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  1. @XG BCWhat wheels and tires are you using in your monorail motor?
  2. #55 So I guess you think instructions are useful but also have no value except for the secrets others have developed. Right? I agree. No one should HAVE to create instructions except for a monetary gain. If they are being created for monetary gain, they should at least be: )1 affordable )2 excellent quality )3 downloadable as a PDF file If they are being created to just share the joy of making a really positive innovation with others of the same interest, then there should be some fraternal identity which would suggest that there is no intent for monetary gain. Regards, Roger Bush
  3. I would pay what I thought was equitable AFTER seeing the instructions. I have had only one experience buying instructions. I paid $29.50 for instructions on MOCPlans. I waited and waited for instructions on how to get them in what I had assumed would be a PDF file format. After doing some searching around I learned one doesn’t get a PDF file. You get permission to see the instructions online! Wow what a mistake I made in not being more careful about the details of purchasing instructions in that manner. I can’t afford the data cost of being online and sit around putting parts together. So now I go to the library and create some poor quality JPGs and go home and plod forward. Probably will never finish the project.
  4. Stephen Yes, I got the pdf and the bsx files. Just need the parts! Hopefully my 'post count' will advance soon. Roger Bush
  5. Longhorn

    Older Than Dirt!

    @ Andy D Is this thread Old Timer's Club/Older Than Dirt/Dirty Club? I'm 81 and started LEGOs about 2 years ago. My other much longer duration interest is garden railroading - G scale. Enjoy building trestles, bridges, buildings, etc. How does one get the Old Timer's badge? Thanks, Roger Bush
  6. Went there. Didn't find the Old Timer's badge. Roger Bush
  7. @ ritztoys Thank you. Have been there before. Already have the Ultimate 42009 built. Would like your parts set for the extended boom. Any more suggestions? Presume putting my email address here would be poor choice. Roger Bush
  8. @ ritztoys How do I get to the Technic Forum? Is it http://www.eurobricks.com/forum/index.php?showforum=115 If so, I don't see anything relating to the parts set. Roger Bush
  9. I would like to buy the parts kit but can't use PM as I'm too new (or too old - I'm 81). Is there a workaround to accomplish this? Roger Bush
  10. I have a problem with keeping axles from sliding out from UV joints or axle connectors. The wheels and axles fall off vehicles after they are driven just a short time. I know it wouldn't be conventional, but can a set screw be used? Or maybe glue? Thanks for any help.
  11. gmshades- No - no space for half bushes. Think I will use 5.5L axles with stop and cut them off. Am leary of using MEK to weld the ABS as might get a bit of MEK where it's not wanted! Not enough space for set screws either. So cutting the 5.5L axles to length seems like the best resolution. Thanks for all the comments.
  12. No, a 5.5 axle with stop would be too long unless I cut it off which isn't LEGO convention I don't think.
  13. Actually I am building a Model T as seen on Brickshelf: http://www.brickshelf.com/cgi-bin/gallery.cgi?f=537355 and don't see any alternative to the way axles are attached.
  14. Hello, Wanted to introduce my self and ask for information. I'm 79 and just became acquainted with Technic LEGOs at Christmas time after seeing a LEGO user group display in a nearby mall. Fell in love with the 8110 Unimog and immediately bought one. I have read the entire contents of this forum and realize I want to "PF" it as I build it. Prior to this time I've never had any experience with or knowledge about LEGOs. But first a general question: What do the abbreviations PPTO, PPF, and S@H stand for? I finally figured out what LA and HOG stand for. No too impressed with the HOG abbreviation, however. My main question is this: Is there a place where I can find a list of all motors and parts needed for PFing the Unimog? I'm thinking there must be an "Ultimate 8110" sort of rendition somewhere which would have PDF instructions and a list of extra parts needed. I see that others have asked this same sort of question but haven't gotten an answer that is completely helpful. I've looked at many videos on YouTube but still remain perplexed about how to make the changes needed. Perhaps I'm just not finding the right spot for what I have in mind. Would appreciate helpful directions as I would rather not purchace unrequired parts or incorrect parts. And one comment: If the pneumatic tubing is intended to represent hydraulic lines, why is the tubing grey and blue? Is there a source for black tubing which would make the final assembly look less toylike? Many thanks for your help. Roger Bush Central Texas