME Models is committed to extending the life of the “L-gauge” system by helping to make “L-gauge” a mainstream model railway scale. The ME Models Metal Rail System will be able to connect directly into your entire existing “L-gauge” 9-volt track by using the ME “Conversion Section.” This section replicates the existing 9-volt connection on one end and allows you to convert into our new design from the other. We have eliminated any possible failures of electrical connectivity issues by using rail joiners as a way to connect the metal rail. The rail joiner that you see is not new. It has been around for nearly 60 years and is used by just about every other model railway system in all gauges. The introduction of the rail joiner to the current system brings the “L-gauge” hobby in line with all the other main line model railroad systems. When fully assembled, the ME Models metal rail system is aesthetically the same as what you are used to seeing. We also want to make clear that our current plastic power function compatible “L-gauge” track will not have any change. Color options for metal rail ballast include Blue-Gray or Dark Brown. Please refer to our website www.me-models.com for additional product specifications and use. We know there are many of you waiting on your rewards. This includes KickStarter, KickBacker and July 2016 Extension period supporters. All rewards for supporters will be sent within the next 4 weeks and throughout the Holiday and New Year period. WE WILL BE ADDING ONE CONVERSION PACK PER LOOP ORDERED AT NO EXTRA COST. We appreciate your continued support and patience. We will be adding a wide range of additional track geometries in 2017. Merry Christmas, ME Models
  2. Hello Guys, I hope all is well with everyone. It looks like everybody has been busy working on their layouts and rolling stock. There is a lot of nice stuff being created this winter! The following is an official update from ME Models. I hope to address most of everyone's concerns and issues. If there is anything that you want to discuss about what you have ordered or are waiting for, via kickstarter, please write me personally and I will address your issues. So here goes: We have been waiting for our last couple of orders that we placed for parts from our manufacturer. Our parts supplier had a very serious heart ailment occur Christmas day and has not been servicing their clients since the episode. The company has just begun parts production this past Monday and we have been re-assured that our orders will be completed by early next week. We will resume shipments soon after we get them packaged. That includes November, December and January plastic orders both from our site and kickstarter. As for the metal track, we have been keeping everyone informed on our progress. Our biggest hurdle has been keeping the tolerances of the cnc drilled holes under the curves. After nearly 6 years of proto-typing, testing, changing from manufacturer to manufacturer and not to mention the thousands of dollars we have spent, the molds for the new metal track are now finished. We will be starting production once we have completed our testing of our new equipment. Pictures will follow shortly. Again, if you have backed our project, you will be receiving your reward as ME Models has promised. Mike ME Models
  3. A significant portion of our backer support on KickStarter went uncollected for a variety of reasons that are out of our control. This percentage was even higher than KickStarter projections. While $87,000 is posted as the pledged support, less than $49,000 after fees was actually collected. The KickStarter pledges went to support the funding of our molds and initial runs of material. In the ten months since that time, we have been personally funding the uncollected percentage (approximately $38,000). This is also the reason we chose to begin selling the plastic rails on our website, as every bag we sell allows us to set aside one for the KickStarter pledges. The fastest way for us to produce product for everyone as for KickStarter backers to receive their pledge is for our supporters to purchase rail online until we succeed in overcoming the backer deficit. Our previous updates have been posted in accordance with timelines given by our manufacturer. As we are not their only client, we do have to wait longer than expected in some cases. While this is not entirely in our control, we are moving faster than we have ever before. It is ME Models' pledge that all backers will receive their order in due time. Again, we appreciate your patience, support and understanding. Mike ME Models
  4. A simple way to make 9v metal track

