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  1. super_st

    WiP: MOC Fort and Harbour

    Just placed a brick order, going to try and do a rock formation underneath the dark bluish grey section on the near left and also extend that all down the lefthand side. Hopefully that will look good :D Also go to pearl dark grey gates....see if i can fit them in somewhere LOL if not oh well. Hopefully get some updated pics late next week. Will try and get ships at the dock aswell :D I have the carribean clipper and the 6271 Imperial flagship, Only the small ones so should fit in nice
  2. super_st

    WiP: MOC Fort and Harbour

    Lol might have to try that :) Thought about getting some new sets and trying to incorporate them in at some point, I will have to see how big my wallet is haha Just realised at some point I will have to build another fort for the bluecoats haha oh well may have to make more room in the loft LOL
  3. super_st

    WiP: MOC Fort and Harbour

    Thanks for the positive feedback and suggestions, still loads to do as still finding my feet at a design level Yes I will do when I get around to it :) I do have a similar size army of red and blue coats but the answer to your question will be redcoats, I didn't have a spare large redcoats flag so just propped up the blue one for the minute :)
  4. super_st

    WiP: MOC Fort and Harbour

    Hi all, wanted to share my work in progress Fort with Harbour. never done anything like this before but started a couple of months ago after getting the lego out of the loft after 20 years of darkness. As a kid i always wanted a fort and harbour to go with my ships and never had one and rather than buy the Elderado Fortress etc i though i would build my own. I started with bricklinking the 6242 soliders fort as i liked the modular design. I used this as a starting point, extended it a little, then moved onto the fort itself. Now i wanted a raised baseplate but something alittle different and found a grey one cheap :D think its used for the police stations set etc. As i say its work in progress, but starting to get the idea of where its going. Hope you like so far. Sorry if images are a little dark as its all in my loft (away from my wife) and needs a better lighting system
  5. super_st

    My new Imperial Fort MOC

    Interesting look forward for more pics on this
  6. super_st

    INDEX: Armies

    Wow so wish they were mine,
  7. super_st

    INDEX: Armies

    My Army: 17 Blue coats 1 Blue coat Govenor 13 Red coats 1 Red coat 2009er 1 Red coat Govenor 1 Admiral (2 more red coats 2009er on their way in the post, and 4 original shako hats ) running short on guns though so need a few of them. On the opposing team: 28 Pirates with 3 Captain Redbeards, may even turn them into a rifle regiment and the 7 bue torsoe pirates may become a crew for my imperial ships
  8. super_st

    Building a Ship with Bricklink

    I managed to get the bow and sails and masts for the renegade runner on eBay for £7 and I have just ordered the bricks on bricklink , all in all cost me about £20, don't think that's too bad. Even tho its probably one of the smallest vessels to buy
  9. super_st

    Hello from a new member

    Welcome, castle and pirates were my favourites as a child, i am also trying to pick up thinks my parents wouldnt buy me when i was young. The wifes not happy about it though haha. Looking at the kids class lego figures, thay all seem to have been good lol
  10. super_st

    Hi all :)

    Just received my first batch of spares to repair my ships. LOL and bought a hull on ebay, maybe the start of something hahaha
  11. super_st

    MOC-Assassin's Creed IV Black Flag ''Jackdaw''

    Looking forward to seeing how this progresses.
  12. super_st

    MOC: Pirate Ship "Irukandji"

    Great ship, love it
  13. super_st

    Which Official Pirate LEGO Sets Do You Have?

    My pirate colloction includes: 6274 Caribbean Clipper 6271 Imperial Falgship 6259 Broadsides Brig x2 6266 Cannons Cove 6265 Sabre Island 6270 Forbidden Island 6260 Shipwreck island 6258 Smugglers Shanty 6235 Buried Treasure 6247 Bounty Boat x2 And some more bits that i cant figure out, it has been 20 years since i have seen most of it.
  14. super_st

    Hi all :)

    Thanks for the welcome. I think I may have to set it up properly and then try some custom builds in the future
  15. super_st

    Hi all :)

    Here we go been a while since i used photobucket lol. You mignt notice to odd missing bit, missing the ships wheel from the HMS sea lion (so annoyed), missing a blue cannon hole flag, one of the blue pieces from the caribbean clipper's rear section, few broken palm tree leaves and missing the odd little piece. Still have the castle to build which i believe is the kings mountain fortress 6081, some black knight bits, wolmen, and spacestuff