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    AG - Rules and FAQ

    I have seen a lot of questions about job bonuses and I don't understand the big deel. It's just 3 credits extra for some of your builds, right? Why would anyone actualy buy "Memory implant" when they could, for less then a third of the price, buy the "Gold Tooth" and get 10 credits extra for every build and challenges too unless I'm mistaken. Is it something else about the job classas or do people just think it's cool with two jobs?
  2. EpsilonEta

    [M - B03] Experiment X2B03

    Fantastic lab and a fun story. (I'm an Kawashita spy so secret I dont have a sigfig yet. I'll be joining soon)
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    Hi, I'm Erik from Sweden

    Hi My name is Erik Hagsved. EpsilonEta on the internet. I unpacked my old Lego about 10 years ago and have been a member of the Swedish forum/LUG Swebrick for about 3 years. During my time as an AFOL I have been to BrickCon (Seattle, USA) twice and Lego Fan Weekend (Skærbæk, Denmark) once. As well as 4 exhibitions in Sweden. You might no't see to much of me here. I mainly signed up for the Andromeda's GATE game and I'm not even sure how mush I'll post there. Some of my MOCs can be found on my flickr and MOCpages.
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    Hi, I'm Erik from Sweden

    Thanks (and same to you) I might have to show them here to.
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    Hi, I'm Erik from Sweden

    Thank you. So do you, I have seen several of your MOCs before.