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The Grand Lawn at Petraea University is an artful creation. Designed by Professor Oyal, and maintained by second and third year mage adepts; the Grand Lawn is a favorite of study groups and professorial lectures. Kaliphlin dignitaries have also been known to address their people in this idyllic place.


Eight weeks ago:

Minister Aturl Prndrn called together all the remaining Nestlands soldiers, mages and volunteers who served during the Revolword War.


PU Overall by gedren_y, on Flickr

They gathered in a circle at the northwest corner of the Grand Lawn, where the Kaliphlin and Avalonia walls meet.

To the Minister's left:


PU Gathering 01 by gedren_y, on Flickr

The Minister's dedicated guardsman, Sdair Zuuree(gedren_y).


PU Gathering 02 by gedren_y, on Flickr

Aturl's longtime friend and companion, Namses Setesh.


PU Gathering 03 by gedren_y, on Flickr

Ehfrik Daffys


PU Gathering 04 by gedren_y, on Flickr

Munruh Kihllwhit, Icemaiden Ryssa Kend, and High Ministry Guard Shay Liih.


PU Gathering 05 by gedren_y, on Flickr

Hahndus Mohr and Ghuin Nol High Guard pikemen Ruhgd M'Goll and Alsor Frggsun.

To the Minister's right:


PU Gathering 06 by gedren_y, on Flickr

Sdair's younger brothers (twins), Lohp and Wahl Zuuree.


PU Gathering 07 by gedren_y, on Flickr

Kynkayd Hernbolnd and one of Namses Setesh's loyal guardsmen.


PU Gathering 08 by gedren_y, on Flickr

Fleshmage Neord Bloodmane.


PU Gathering 09 by gedren_y, on Flickr

Neord's apprentice, Olik Funrirr.


"Now that everyone is here," Minister Prndrn began, "The strongboxes from the High Treasurer came today. Payment to date for most of you is ready now."

Much of the group began talking at once. The Minister silenced this with a wave of his hand.

"For our good volunteers, along with to date pay, I have service extension and release authority," the Minister continued, "And for our official guards, I have some new orders."

"Oooh, goodie," Wahl drawled, "Ah 'aven't been able ta get in sum good pr'ctice wit me bow."

Aturl glared at Wahl before he continued, "Wahl and Lohp, you two are being transferred to Captain Shay Liih's command. The High Ministry has decided that the three of you are needed in Cedrica, to shore up the city's depleted defenses."

"Dat's hogwash," Wahl replied, "Don' get me wrong, M'nstr. Ahv' been wantn' ta see Cedrica lihk ma bro, but da three uv us won' really be that much help."

"Yes, but the Drow invasion of Avalonia needs watching. That's your real mission," the Minister cut him off, "Relations with the Nocturnians are strained since the Black Spire's forces control most of Nocturnus now. We have to appear as neutral as possible, that's where Neord comes in."

"It's official now?" Neord asked.

"Yes, you are officially the Nestlands Ambassador to the Ruling Government of Nocturnus," the Minister answered, "I hear that you have a residence ready to go."

Neord nods and replies, "Lord Vladivus of Shadowmere has given me the use of a fortified house on the edge of his lands. I already have it arranged to my liking."

"Wonderful," Aturl sighed, then asked, "Is your apprentice Olik ready to take over your duties in Cobalt Vale?"

Neord looks over at the young mage, smiles and nods.

"The two of you will need to head back to Cobalt Vale tomorrow, so you can make arrangements for your new duties," the Minster continued, "Ryssa."

"Yes, Minister?" Ryssa replied warily.

"The Ghuin Nol High Guard pikemen are under your command for the return trip," Aturl announced, "When you arrive, they will return to their garrison, but you will have to make the same preparations as Neord."

"Then I'm?" Ryssa stammered.

"Yes, the Nestlands Ambassador to the Ruling Government of Mitgardia," the Minister laughed his reply, "You, and those that go with you, will have a long sea voyage ahead of you. Lord Andrius Hierre will be shipping out from Berigora, on a voyage all the way to Thorshaven. There he'll help you make arrangements for offices, and an introduction to the Mitgardian Prime Minister."

"Thank you, Minister," Ryssa mumbled, glassy-eyed.