    I hope all is well with everyone, As Steve has said we had a nice conversation. Ideas take time to develop. As for where ME stands, we are currently working to finish the manufacturing process of our metal rails. If anyone has specific questions please e-mail us directly at info@me-models.com Regards, MIke ME Models
  5. Hankdelsi Just the plastic for now, but we are getting closer on the metal!! See the pictures posted above Mike
  6. Hi Guys, I am writing to let everyone know that we just received our parts order that we placed over 4 weeks ago. We will be doing our best to get as many orders out as we can. We have placed another large parts order and it should arrive MUCH faster than the last one. We apologize for the lack of speed but we are back on the track ( NO PUN INTENDED). We have always been on the level with everybody and will always have our door open to everyone. If you have an order in the system, make no mistake, we will get it to you. Mike ME Models
  7. Joining older 12v and new RC/PF rails

    Hi Guys, I believe we fixed the calculator a while ago. We review all orders and if the postage is not right, we will make it right. Mike
  8. Joining older 12v and new RC/PF rails

    Hi guys, Eric and I solved the problem with this: http://www.me-models.com/store/product_info.php?products_id=146&osCsid=55e5jkmaevc1edctlmn0js87p6 a cheap way to connect all your different tracks (.25 a piece) -- they work with everything but flex track. Mike
  9. LoneBrickerSG, The straight rails will snap directly down onto any baseplate or LEGO stud (bricks, plates or whatever other stud laiden part you want to use) . The curves cannot because of the obvious, but you can snap any brick or plate into the bottom channel. You can connect any of our curves or straights with 1x4 plates. Mike
  10. Coaster, As of right now we have no plans to make track like the old 9 volt. As you know it is complex and we just do not have enough capital to invest in the equipment needed to deliver it. We ran an experiment on Ebay in 2012 with standard length metal rails and plastic hammered into tight holes. Two for $5.00. We stated that they would not be able to carry power and that they were essentially seconds. We sold them as one piece units in blue-gray and red-brown. We sold quite a few of them and had no complaints. Hobbyist basically used them as fillers or for extending their layouts for use with the new PF motors. We could change the hole diameters of the new design and make them one piece units if the demand warrants it. It depends on what you prefer. Being able to ballast your way OR just plug and play. I hope I answered your question. The one piece plastic units will be for sale sometime next week in all geometries and in different color combinations. Mike
  11. Hey Guys, We did not mean to hurt anyone's feelings. What I should have said is that we are finally tackling the larger pledges / i.e. the larger orders. We will be making the final push on the ALL PLASTIC and then on to the mixed orders ( Plastic & Metal ) Plastic going out first. From our point of view -- everyone counts!!!! Mike
  12. The main reason for our strategy / madness is simple ..... cost. We picked up the postage/shipping cost on all kick-starter and kick-backer pledges. We had hoped that the metal would have been done the same time as the plastic. This is not the case, to try and appease our supporters we decided to ship product as soon as we have it in hand. If you pledged for both you will be getting 2 shipments and the plastic rail will be first out to you.
  13. Hello Aaron, We are near the bottom of the all plastic orders. Next up is the dual/mixed orders. (Plastic & Metal) Probably will start shipping early next week. We will be shipping the plastic part of the order first, then the metal. Our metal shop has finished the time study and production process system. Just waiting for the metal to be delivered. Again, we appreciate everyone's patience and understanding. Mike
  14. ME Models Custom Track - A Review

    Hi guys, We will also be releasing one piece units as well. Once we get all of the shipping under control and the metal to market. The one piece units will be fused together. This will allow plug and play if you are not interested in ballasting and modeling in scale. The rails were designed to allow for the MOST flexibility in ballasting, in order to achieve that, we eliminated the pins. Thus, when you are on carpet you may get a "pop" and have to make adjustments. We tested the rails for 6 weeks. We even went tighter and found that after a minute or two the rails and ballast would "pop" out on their own. We can add pins with no issue to secure everything but ballasting then becomes more challenging. Again, if ballasting is not part of your hobby then the one piece units would be the way to go, especially for kids and carpet set-up. Mike ME Models
  15. Jeremy, We will follow-up and make sure you get it! Mike