"Sdair," Aturl said, turning to his loyal guardsman, "I'm sorry to say that your payment will have to wait until you and I get to Lost Vega."

"But, M'nstr," Sdair said cautiously, "Ah thought we wuz headin' home, too. Ya know I was plannin' . . ."

"I know, Sdair," the Minister cut him off, "Your holy quest. When we get to Lost Vega, your pay to date will be ready, and you can leave my service. The casino heads there have assured me that they can get you to Sultan's Gate. There your Quest for the Egg can truly begin."

"But M'nstr, I canna leave ya till yer safe home," Sdair argued.

"Don't worry about me, Sdair," Aturl sighed, "I can arrange for guards in Lost Vega. Besides, I'm pretty good with a blade myself, remember?"

"A'ight, M'nstr," Sdair conceded.

"Ehfrik Daffys," the Minister continued, "I have to ask, are you ready for your release orders?"

"Ah, weel, Ah wuz hopin' ta c'ntinuu wit Cap'n Shay Liih," Ehfrik replied, "Iffin she'll 'ave me."

"I can sign extension authority over to her," Aturl agreed, "If she agrees. What do you say, Captain? Do you want him?"

Shay Liih gives Ehfrik a considering look, then nods.

"Done," the Minister decreed, then continuing down the line, "Munruh Kihllwhit, how about you?"

"Ah'm of a mind ta see da ancestors' lands," Munru replied, "So, Ah'd lihk ta offer meself ta Miss Ryssa, here."

Ryssa nods before Minister Aturl can even ask.

"Alright," the Minister agrees, "Hahndus Mohr, you?"

"Ah've seen ennuf warrin', but am willin' stay servin' yerself till ye see home," Hahndus answers, "Sdair's quest is a holy one, an' I wuldn't want 'im ta be worryin' 'bout you wiles 'e's on it."

"Thank you," Aturl accepted, "And you, Kynkayd Hernbolnd?"

"Ah'll be doin' de same as Sdair," Kynkayd said intently, "Da world need da Goddess sumthin' fierce, an' Ah mean ta do sumthin' about dat."

Sdair gave a rare, wide smile and nodded.

"Go on now," the Minister dismissed the group, "See to readying yourselves."

As the different groups begin to form up, Namses Setesh sidles over to the Minister. "I and my guardsman are with you, my friend," he assures Aturl. The two friends embrace for a moment then head out.

Sdair takes a moment to stop at Captain Shay Liih's group to say, "Ah hear dat Cedrica's got some verra old scrolls. Be lookin' fer some mention of da Egg, will ya?"

"Will do," Shay Liih replies with a smile.

It isn't long before the groups leave the Grand Lawn with purpose.


During the Nestlands meeting, there are still other things happening in the area.



PU Catwalk 01 by gedren_y, on Flickr

Above the Grand Lawn on the Catwalk, a newly ordained Priest of the Armored Eagle Goddess is demonstrating a ceremonial dance.


PU Catwalk 02 by gedren_y, on Flickr

His mother, High Priestess Miisha, looks on proudly while Professor Illam Shiek'spar composes some verse about the dance.


PU Catwalk 03 by gedren_y, on Flickr

An Avalonian nobleman's son is enjoying the spectacle, while his guardsman watches something in the sky with firm interest.



PU Student 01 by gedren_y, on Flickr

Inside, a student rushes back to her dormitory with her part of a scavenger hunt in hand.


PU Proposal 01 by gedren_y, on Flickr

Hopefully she won't run into J'on as he proposes to Nefer-Amun-Nut.


PU Proposal 02 by gedren_y, on Flickr


Here are some shots of the build w/out the figs.


PU WO Yard 01 by gedren_y, on Flickr


PU WO Wall 01 by gedren_y, on Flickr


PU WO Wall 02 by gedren_y, on Flickr


PU WO Corner 01 by gedren_y, on Flickr


PU WO Catwalk 01 by gedren_y, on Flickr


PU WO Catwalk 02 by gedren_y, on Flickr


PU WO Catwalk 03 by gedren_y, on Flickr


PU WO Catwalk 04 by gedren_y, on Flickr


PU WO Catwalk 05 by gedren_y, on Flickr


PU WO Hall 01 by gedren_y, on Flickr


PU WO Hall 02 by gedren_y, on Flickr

(I am sorry about the quality of a couple of the shots. I have some better images of the figs on my Flickr photostream.)


Edit: I'd like to make the following Doctorate of Historica claim.

Anthropology: Life in Kaliphlin - 1 credit

Edited by gedren_y

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Nice build! I like the patterns in the grass. And cool story too, it's an honour to have Shadowmere featured in your story!

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Cool story Gedren!! Also a very nice build :) I love the gold touches you put in it!!

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Nice work gedren, I like the patterns in the grass and the shield decorations.

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Please note that I have added a UoP DoH claim to the first post.

Nice build! I like the patterns in the grass. And cool story too, it's an honour to have Shadowmere featured in your story!

I am glad the story is appreciated, as it took hours to compose. I thought Neord Bloodmane and Lord Vladivus would get along well, as Neord's attitudes about zombie raising are more liberal than the average Nestlands clansman. If you can build him, feel free to include him in your Shadowmere builds. Just don't feed him bird meat.

Cool story Gedren!! Also a very nice build :) I love the gold touches you put in it!!

I can't build on your epic scale, but I do my part to remind people that we Kaliphlin are a mineral rich guild.

Nice work gedren, I like the patterns in the grass and the shield decorations.

The grass pattern was originally supposed to be the floor of some great hall, but when reworking the back of the build I realized that it could easily be a beautifully planted and manicured lawn. The shield decorations were the last detail added to the walls. It took all of three minutes to decide what to do, but twenty to find the parts.

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+1 for Life in Kaliphlin. Nice job with the walls there!

For this application, I'll be fine with letting the photo quality slide, but I'd really like to see some better photos next time you claim a UoP credit. I understand camera limitations, but at least it should have been possible to take the first picture straightly. And a quick click on the auto fix button with Windows Photo Gallery or something would eliminate a good deal of the hazyness!

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I really like the use of the basketball flooring to create the stained glass window. It looks great!

I also like how there is activity going on at the too and the back, not just the main room

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Those Sports bases are a wonderfully economic way of making sandstone walls. It is a simple snot technique, but the connection points allow for quite an array of decorations to be employed.

There are two mag wheels parts in this build as well, in the staffs of Neord Bloodmane and the Avalonian nobleman's son. They came mainly on the skateboards of the Sports era, and are much more useful than the trolley wheels used today.

I had about half of my pearl gold 1x2 triple slopes in this build, and nearly all of my pearl gold 2x2 round tiles. Those 2x2 bricks are metallic gold, but I think they blend in nicely.

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Nice build!

I like the guy with the golden eagle-like armor and I'm jealous that you have the Mad-Eye Moody torso! :grin:

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I think you are the only builder i know who uses the sports panels for walls - it looks great and works so well here. :thumbup: The story is very engaging as well. I have to agree with Kai though, i'd really like to see some better pics - you don't need an awesome camera to get things in focus, most compacts and even phones provide pretty decent images these days.

UoP +1 for Life in Kaliphlin. (Good to see some more university builds as well!)

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Sweet build and great use of those large panels. Good story too. Like others have mentioned, your builds would certainly benefit from some better photography. In the US you can get a decent point and click camera for $60-$100 and it would be well worth it. Make sure to get a tripod too or use something to support the camera whenever possible! To get a good photo and depth of field the exposure time will be way too long to shoot offhand with the camera.

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About the Sports bases, an early GOH builder (a Mitgardian I believe) used them for a small tower. I had already planned to use those pieces in my intro when I saw the build, and the use was different enough that most haven't made the connection. I have quite a few in tan, green and sand green, and will probably buy some more in other colors. There are lots of possibilities there.

Behemoth, if you look closely, my sigfig Sdair has the Mad-Eye Moody head. I have some other rare/expensive figure parts in the build as well.

What I lack in photography skill, I try to make up for in my stories. I can craft quite a yarn, can't I? I hope everyone likes the secondary silliness I added to this build. I had been meaning to use the Martian Manhunter figure for a while now, and bought the white Brickforge hair and vambraces specifically for him.

I enjoyed this build, and am sorry I had to dismantle it for parts.

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